Introducing my new colleague, WPS AI

Last Saturday was busy, but I managed it fairly well.

When I woke up early in the morning and was about to participate in the WPS City Dialogue·Guangzhou Station, I saw a WeChat message from my father: There will be a district report meeting next Monday. Please help me make a PPT – my father is engaged in pig breeding. But I don’t understand pigs, nor do I understand breeding.

Opening the WPS presentation, I entered "2024 Pig Breeding Report" in the WPS AI dialog box, clicked "Start Generating", and completed the outline of the presentation.

Next, I called my dad, asked some relevant questions, optimized and adjusted the outline—for example, he didn’t need the economic benefit assessment and sustainable development parts—then selected a template and generated a presentation. .

Dad looked at the prepared presentation and said that the details of the text could be handled by himself, "I didn't expect you, an article writer, to know how to raise pigs."

I looked at my watch. It had only been half an hour since I got up, and then I said to him: How do I know how to raise pigs? Only with AI can I have the answer.

When AI makes life a two-way street

I remember when I first experienced WPS AI, I saw my text being rewritten in different styles and the presentation generated in one sentence. I was afraid that AI would replace my job.

A year has passed and my views on AI have changed. WPS AI has not replaced my job, but it has saved me from tedious searches, template making, and brainstorming. Rather than being replaced by AI, I am more worried that I will not be able to use AI well and will fall behind.

Therefore, in this urban dialogue, the question I most want to know is: WPS AI, which has been deployed in the AI ​​field for a long time, is planning to go next.

When we come to the scene of urban dialogue, there are signs composed of a pair of complementary colors of orange and green everywhere. They are bright and comfortable, and seem to carry vitality and enthusiasm, freshness and creativity.

As soon as I arrived at the venue and sat down, I was attracted by the advertising video playing in a loop at the front desk. In the transition between different scenes and different user identities, I seemed to see WPS AI's positioning of itself: using AI to assist creative work.

Just when I was thinking about whether this idea was reasonable, talk show actor Zi Yin came on stage and recognized me: AI will not replace humans, but will focus on office companionship .

"Office software is not software that makes it easy for you to work, but software that makes it easy for your boss to see if you are working." Ziyin's words made everyone laugh out loud, and also raised a question: Why is WPS also an office software? But it didn’t make everyone hate it?

Because there is no "urgent" or "read" in WPS, only companionship.

"That's what AI is like. When we are most helpless, it seems that someone is accompanying us to face life… WPS AI focuses on being an office companion."

Amid everyone's applause, I received another message for help from my dad: This paragraph is too long and cannot fit in the PPT. Can you help me change it?

I casually put a paragraph he sent into WPS, clicked "Abbreviation", and sent the revised content to my father.

Treat AI as a new colleague

"I hope that everyone can treat AI as their new colleague." Chao Yunxi, deputy general manager of Kingsoft Office Document Division, put forward this point of view at the scene, "AI and people are in a collaborative relationship, and in every step of the work process You can cooperate with others at every step.”

Taking article writing as an example, we will have a process like this: What to write? How to write it? How to format? Therefore, what WPS AI has been pursuing from the beginning is not to write an article in one sentence, but to act as a "colleague" who can help you at every step.

Today's AI is still flawed in clarifying intentions. It doesn't ask, it only gives answers. From here, we can deduce the best solution for using AI: let humans guide the process and AI will provide assistance .

At the scene, Chao Yunhuo gave a very simple example: you can ask AI to help you provide some ideas and directions.

Find the one that suits you among these ideas, and then let AI give you the topic selection.

Once you have selected a topic, you can create content. If you feel that the content you create may not be in line with the platform habits, let AI help adjust the style of writing.

In the creation process of this content, people control the entire process, and AI is used to connect and cooperate. What WPS AI wants to achieve is to make AI a favorite at work. As Li Chaofan, deputy editor-in-chief of Aifaner, mentioned in his sharing: WPS AI is a pragmatic applicationist .

While WPS Demonstration AI Product Manager He Jianjun took the stage to share, I received a new question from my father: I have finished the modification now, please see if there are any problems. While I was flipping through the presentation that my father had modified, I listened to the product manager explain WPS AI’s solutions to presentations: building themes, adjusting single pages, and adjusting details.

Many people find presentations difficult to make, but in the process of making presentations, WPS AI tries to dismantle the production process for users and improve production efficiency.

Take my dad's "Pig Breeding Report" as an example. You only need to enter "Pig Breeding Report" in WPS AI, and the overall framework is completed. This part basically requires no thinking, just one sentence.

After completing the outline, all content can be adjusted. Before selecting the template and starting production, we have enough freedom to ensure the accuracy of the generated content – this is also the part I called my dad to confirm.

You will find that the most tedious aspects of making a presentation—what to talk about, and where to find templates—are all completed by WPS AI. All you need to do is select the direction and confirm the content.

On the tab page of the WPS presentation, the "Start" tool card alone has nearly 50 icons. Even WPS veterans may not dare to say that they are familiar with the use of all functions, but WPS AI turns everything into a black box , so that users do not need to search for treasures in a complex UI maze, and can get the answer by just saying "open sesame".

If there is a question, there is an answer

In the sharing full of useful information, guest Chao Yunxi also shared a short story: Look at the logo of WPS AI, it is the "A" of "AI", but it is actually also the word "person".

Chao Yunxi said that this "person" represents WPS AI's people-oriented goal of making AI our work assistant. He also joked that "blue represents rigor and red represents enthusiasm." But after listening to the sharing, I felt that this "person" has another interpretation angle: it represents the small steps of WPS AI.

The question about where WPS AI will go next seems to have an answer: WPS AI has been the next step of other AI tools from the beginning.

As early as 2016, Kingsoft Office began to explore intelligent PPT typesetting, and a year later, it began to develop OCR technology. 36 years of continuous accumulation in the field of basic technology have allowed WPS to undergo qualitative changes in today's fast-growing world. One year after the release of WPS AI, WPS has not stopped and is still iterating functions and increasing platform coverage.

Just last week at the Huawei HDC Developer Conference, WPS Hongmeng version was officially unveiled, and WPS AI will also be launched simultaneously on multiple terminals to empower Hongmeng ecological smart office productivity.

"During the First Industrial Revolution, workers marched and destroyed the spinning jenny, which caused workers to lose their jobs due to increased efficiency." When someone at the scene asked how AI would change our office habits, Chao Yunhuo gave this example. WPS AI has brought office software from the farming era to the information age. There is no need to learn complex functions or analyze tedious data. Rather than entangled in doubts, actively embracing it is the right approach today.

When you delete the line "Familiar with office software" in your resume, you should fill in "Proficient in using AI tools."

WPS AI is an important exploration and a profound change in traditional office methods. This is an experiment in using AI to fight against the tight life. Today we still don’t know the final answer to this experiment, but standing on the shoulders of giants, with AI as a companion on the two-way road, I believe there is AI has the answer.

 WPS AI Player Recruitment Program Winners List

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First Prize: Tickets to the "World Artificial Intelligence Conference" in Shanghai + machine wine

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Second Prize: 1 WPS AI annual membership card

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