Instagram celebrates 10 years: how to change the app icon

Instagram 10 years change icon

The photo social network celebrates its first decade. Instagram turns 10 and celebrates its birthday by allowing users to change the application icon .

Launched on October 6, 2010, the app has come a long way in recent years, changing its appearance and functionality several times, and making people talk about itself on several occasions.

The app that conquered the web

10 years ago Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger launched an application on the web that would revolutionize social networks. Instragram initially only arrived on iOS , and only two years later, on April 3, 2012, it became available for Android devices.

The popularity of the "filter app" has grown exponentially: one million registered users in two months , 10 million in a year and 1 billion in 2019. If at the beginning you could only upload photos and moreover in 1: 1 format , now the application allows you to take advantage of many more features, making it a social network in all respects.

One of the old Instagram graphics. Credits: Macitynet
One of the old Instagram graphics. Credits: Macitynet

In fact, over the years, in addition to having extended the support to photographs with different formats and sizes, functions such as direct, stories and direct have been added . The messaging operation was initially possible only by sending a photo to the contact, while currently it can be used as any chat.

The application is responsible for the extensive use of hashtags , a tool now adopted on any platform. Introduced on Instagram in 2011, hashtags help create specific tags that allow you to collect similar photographs , relating for example to a trend or a place.

The most used hashtags in 2020. Credits: Modern Photography
The most used hashtags in 2020. Credits: Modern Photography

A characteristic feature of Instagram are also the stories, photos that remain viewable to other users for 24 hours and on which it is possible to apply filters and stickers, create polls and insert ads.

Instagram and its 10 years: how to change an icon

To celebrate its first 10 years, Instagram wanted to give all users a little surprise. Since yesterday it is in fact possible to update the app icon, being able to choose among the "retro" ones . But how do you change it?

The procedure is very simple: just go to the "settings" tab , scroll up several times and wait for confetti to appear . At this point the new function will be active and the user can choose between 12 different icons.

Instagram allows you to change icons for its first 10 years. Credits: Patrick Kosmowski on Twitter

The surprise is present in the latest update, still in the distribution phase, so it is possible that not everyone is able to see the easter egg yet. The celebrations will last until the end of October: from November the icon will return to being the classic one .

In addition to the icon change, with the new update users will find the “reels” icon on the main screen instead of the search one, moved next to the direct one. Among the novelties there will also be the return of the photographic map , which will show each user a map of the places where the individual stories have been added.

The photo map of Instagram stories. Credits: The Verge
The photo map of Instagram stories. Credits: The Verge

Updates are also coming to protect against cyberbullying and aggression . Instagram has repeatedly addressed the topic, eliminating the number of "likes" under a post or, more recently, removing the number of "followed" .

In the latest updates, a warning pop-up will appear every time you are about to post an insult or generally unpleasant content. The goal is to create a "psychological barrier" that can make commenting less immediate. Also in the pipeline is a function that will allow you to recognize comments similar to those reported and hide them automatically .

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