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My girlfriend has a cold. What can you say to show that you care about her?

Low EQ: Drink plenty of hot water.
High EQ: Drink less cold water.

It sounds a bit cold, but when similar copywriting is placed on the lady below, it starts to be puzzled.

Singer Chen Xiang was cheated yesterday, saying that he had an appointment with actor Jiang Kai for skin care. The "High EQ VS Low EQ" small class went live immediately:

This is not the first time it has appeared.

The large-scale emotional intelligence storm of "High EQ VS Low EQ" has already been actively unlocking the emotional code of the Internet world.

High EQ vs. Low EQ: "Sterfing Universe"

This picture, at first glance, looks unremarkable. On the left is a slim lady in white, who looks intellectual and introverted.

The picture turns to the lady in blue on the right, her image is instantly reborn, her smile is enthusiastic, and her wisdom is obvious.

She stretched out a hand excitedly, as if sending a soul-inspiring invitation to the audience.

Although this picture seems to have a strong elder style, it has caused an extremely profound impact on the new generation of netizens, and once aroused their fanatical desire for copywriting.

At first, this EQ graph caused the spread, mainly in the realm of life emotion.

For example, teach you how to express your desires euphemistically on a lonely night.

Even if you encounter a disappointing situation in practice, you must maintain a superficial friendship with high emotional intelligence.

This picture is divided into two corners by one person, leaving plenty of room for imagination for netizens; one sentence expressing two profound meanings allows netizens to diverge their thinking to their heart's content.

Soon, "High EQ VS Low EQ" began to make waves on Weibo and entered the lively entertainment circle.

Netizens are trying to make rap and learning "crossovers", so that unpopular male stars can find some comfort in this picture.

In the consumer sector, merchants’ low-quality products and out-of-season sales have begun to have advanced reasons.

The battlefield of the game is no longer flooded with the unbearable Zuan culture, only the graceful and graceful language art.

It is active in various social situations on the Internet, setting off a (pretending) civilized and polite "wind of emotional intelligence learning."

Now for every new event and topic, a new picture of "High EQ vs. Low EQ" will be reproduced online immediately. It can be said that the wildfire is endless, and the spring breeze is blowing again.

When the Zheng Shuang surrogacy incident was screened a while ago, "High EQ VS Low EQ" naturally did not fall behind:

Twenty years ago, we listened to "Learning High EQ from Childhood" on the radio; 10 years ago, we opened "Women with High Emotional Intelligence" in the library. A year ago, we bought "100 Ways to Take" in the app. You use EQ to get rich" course; now, we understand "high EQ and low EQ" in the emoji package in one second.

On the surface, these stalking pictures are words that make the other person feel good.

But in fact, behind each of the jokes are deconstructed mockery and endless entertainment.

Where does "High EQ VS Low EQ" come from?

"High EQ VS Low EQ" has become popular, and more and more pictures have been spread, but when asked who the lady is in blue and white, netizens are usually at a loss.

In fact, this lady comes from an account on Douyin called "Huizi Says Emotion".

Her position is to "be a guide on people's emotional road." She first taught people how to deal with the relationship between husband and wife, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. Later, Keiko began to settle in social situations, workplaces and other situations to teach people to find a happy emotional life.

Her video is easy to think of relatives who have a headache when they go home during the Chinese New Year. Presumably, if they see the video, there is a 99% chance that they will instantly inspire.

Aunt Huizi is their EQ mentor. The posture of sitting upright and unwavering tone is quite the style of a professional psychologist.

When the daughter brought home her boyfriend whom her mother didn’t like, Aunt Keiko taught her mother to say:

Low EQ: Look at you, do you deserve it?
High EQ: Hello boy, which boyfriend are you from Xiaoli?

When children asked for red envelopes with their elders, Aunt Huizi taught the elders to reply:

Low EQ: How come you ask for a red envelope when you see someone?
High EQ: Oh, I'm tired of collecting small red envelopes. Come, Auntie will give you thirty million. Have fun, eat happily, remember, go out to meet your elders, the first sentence is to greet the new year!

When the son asked his mother for money to go out to play on his son’s birthday, Aunt Huizi once again taught every mother to throw 30 million to his son:

Low EQ: I got more than two hundred points in the college entrance examination. You have the face to celebrate your birthday, but I have no face to say that you were born.
High EQ: Is it okay for my mother to send you 30 million? Be happy, be happy, and be safe!

Does this style have a taste of deja vu?

Yes, it is in those home crowds filled with all kinds of good morning, good night and holiday wishes.

Therefore, from the perspective of young people, her video also highlights an invisible interest similar to middle-aged and elderly emojis.

If you still remember the phrase "The master is by my side", it actually came from Aunt Huizi.

A simple word of "competition" immediately gave the opponent a sense of attention that is highly valued, as if this excellence has been hidden for a long time, and being perceived as a beautiful accident.

Later, these words gave rise to new slogans such as "The gay is by my side," "The clown is by my side," and "The clown is myself."

Similarly, on various social entertainment platforms such as Douyin, Weibo, and B Station, a large number of imitators of "high EQ vs. Low EQ" have begun to appear, vying for secondary creations and large-scale magic changes.

Movies, TV series, comics, and even Lei Jun's press conference have been edited into a small classroom of "High EQ vs. Low EQ".

QQ's official Weibo account has also kept up with this trend. Singer Haiquan took a "High EQ VS Low EQ" commentary video to convey social skills.

Low EQ: Ouch, you have gained weight recently.
High EQ: Your figure is interesting.

Under the stalking of "high EQ vs. low EQ", although the old copy is tired of reading, every time there are netizens who are able to introduce new ones again.

It is not how dazzling the picture itself is, nor how much netizens really need high EQ guidance. The reason why it is often new is that it has created a new template of yin and yang on the Internet.

The yin and yang weirdness that cannot be stopped on the Internet

In fact, everyone knows that the high EQ and the low EQ in the map are not really high EQ.

This kind of VS not only has a humorous purpose, but is more of a collective self-deprecating of real scarcity, life embarrassment, and social dilemma through the Internet context.

On the surface, it is improving emotional intelligence, but it is actually yin and yang weird.

Not only "high EQ VS low EQ", yin and yang strangeness has become a new system of Internet speech.

The idiom "Yin and Yang Weiqi" was originally from the second act of Cao Yu's "Beijing People" :

Which one of them wants to follow my heart? Which one is not yin and yang strange.

At that time, yin and yang strangeness still described a person's quirky attitude, cold talk, and unpredictability.

The yin and yang weirdness in the early days on the Internet was just adding a phrase such as "Nah" and "Ah" to the end of the sentence, such as "Yes", "Okay", "Who is this", "Who has never heard your name?" ".

Later, the yin and yang strangeness began to attack emoji, so cuteness is no longer just cute, picking your nose is no longer just picking your nose, grievance is no longer just grievance, family members smile is a smile, you smile is huh.

Now, someone on Zhihu has posted specifically to teach you how to make yin and yang weird. Douyin has a label of "Daily yin and yang weird tricks". Douban has also set up a yin and yang weird group, where like-minded people can gather here.

The yin and yang weirdness once appeared in the Internet world from person to person .

The core of its style is: (pretend) to be respectful and polite, (pretend) to be ignorant, (real) to be on a high ground.

Like "High EQ VS Low EQ", the focus is on the contrast, camouflage, and conflict, which make people irritating enough to make smoke, but also pretend to be calm.

Nowadays, yin and yang weirdness are not uncommon, and a new species appeared last year: "yin and yang people."

Their language system frequently flashes in various online battles, as long as they send a sentence "This is it?" "No, no, no, no, no", "Is anxious, anxious, he's anxious!", all online world languages The violence immediately seemed to hit the air with a punch.

Normal people say "Awesome!", yin and yang people say "Yes, then you are really awesome"; normal people say "I'm wrong", yin and yang people say "Okay, it's all my fault "; normal people say "you are right", yin and yang people say "you are right when you do."

Compared with swearing, yin and yang is a decent attack.

Although the superficial harmony has been maintained, as more and more people have yin and yang strangeness, the onlookers have a feeling of resentment. Some netizens deconstructed the "Yin-Yang Weird Language" and taught people how to make the yin-yang weird while failing.

The yin and yang weirdness has become a kind of online trend that is difficult to stop. Netizens who follow the trend are connected together to seek a strong sense of group identity and group belonging.

"High EQ VS Low EQ" can be said to be an advanced version of Yin and Yang Weiqi.

After all, it likes to use its brains and loves to turn around. Compared with simple yin and yang, it has developed a more complex and diverse space.

As a kind of satirical speech act , they all have a humorous side, which can relieve the pressure of meditation and vent dissatisfaction, but there are also negative aspects that make the language lose its original meaning and form an inexplicable online hostility.

In any case, the irony has a degree.

If someone gives you an "Emotional Intelligence Class" forcibly, the yin and yang will be strange in front of you——

Low EQ to visceral bleeding, it is bound to tear 300 rounds.
High EQ does not need to argue, just say they are Nanbowan (No.1).

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