Insta360 One X2 panoramic camera experience: good for small devices

Insta360 has just launched an iterative version of its panoramic camera Intsa360 One X (hereinafter referred to as One X), One X2, in addition to adding a "2" suffix, what other updates are there?

At the beginning, let's briefly talk about its changes in appearance.

Smaller and waterproof

The difference in appearance between the two generations of products is quite large. The first generation is more concise and more integrated, while the second generation is obviously an improvement for practicality.

Just look at the book data of the One X2 fuselage, the numbers have become smaller, but the magnitude is not large, and the actual perception is not strong. There is a circle of non-slip layer with diamond texture on the side, which makes it more secure to hold.

And the One X2 comes with a waterproof feature of 10 meters. You don't need an external waterproof case for shooting in shallow water, but in deeper seas, you still have to wear a special diving case.

Some accessories need to be purchased separately

The whole machine has only two buttons: the power button under the side speakers, and the record button under the front screen.

Wait a minute, did you just talk about the screen?

Don’t be fussing, the previous generation also had a screen, but the One X’s screen was only for displaying information, and the One X2’s screen was not only larger in size, but also a bright color touch screen that could preview the shots in real time Picture.

When looking back at the panoramic video shot, you can also slide to switch the angle of view. I personally feel that the response speed of this screen is much better than the screen on the DJI OSMO Pocket.

Also, because the whole body is protected against water, the interface is no longer exposed, but like the battery compartment, it has a lock protection mechanism. The lock can only be opened when the lock is exposed orange; otherwise, close the interface and When the waterproof cover of the battery is locked, make sure that you cannot see the orange.

The capacity of the battery compartment is also nearly half larger than that of the previous generation, so in terms of battery life (1630mAh), One X2 can shoot continuously for 80 minutes at a maximum resolution of 5.7K.

The horizon is wider

The specifications of the two lenses are the same, F2.0 aperture, 18 million pixels, 270° ultra-wide angle, to ensure that the final composite panoramic video or photo will not show exposure, white balance or even pixel deviation.

Can shoot up to 5.7K (6080×3040)/30fps panoramic video, 2K (2560×1440)/50fps ultra-wide-angle anti-shake video; while in photo mode, it can shoot up to 4320×1440 resolution 270° super Wide angle photo.

Asteroid mode

Ultra-wide-angle proofs with Pure Shot enabled

Before shooting, you need to select a mode on the screen of your phone or One X2. You want to take a 360° panoramic view ( click to view the preview video ), 270° super wide angle, 150° wide angle or TimeLapse time-lapse video. Whether to enable HDR/ Flow State anti-shake/bullet time/Pure Shot function, etc., these have to be selected before pressing the record button.

Multi-function, so many dazzling

One X2 revolves around the key feature of "panorama", Insta360 engineers have developed a series of gameplay for users to explore slowly.

After you have finalized what kind of video to shoot, press the record button, and you don't need to do any operation during the recording process. In this generation, the operation of pressing the record button can also be replaced with Apple Watch or AirPods. After all, if a long selfie stick is connected, any buttons on the fuselage become out of reach. This new feature is added , Is a surprise for iOS users.

Of course, I don’t have to be frustrated when waiting for Android users. You can also call One X2 to operate with simple voice commands.

It's boring just to record panoramic videos. As a post-90s, I still remember the shock that I felt when I saw the bullet time special effects for the first time in The Matrix. Neo, the savior played by Keanu, jerked his waist down, avoiding the rain of dense bullets.

This famous scene was later used for reference by many movies and patch ads. Even in the later game "Max Payne", bullet time became the most important core element in the game.

With the rapid development of science and technology, nowadays, to make videos similar to bullet time effects, it is no longer necessary to arrange a bunch of cameras in a circle, only one One X2.

With the newly launched bullet time rope box, screw one end of the rope to the One X2, pull out the rope, and draw a circle on the top of the head (it is recommended to do it in an open area with few people), and you can take the effect of the Matrix.

There is also the newly added FPV shuttle mode. The One X2 is held in a small space through some narrow spaces, and the front and rear shots are automatically joined through the App to simulate the effect of the shuttle shooting.

There are also many gameplay introductions and templates in the App, such as picture-in-picture, stop-motion animation, Hitchcock zoom, etc., watch a wave of tutorials in advance, take the material according to the gourd drawing, and import it into the App to automatically generate The ideal effect reduces the editing threshold to a certain extent.

Mobile avatar

However, at present, both the mobile and computer apps have some minor problems, and they are not running smoothly. And after the shooting time exceeds 30 minutes, the camera will appear to freeze on the screen due to the overheating of the camera body. Just press the record button. I hope Insta360 engineers can fix these problems in the future.

One X2, born for content

Well, with the One X2, we can shoot 360° panoramic videos, and then, most of us don’t have a device that can play panoramic images like a VR headset.

With this question in mind, I re-examined One X2 and found that it provides users with another dimension for shooting videos. It does not need to be restricted to the perspective or the lens when shooting with it. It records everything that happens around it and decides later. What content is presented.

Picture in Picture

For creators, this not only liberates hands, but also liberates the rules and regulations when creating.

Users can choose to use a mobile phone or desktop App for post-editing. The former is suitable for processing short-length videos without complex effects, and can be quickly published and shared on social platforms.

Once faced with the LOG format, or the capacity is longer, the mirror is more complicated. Needless to say, you will naturally choose a PC/Mac with a larger screen and stronger capacity for post work. But whether you use a mobile phone or a computer, it takes more effort than making a normal video.

This may cause some users who bought it purely to satisfy curiosity. After using it once or twice, the freshness quickly fades. The next time they take it out, it may be to put it on the idle platform.

Many sports cameras have experienced this situation.

However, because of the rich post-production space that One X2 has, the former can be used as a productivity tool compared to ordinary sports cameras.

In order to control the size of the space in the following animation, the number of frames is low, but it is not difficult to see the huge difference before and after anti-shake.

Top: Turn off anti-shake Bottom: Turn on Flow State anti-shake

For example, I have seen many car UP owners who will put a One X in the car. One is facing the front of the car, and the other is facing the inside of the car. After shooting in panoramic mode, the angle of view from the front of the car and the inside of the car can be presented one by one by turning the angle during editing.

In this way, colleagues in charge of early shooting can bring less equipment, and later colleagues also reduce the amount of imported materials, which is convenient for editing.

Given that devices that support the playback of 360° panoramic images are not yet popular, perhaps this is the value of the One X series.

One X2 brings new features such as native waterproof, 270° super wide-angle, high-brightness color screen, and larger battery capacity, which is quite attractive for those small partners who use One X series as content production tools.

The newly added Bullet Time 3.0, panoramic live broadcast, motion tracking, automatic viewfinder, picture-in-picture and other functions are all around the service that improves the playability of One X2, which is more attractive to new users and at the same time praises it. On the "Currently the most worthwhile panoramic camera" position.

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