Intel’s ads are still being scolded? Everything related to Yang Li has become a “right or wrong question” for emotional venting

Advertising has always been an important means for a product to expand its popularity and attract target users. But in this bizarre, high-speed world, improper advertisements may also hide "grenades" and be detonated by the brand.

The controversial advertisement of Yang Li as the spokesperson of Intel products continued to ferment over the weekend and became the focus of heated discussion. Male users oppose this advertising spokesperson, and female users oppose the boycott behavior of male users. In the end, all behaviors become a boycott of the brand itself.

Intel ads, "Bondi" in the minefield

On March 18th, Intel's consumer product official Weibo @Intel芯品汇 released a promotional Weibo about laptops, with the promotional content "See how gold investor Yang Li rehabilitates computers in the workplace".

This Weibo has been resisted by many male fans. In their opinion, Yang Li is a talk show actor who "insults men" and "creates male-female opposition." She will advertise more focused consumer products for male users. , This is obviously inappropriate.

In this promotion, the product promoted is not important, and the copywriting and media promoted are not important. It is only the product promoter that is important. In the eyes of opponents, the brand invites a consumer group (mainstream male users) who does not like to promote, then consumers can also express their reasonable demands and make the brand pay the price through the boycott of "Never Buy". .

▲ Screenshot of Yang Li's Weibo promoting products

Today, brands are very concerned about consumer feedback on social platforms, and they have received feedback. After the discussion gradually fermented, Intel decisively deleted the promotion video mentioning Yang Li. Although it did not give an official explanation, the deletion has shown that the brand has seen the negative reviews of consumers and has made its own response.

But deleting the promotion of Weibo mentioning Yang Li angered another group of people. Many female netizens who support Yang Li said that Yang Li only uttered some women’s thoughts and voices, and judged that the other party insulted men based on the passages circulated in the talk show performance. On the contrary, it was those who claimed that "mainstream Intel users are men." Of talents are engaging in sex discrimination.

▲ Many female users are also dissatisfied with Intel's removal of product advertisements endorsed by Yang Li

On March 22, Intel finally responded: "We have noticed that the promotion content related to Yang Li has caused widespread controversy. This situation is not our expectation. Diversity and tolerance are an important part of Intel’s culture. We fully understand and cherish it. We live in a diverse world and are committed to creating an inclusive workplace and social environment with partners from all walks of life."

Tolerance and diversity are all good words. But in the public opinion field of Intel advertising controversy, netizens no longer care about branded products or corporate values. Everyone is just venting their emotions, extracting the views and supporting evidence they need from one thing. As for the others, not many people care.

From the Sony lottery draw to the controversy over Li Dan’s endorsement of Ubras, from the cotton-era advertising skit to today’s Intel advertising, gender issues have long become the "explosive bag" of social networks, accidentally blowing up brand spokespersons. . Therefore, even if the brand wants to play self-explosive marketing, it will avoid such sensitive topics and play tricks in the safe zone.

▲ Screenshots of Li Dan's promotion of Ubras. The controversy over the term "Lying Win" and men endorsing women's products has also caused the brand to be criticized

However, Intel’s advertisement this time is by no means a deliberate reverse operation, but a proof of insensitivity to the topic of netizens from beginning to end. This can be seen from another advertisement.

At about the same time as Yang Li's advertisement, there was also Rock's advertisement. This advertisement was promoted from the perspective of the boss, and the main theme was "don't let the job go." In the advertisement, the boss provides employees with a computer that is fast enough to provide the content that the boss needs around the clock even when traveling on business, so that the boss can ensure that the salary is paid on time.

▲ Yang Li and Rock are both spokespersons for Intel's product promotion

Compared with the gender issues in Yang Li's advertisement, this advertisement can also accurately poke the pain points of hitting workers, making the hitting workers tearful to resist. At the moment when there are many contradictions in labor relations, 996 and the boss's oppression of employees are content that is boycotted by netizens. Intel’s two advertisements are precise pits, and I have to say that its staff really don’t understand users.

Ask the spokesperson to offend male users, offend female users, and Rock’s boss perspective ads offend and beat worker users. Intel accurately "detected" the target users and carried out an all-round user strike action.

▲ Rock successfully shaped a boss who was itchy when workers saw it

Advertising becomes an emotional outlet, everything is "right and wrong"

In 2018, the Korean drama "Even if it's sensitive, it doesn't hurt" has caused some repercussions among women. It records the life crises of modern women with a small view, so that women can more confidently question some uncomfortable actions around them.

▲ Picture from: "Even sensitive points are fine"

It can be said that this is a TV work that conforms to the times, because after that, women have indeed challenged the stereotypes and inappropriate wording in social networks more frequently:

The girl does not understand the camera.

Men are the dominance of computers.

Women just like to make up and dress up, buy and buy.

Women can "lie down and win" in the workplace.

But while female users speak more of their own voices, male users are also sensitive. It's just that sometimes, their sensitivity is limited to a specific public opinion environment and they can't speak up. But as long as they are given a chance, their emotions will also show up.

After Yang Li's "ordinary and confident" section went out of the circle, anyone who did not support or questioned the performance a little bit would be regarded as an "ordinary and confident" man. At that time, some people even ridiculed that "Yang Li's jokes only need to complete the first 50%, and there will always be all kinds of creatures rushing up and taking seats, making up the remaining 50%."

▲ Yang Li said out of the circle "Why a man looks so ordinary, but he can be so confident". Picture from: @脱口秀大会

In order not to become "creatures" of all kinds, many people who have doubts about the content of the performance choose to close the wheat. After Yang Li became Intel's product promoter, this sentiment reached the best time to vent.

After all, although computers are not only bought by men, most of the users whose functions are well-known are indeed male users. It’s not that difficult to express opinions when the home game is "one's own". In such an environment of public opinion, many more honest comments will be downplayed, and more emotional content can incite spectators.

▲ Comparison chart made by Hupu users

In Hupu, which is mostly male users, some male users think that Yang Li’s talk show is not malicious, but some words are indeed excessive.

▲ Some Hupu users believe that they are not malicious, but just use similar topics to make money

However, there are also many male users who see this as a "war" for fighting for the position of public opinion, calling on everyone in the pedestrian street to speak out, compete with female users for the position of public opinion, and face up to the "oppression" of men by social networks.

Everything is like not watching "Zuo Son", buying or not buying Hailan House (previously asked Yang Li to endorse, but was later boycotted), or not the behavior of screen boycott under Great Wall Motors (Yang Li endorsed), change It becomes a right or wrong question. Everything is just a gap in emotions. Consumers with aspirations gather around people with the same opinions and express the same opinions, forcing brands to make choices they want to see more.

▲ In the tiger pounce, many users call on people around them to resist

The Internet commentator @兰夕 reminded the female users who boycotted station B due to the unemployed and full-time student incident. They also satirized each other under a social media that withdrew a sanitary napkin brand that had withdrawn sponsorship of the New Year's greetings. Today, the logic of straight male users venting their anger through Intel advertising is similar.

The consequences of gender tearing will inevitably lead to a narrowing of the common divisor. In setting a target, there is too much excess energy active on the Internet, enough to get involved in every choice and turn all agendas into right and wrong questions.

Talk show actor Yang Li, walks into the Weibo public opinion field

Man, is there a bottom line?

If there were no men, I would live a peaceful and happy life.

See benevolent (bitch), see wisdom.

This is Yang Li's classic narrative when performing on a talk show. With these jokes, Yang Li is considered to be a rising star in the talk show, because she has a kind of ironic power of hiding needles in cotton. Talk show is an offensive art, and it welcomes performers like Yang Li. In various popular cultures, it has always been the most "politically incorrect" expression.

▲ Clips from Yang Li's performance

Even today when political correctness is so important, European and American talk show performers will still dissell women, convey their negative impressions of the LGBT community, and may not even support environmental protection. After all, the talk show is such an existence, which allows performers to speak in a wild and unconstrained manner, to say things that are not usually dared to say within ten minutes of performance, and to act as a villain who cannot exist in social networks.

In the talk show, the actor Yang Li is very successful. She is talented and can easily make you laugh. Unfortunately, the influence of talk show actors is not limited to offline. After the performance, her performance will be seen by those who are not familiar with the talk show culture. At this point, Yang Li became a feminist spokesperson, a female voice, a speculator who provoked gender antagonism, and an old witch who hated men.

▲ Talk show knockers ridicule the phenomenon that the outside world uses sexual relations with women to win

In Hupu, her remarks are "oppression" of men. No one likes to be pointed at the nose to scold trash, "Even if she adds a part in front of a man, I won't hate her" is the voice of many male users. They feel that they have been offended. Although it is part of a talk show, these users will take it seriously. In their eyes, this is to create opposition.

In Douban, her speech is to "voice" for women. Finally someone said what I always wanted to say, and I decided to support her and follow her. In the face of those who question her, the users here will put "Protect Our Fang Yang Li" on the public screen, fighting for her and other users. Because to protect her is to protect the female voice. Even if Yang Li is talking about talk shows, she can also become an opinion leader.

On Weibo, Yang Li was labeled more. Weibo is a more difficult field of public opinion, where the value of emotions can always be amplified. There are different echo rooms, filter bubbles, and information cocoon rooms, but there is no public domain that really allows users to discuss freely.

▲ Hupu users have a clear stand

Weibo users disassembled Yang Li's jokes, spoke for her, and used it as a basis for rebuttal. Those who opposed her formed a coalition front, vowing to disturb her endorsement and make her pay for her speech. In the Weibo of big V, marketing account, and ordinary users, Yang Li is divided into different appearances. But perhaps, it was she herself who said, "This line is a bit difficult now."

Platforms like Weibo always have a lot of repetitive paragraphs. I want to solve/summarize long-form content comments in one sentence, but many things cannot be summarized in one sentence. Some structural data from reliable sources; some personal stories with emotional color; some describe the diverse expressions of different voices.

At the beginning of the public domain in the network, we expect users to reach consensus through the collision of opinions and the exchange of ideas, and obtain unified opinions through high-quality rational dialogue, so as to see a larger world.

▲ This is a discussion case under an Aifaner public account article

But today, when there is less and less discussion, more users can only see a world where there is only winning or losing in an environment lacking discussion.

Not too interesting, not too optimistic.

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