Innovation and customization in the world of adhesive labels

Providing precise information on the product, but also visual experiences that capture attention and convey trust: the task of adhesive labels is today clearly linked to the purchasing experience, an element capable of influencing the choices of potential customers more than can imagine. Modern consumers want to know the product they are purchasing well, but at the same time they want to know more about the brand and connect emotionally with it.

This is why labels must communicate the history, values ​​and identity of the product but above all of the brand. In response, companies need printing solutions with a high level of customization , which can highlight their peculiarities and their visual identity. Print quality, therefore, is increasingly accompanied by the need to be able to configure labels with maximum freedom in terms of customisation.

Web solutions for printing professional labels

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The world of web-to-print has long been ready to meet companies' expectations. In this sector, the most vertical service providers, therefore specialized in labelling , are those who generally manage to offer the most performing solutions.

In this context, LabelDoo stands out, a label manufacturer that has been operating in the sector for over half a century with extremely high quality adhesive labels supported by personalized and flexible services . The platform is ideal for all companies looking for printing solutions for tailor-made adhesive labels, ready to meet the increasingly particular expectations of consumers.

The heart of the service is the online label configurator . The latter allows you to create singular labels, allowing users to select materials, sizes, shapes, and finishes to obtain unique results, in line with their expectations. The configurator is also a versatile tool for different product sectors, from drinks to food, from cosmetics to the chemical-pharmaceutical industry and so on.

Beyond traditional configurations

The strong point of the LabelDoo service is the fact that in addition to the more traditional customizations such as format, dimensions, finishing and printing materials, the configurator offers the possibility of taking advantage of innovative solutions that are very useful for companies. An example is that of graphic variants , an option that the company can use to print multiple graphic versions of the same label.

Through the variants it is possible, in fact, to configure and order many different types of labels in graphics in a single process, moreover with individual customized quantities. Let's imagine that 1200 type A, 800 type B and 2000 type C labels need to be printed: the customer will be able to order them together with a single configuration, also obtaining advantages in economic terms since the final cost will be calculated on the total number of labels.

A similar statement applies to the double-sided format , which allows you to customize the double label, the front one and the back one, together. The two labels will thus be part of a single order and will be supplied with an optimal distribution on the roll, in order to also facilitate the application process. The latter is an issue to which LabelDoo has always paid particular attention.

The rolls supplied, in fact, are all perfectly suitable for both manual and automatic application. Non-standard rolls, but of adequate dimensions depending on the specific needs of the company.

Quality suppliers

With a view to a service that guarantees measured responses to customers, quality takes on a broad character: it is the quality of the product supplied, but also of the entire experience . For those looking for professionalism, the right supplier is the one who, capable of interpreting the changing needs of the market, is able to respond promptly by improving and innovating the processes and the offer. Thanks above all to its experience and specialization in the world of labelling, LabelDoo is committed precisely in this sense, and for the customer this quality translates into labels that satisfy consumer expectations and into services that improve their purchasing experience as well as for use with labels.

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