Insta360 GO 2 experience: With a thumb-sized camera, can you play so many tricks?

▲ Picture from: STORROR

Seeing the animated picture above, what was your first reaction? Fresh, exciting, scary, interesting… No matter how you feel, I believe you will be somewhat nervous and will sweat the host in your heart.

This is not only because parkour itself is a challenging sport, but also because the picture presented from this shooting perspective is just like what a parkour player sees, making the audience feel like they are jumping on the eaves. .

This kind of perspective is called a first-person perspective, also called a point of view (POV). It is obviously different from the common third-person perspective (God perspective). For example, in shooting games, we generally like to use the first perspective to get a more immersive game experience.

▲ Picture from: gameranx

We can often see subjective perspectives in most extreme sports videos. This camera position can greatly enhance the audience's sense of immersion, and can also capture some visual wonders that are difficult to explore from ordinary perspectives.

▲ Picture from: Kilian Bron

Of course, the first-person perspective is by no means exclusive to extreme sports. Some art masters used the first-person perspective as the mainstay to create films with famous film history. For example, "Lady in the Lake" in 1947, "La femme défendue" in 1997, and so on.

The director Gerich, who created a masterpiece such as "Two Smoking Guns", once shot a classic Nike commercial from a subjective perspective, and the emotions on the court were rendered very well.

What did Gerich use for the filming? His method is to put the camera on the helmet and fix it with a bracket, as shown in the figure below. It is hard to imagine how much damage this kind of shooting plan will have to the cervical spine and how much it requires the photographer's motion range.

Fortunately, with the miniaturization of cameras, sports cameras began to appear and are sought after. The reason is very simple, it is light and portable, it can easily shoot video with subjective perspective like Guyrich, and it can also be used as a lens supplement for multi-camera shooting.

Among a wide range of sports cameras, Insta360's GO series is very representative. Two years ago, when we got the first generation of GO camera, we were deeply impressed by this small and exquisite body. Today, its new generation product GO 2 has also arrived in our hands. What is the improvement compared to the previous generation? What are the creative ways to play it? This is the question we focused on in this experience.

The charging box has been greatly changed, and the accessories are still abundant

Insta360 GO 2 inherits one of the advantages of the previous generation, that is, the accessories in the package are very rich. In addition to the camera, battery compartment, and data cable, there is also a magnetic lanyard, a steering bracket, and a simple clip.

In appearance, the camera body continues the capsule design of the previous generation, but the front is no longer wrapped in a transparent plexiglass, but the lens is exposed, and the button area below is replaced with a skin-like material.

A protective lens is installed on the lens by default to prevent bumping into the lens. It can be rotated and disassembled if it is not needed. This protective mirror did not exist in the previous generation.

There is a magnetic module hidden on the back of the GO 2 fuselage, which can be easily attached to metal objects. There is a circle of metal contacts on the top, which is mainly used for charging.

Speaking of charging, the design of this generation of battery compartment has changed a lot compared with the previous generation. When we were experiencing GO 1 before, we were always worried about losing the transparent protective cover of its battery compartment. The design of direct disassembly made me feel insecure. This generation is left and right opening and closing, and the lid and the bin body are always connected together to avoid the risk of loss.

In addition, there is a small screen on the battery compartment, and the user can confirm the current shooting mode, set parameters, etc. when not connected to the mobile phone. Compared with the previous generation of "blind exercises", it is much more convenient, and the threshold for use has also become lower.

Ingeniously, there are two brackets inlaid at the bottom of the battery compartment, and the user can pull them out to form a small bracket with the battery compartment and stand on the desktop. In this way, the user can fix the camera and record the desired picture.

After the battery compartment is unfolded, you can also use it as a handle for selfies. The battery compartment is relatively sleek, and the grip is still very good.

However, the main focus of the Insta360 GO series is to liberate your hands, and the liberation of your hands depends on various small accessories. Commonly used accessories are basically prepared in the box, and users do not need to purchase them separately.

The first is the magnetic lanyard. Its magnetic disk can fix Insta360 GO 2 on the disk.

The user can wear the disc inside the clothes, with a layer of clothing sandwiched between the body and the disc, which can make the body more stable and the anti-shake effect will be better.

Another accessory is the steering bracket, which supports ±90° rotation. There is a traceless super glue on the back of the steering bracket, which can be adsorbed on the surface of any object. If the suction power is reduced due to dirt, the suction power can be restored by washing it with water.

This accessory is also convenient for users to hold in their hands. It is lighter than the battery compartment, and it is easy to lift. And not afraid of water, you can hold it to shoot underwater.

Finally, let’s look at the simple clip. This accessory is also very practical. You can clip the camera to hats, turbans and other items to record first-person viewing angles. Of course, it can also be clamped in a fixed position like the picture below. There is no limit to the gameplay.

On the whole, Insta360's accessories are very light and relatively small. This not only reduces the pressure for users, but also does not take up too much space in the bag. Take a small mobile phone bag when you go out, and you can easily fit all the accessories.

How does GO 2 solve the three major pain points of sports cameras?

A sports camera, light weight is the most important thing, so as to minimize the impact on the user during the shooting process. In this regard, Insta360 should be difficult to rival with its 27g weight.

But lightness is not the only consideration when buying an action camera. Image quality, anti-shake effect, and shooting time have always been the pain points of miniature sports cameras. How does Insta360 GO 2 perform in these aspects?

In terms of image quality, the first generation of GO only supports exporting up to 1080P/30 frames of video, while GO 2 supports up to 1440P/50 frames of video, and the parameters are quite impressive.

Judging from the actual video shot, after all, the volume is limited, and the degree of detail is naturally not comparable to that of a large camera. But the overall look and feel is much better than the ultra-wide angle on the mobile phone. It is definitely enough to record life and post to social platforms.

▲ Screenshot of riding video

In addition to better image quality and color reproduction than the previous generation, GO 2 also supports HDR video recording. When encountering scenes with high light ratios, there is no need to rely on mad curves to save them later.

▲ Great light ratio scene

The anti-shake effect is also one of the key points of GO 2's upgrade. GO 2 not only upgrades FlowState anti-shake technology to version 2.0, but also supports in-camera anti-shake.

In "Video Mode", GO 2 uses in-camera anti-shake technology, and the anti-shake effect is shown in the figure below.

▲ In-camera anti-shake effect

I prefer to use the "Super Video Mode". First, FlowState 2.0 makes the motion picture look silkier, and second, no matter how the camera moves, the picture will automatically rotate to a horizontal level.

In other words, there is no need to consider whether the camera is aligned or not when shooting, the final images are all horizontal. This is very practical for such a miniature camera without a monitor on the body.

▲FlowState 2.0 anti-shake effect

In the camera mode, GO 2 supports PureShot photography. When you press the shutter, it will automatically generate a JPG and a DNG format photo, which is convenient for later adjustment.

The memory of the previous generation of GO was only 8GB, and it was a pity to pat the memory. The memory of this generation has been upgraded to 32GB, shooting at the maximum resolution in video mode, and can store about 1 hour of content.

In terms of battery life, GO 2 has also improved significantly over the previous generation. GO 2 has a stand-alone battery life of about 30 minutes, and a charging box has a battery life of about 150 minutes. The charging case can fully charge the GO 2 about 4 times.

But the charging speed is not fast. I consumed the battery of the GO 2 body to 7%, then put it in the charging case, and it took about 27 minutes to charge to 100%. Charging the charging box is faster, and it can be fully charged in half an hour.

Although GO 2 can last for half an hour in a stand-alone mode, when using the video mode, the longest segment can be recorded for 15 minutes. The use of super video is shorter, and the longest segment can be recorded for 10 minutes.

This should be for the consideration of body heat dissipation. The GO 2's body is too small, so that the heat dissipation conditions are not good, the temperature of the body will climb up after a few minutes of shooting, especially the back will be very hot. In super video mode, if the time of continuous video recording is too long, it will flash yellow light and automatically terminate shooting.

At this time, you have to shut it down and wait three or four minutes for the body temperature to drop down before it can be used normally.

Of course, if the ventilation conditions are good and the ambient temperature is relatively low, the shooting time will be longer. In addition, in time-lapse photography mode, GO 2 will not stop shooting due to temperature rise. When matched with a charging box and connected to a power source, it can shoot continuously for up to 3 hours.

How big the brain hole is, there are as many ways to play

With its compact body and abundant accessories, Insta 360 GO 2 has many interesting ways to play.

Because the body of GO 2 is designed with its own magnetic attraction, it can be used by attaching it to a metal surface. You can also put the GO 2 into the charging box, and then open the bracket on the charging box as a fixed position.

With the steering bracket, GO 2 can be adsorbed in more interesting positions. For example, I attach it to a glass car window to record the journey on weekends.

Using magnetic accessories, GO 2 can be fixed in a fish tank filled with water to record the world in the eyes of a small fish. It is worth mentioning that the waterproof level of GO 2 is IPX8, which supports 4 meters of bare metal waterproof. So general underwater shooting will not pose a threat to GO 2.

The above scenes are all fixed camera positions. In fact, the fun of GO 2 lies in the first-person view of the video.

For example, attach the GO 2 to a magnetic lanyard, and then hang it around your neck. The perspective of the video is very immersive. It is very suitable for recording a family going out to play, gatherings with friends, going out to explore shops, etc.

Put the GO 2 in a simple clip, which can be clipped on thin items such as collars and hats. This is also the accessory I use the most.

Clip it above the apron to record your own cooking or other skills from a subjective perspective. I asked the barista to record her coffee making process. She also found it very interesting when she watched the video. It is a very fulfilling thing to record the results of her labor.

This kind of first-person perspective may be very suitable for shooting some teaching videos, such as teaching the audience to make coffee, cooking and so on.

During the experience of GO 2, a friend of mine asked how the pet water dispenser should be cleaned thoroughly. I clipped GO 2 to the brim of my hat, then wore it to clean my pet water dispenser, recorded the whole process as a video and sent it to her. She said that this perspective is very easy to understand.

The above scenarios are only a small part of the application scenarios of GO 2. Believe that it is small and light, allowing you to dig out more interesting usage scenarios.

The device is small and lively, an excellent sports camera starter bag

For lazy people like me, shooting video is really a big deal. Because the post-editing process of the video is far more complicated than the photo.

The official app of Insta360 GO 2 has upgraded the AI ​​editing function. Users can choose their favorite theme templates, and then generate and export rhythmic and styled films with one click.

The videos generated by AI are posted to Moments or Weibo, which is enough for recording life. But if you want to make a video interesting and beautiful, you still have to edit and color it.

In addition, when the app previews the shooting screen and edits the video, there will be a certain freeze or delay. If you want a better editing experience, you can use the editing tool Insta360 Studio 2021 on the PC side.

▲ Real-time preview screen

On the whole, Insta360 GO 2 is a very personalized product. It is very suitable for mass users who love to record and share their lives. The compact size is not only convenient to carry, but also will not attract the attention of others, reducing the embarrassment of recording.

At the same time, it is also suitable for professional creators, for shooting creative perspective or POV perspective supplementary camera. The upgraded picture quality, anti-shake capability and battery life also give GO 2 more creative space.

It is worth mentioning that Insta360 GO 2 also has a co-branded version of Minions, which looks very cute. However, the price was 200 yuan more expensive than the regular version, and it came to 1998 yuan. If you have a sufficient budget and want to free your hands and experience the charm of subjective perspective, Insta360 GO 2 may be an excellent novice suit for sports cameras.

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