Intel’s 12th generation HX mobile processor is released, completing the final piece of the puzzle for high-performance gaming notebooks

At the CES conference at the beginning of this year, Intel announced the 12th generation Core mobile processor family, which are the H series focusing on high performance, the P series with balanced output, and the U series with emphasis on energy consumption ratio.

Among them, the H45 series processors of the H series have been the first to enter the market and have become the standard configuration of high-performance gaming notebooks in the first half of this year.

Compared with the 12th generation processors on the desktop side, the H45 series has several changes, such as the highest core specification is 2 less performance cores than the desktop side, PCIe 5.0 x16 is reduced to PCIe 4.0 x8, etc., for some scientific researches that pursue the strongest mobile computing power For personnel and players, it's still a little less interesting.

Finally today, nearly 5 months later, Intel officially announced the launch of the new 12th Gen Intel® Core ™ The HX processor family brings 7 new high-performance mobile processors to fill performance regrets for heavy gamers.

Let's first look at the performance parameters of the 7 new products. In terms of the highest core specification, the HX processor family is on par with the desktop side, which is also a combination of 8 performance cores + 8 energy efficiency cores (24 threads).

Take the i9-12950HX with the highest configuration as an example, it is equipped with 16 cores and 24 threads, the performance core turbo boost can reach up to 5.0GHz, and it has a built-in 30MB cache.

The biggest highlight of the HX series processors is the use of packaging technology comparable to the desktop side, which enables the HX series processors to use more I/O interfaces such as PCIe 5.0 with higher bandwidth to handle more demanding workloads.

The detailed features of the HX series processors are as follows:

  • Up to 16 cores (8 performance cores and 8 energy efficiency cores) and 24 threads with a processor base power of 55W
  • 16 processor direct-attach PCIe Gen 5.0 lanes, and 4×4 dedicated Platform Controller Hub (PCH) PCIe Gen 4.0 lanes
  • Full line of unlocked and overclockable processors
  • Supports up to 128GB of DDR5/LPDDR5 and DDR4 memory with Error Correcting Code (ECC) support
  • Features Intel® Wi-Fi 6/6E (Gig+), supports 6GHz band

It is worth mentioning that the first PCIe 5.0 channel supported by HX series processors can be used to expand ultra-high-speed SSD storage, up to 4 SSDs, with a total of 16TB of storage space, which can meet the needs of high-performance workstations for super-large data storage.

According to the test data currently released by Intel, the HX series processors are significantly improved compared to the previous generation flagship mobile processor i9-11980HK, both in core performance and in actual work such as 3D rendering.

Compared with Intel's own "performance king" i9-12900HK, the newly released i9-12900HX has obvious improvements in multi-core performance and other aspects. I believe we will soon be able to see it on the top game books released in the second half of this year. The figure of this processor.

Intel revealed that Dell, HP, Lenovo and many other OEM manufacturers are expected to launch more than 10 workstations and gaming devices equipped with 12th-generation Intel Core HX processors this year. After the corresponding new products are officially launched, Aifaner will also bring you more detailed test data about the HX series processors as soon as possible.

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