In this less than 3 minutes video, there is always an FPS game that allows you to call out “Yes.

Some time ago, a mixed video about FPS first-person shooter games appeared on YouTube. The blogger "4096" sorted out more than a dozen textbook-level FPS games and connected them with clever transitions. There is a kind of "evolutionary land." It feels like it has gained millions of broadcasts in just a few days. As an important part of European and American game culture, the "Gun" in "Gun Car Ball" has always been an important category that gamers can't do without. Therefore, in this article, I will use this video to sort out the FPS game brief for everyone. history.

At the beginning of the video, only some lines appeared in the screen. This game is called MazeWar . Strictly speaking, it is more like a room simulator, without firearms, just walking and turning in the room continuously.

However, this game, which was born in 1974, only uses simple vector lines to create a sense of perspective, and thus obtains a first-person perspective. I can hardly imagine that players who were used to 2D planar perspectives at the time saw this kind of picture inside. what idea. However, it is undeniable that although Maze War has a simple picture, it is still regarded as the originator of FPS games.

The next game is the 3D Monster Maze in 1981. The picture does not seem to have changed much. The black, white and gray blocks form the wall and the ground, but this is the concept of resolution and graphics. The player acts as a survivor and is placed in the same maze as the dinosaur. Once the player moves, the dinosaur will chase behind him until he escapes the maze. Compared with the movie, there is a bit more realism on the scene.

The Wayout 3D the following year added 8bit pixel color elements, and the resolution was higher, and you could even see the rivets on the door.

As soon as the door opened, something happened and the picture was clearly high-definition.

That is natural, because this has come to the German headquarters 3D (1992) ten years later.

Speaking of this game, we must first introduce the producer John Carmack (John Carmack) and the id Software game company he founded. He has made quite a prominent contribution to FPS games. This is a few games from the back. It can be seen that they are all produced by id Software.

This old man became a freelance programmer after dropping out of the University of Missouri-Kansas. Later, he joined the softdisk company and met Adrian Carmack, a co-founder in the future. They had the same surname but were not relatives, otherwise the company The name may be changed to "Carmack Brothers".

▲Unfortunately, the two of them are strangers due to their different ideas

After they came out of their old club, they founded the id Software label. In the first few years, they made several horizontal 2D adventure games. With a solid technical background, John began to think about making games with 3D effects.

This is how the German Army Headquarters 3D was born. The name can be divided into two parts: 3 in 3D means this is the third game in the series, and 3D means that players can experience a three-dimensional picture.

The 2D painting style of the previous work has been changed, with rich detailed descriptions and perspectives, which brought extremely exciting visual perception to the players at the time. Perhaps this is the violent aesthetics respected by European and American players.

The Doom Doom (1993) and Quake Thor's Hammer (1996) that appeared in later videos were both produced by id Sofeware, so John Carmack was hailed as the father of FPS.

When he was doing Doom, John took a team of a dozen people and made a Doom game engine. In fact, this is a pseudo 3D engine. Previously, in the German headquarters 3D, the player's perspective could only be panned left and right, and could not be turned up and down. Even in the Doom, with the setting of the steps, the monster and the protagonist sometimes form a height difference. The player's perspective can still only pan and rotate horizontally, and can only judge the position on the X axis. A shot can hit this X The entire list of targets on the axis.

▲ Doom

It’s like the protagonist slept crookedly the night before. He woke up in the morning and found that he had a stiff neck, but he had to be "forced to open business."

Even though Doom is not real due to its limited functions (how real is a game to fight alien monsters), the refreshing hitting feel, cool graphics, and excellent level design in the game are all in the minds of players at the time. , Leaving an indelible impression. It also set the eternal tone for subsequent FPS games.

▲ Image source of the setting map of Doom 4: wallpaperflare

Well, after talking about John Carmack and his company id Software for so long, then I watched video chat games.

The Duke Nukem 3D (Duke Nukem 3D) launched in 1996 is also a classic work. It is produced by the 3D Realms development team. The style is very close to that of Doom, but the scene of the story is set in the city where people live, such as offices, cinemas, Building rooftop.

▲ Duke of Destruction 3D

The male protagonist's figure resembles the Terminator T-800, fighting monsters in life scenes familiar to players. Coupled with the style of R-rated film, the slowly funny plot, and the American humorous scene interaction, it is naturally sought after by the core players. By the way, it is also the first FPS game to add the animation of changing the magazine. Different weapons have different ways to change the bomb. Just watching these animations is also a pleasure.

It is estimated that from the beginning of this game, the first "replacement cancer" player was born.

This game was first launched on the DOS operating platform, and was later ported to major platforms such as PS, MD, GBA, Android, Blackberry, and iOS. It can be said that the vitality is very tenacious.

The Duke of Destruction 3D has such a tenacious vitality, it is actually a kind of helplessness, because the sequel is the most famous bouncer in history, and the core players can only rely on various transplants to comfort it.

When this work received a lot of attention, the producer announced the development plan for Duke Nukem Forever (Duke Nukem Forever), which is expected to be released in April 1997.

No one thought that this wait was 13 years, during which the game engine changed wave after wave, the studio changed from one to another, and the children who played the 3D of Duke of Destruction had grown up to the age that they could play games.

Anyway, in the end, this sequel to the game that should have become a legend became an "eternal joke." Rough level design, poor graphics performance, AI enemy with negative IQ, core players call "refund"!

▲ IGN failed

But it at least makes players understand one point: the longer the ticket skips, the better the quality does not mean.

Afterwards, QUAKE Thor's Hammer (1996) was another classic IP launched by id Software.

▲ Thor's Hammer

The first real-time calculation 3D shooting game, and the first 16-player deathmatch mode, so Quake became the originator of e-sports games. As soon as the game was launched, players began to spontaneously form a team to release their desire for victory in the virtual world. Many brands have sensed business opportunities and started sponsoring competitions and teams. Compared with today's e-sports industry, it seems that there is not much change.

Next is 007: Goldeneye (Goldeneye) , perhaps few domestic players have contacted it, it is considered to be the best in the game adapted from the movie, the picture is quite realistic restoration, draining all the functions of the N64 platform. Its highlight moment is that the production team found that N64 provides 4 handle ports, and focused on developing a multiplayer mode. Players can play the same game on the same screen and split screens. This mode was later used by games such as Halo.

▲ 007: Golden Eye

Next is G Fat's work for the gods, Half-Life .

▲ Half-Life

Gabe Newell (Gabe Newell), also known as G Fat, founded Valve Software after leaving Microsoft for 13 years. Two years after the company was founded, Half-Life was born in 1998.

At the beginning of the project, G Fat rushed to Quake. It is not realistic for a start-up company to surpass id Software in terms of graphic expressiveness. However, both Doom and Quake have a common problem and don’t pay much attention to the plot. It is also related to John Carmack’s game creativity. He said: "The background of the game is like the plot in a small movie. Although it needs to be, it is not the most important." (The original words can no longer be refined).

After all, many people play games just to be cool. There is no problem with this concept; while Half-Life is going in another direction of development. G Fat invited writer Marc Laidlaw (the novel is not well-known, but the half-life written later) Life, portals, and the road to survival are all classics) writing scripts for the game, film-like linear narrative, so that players are willing to spend a lot of time, immersed in the game with NPCs, and become addicted after turning off the game.

The English word Half-Life means the time it takes for the radioactive intensity of the nucleus of the radioactive element to reach half of the original value, but after entering the country, it is literally translated as half-life, which is also in line with the game story.

The hero, Gordon, is a PhD in physics (so it’s reasonable to carry a holy sword of physics-a crowbar). He participated in a space teleportation experiment, but accidentally took the alien The creatures were transmitted to the earth, so this gentle doctor abandoned his pen and went to the army and embarked on the road to save the world.

▲ Freeman and Alex, the latter launched an independent VR game in 2020, which is still a word of mouth

As soon as Half-Life was launched, it was enthusiastically sought after by fans, but such a lively scene did not reappear in China. Instead, its derivative work- Counter Strike (Counter Strike) , became a well-known FPS classic.

There is no need to repeat how classic CS is. I still remember the key combination to buy weapons is enough to explain everything.

It was originally a MOD made by internal staff, but it was unexpected that after its launch, the popularity surpassed the popular games such as Thor’s Hammer 3 and Delta Force 3 (Delta Force 3). After that, it became a logical independent game. Later, CS1.6 was well-known by domestic players.

▲ FPS players, has the DNA moved?

After Half-Life appeared, Quake 3 , id Software saw that players like Quake’s multiplayer mode so much, so they just played online battles. There is no single-player plot of the first and second generations, no brains. Killing the enemy is even better.

▲ Quake 3

By the way, at the end of last year, Microsoft announced that it would acquire id Software's parent company ZeniMax Media, which also has well-known game studios such as B agency (representative works include Fallout and The Elder Scrolls), Arkane Studios (humiliated developer).

The millennium seems to be a watershed. In mainstream FPS games after 2000, the wind direction began to change, the style of painting became more realistic, and I like to use World War I and World War II as the background.

For example, landing in 2000 , unfortunately this game has not been included in the video. I wonder how many friends were brought into the pit by his father?

▲ Landing in 2000

This is not an excellent FPS game in all aspects, but it is a pit game for many post-90s. The weapons can only be selected from dual-barreled machine guns, cannons, pistols, and surface-to-air missiles. The output is stubborn, and the enemy is attacked one level after another. If this mode is put today, I guess I would not even watch One glance, but when I was a kid, I played it over and over again because I could stay with my dad for a while.

Returning to the German Army headquarters in 2001 was also a game set during World War II. The screen was realistic and the plot was wild. The player played an Allied soldier against the Nazis. But as the game progresses, the more you play, the more something goes wrong. All supernatural powers have emerged. But thinking about the setting of the Nazi Hydra organization in Marvel movies, it becomes reasonable to fight zombies in the game. The plot of the cave has also become the standard for the sequel of the series.

▲ Return to the German headquarters

The next screen shows the Medal of Honor: Allied Assault (Medal of Honor: Allied Assault) launched in 2002, the Medal of Honor series until 2010, all works are based on the Second World War.

▲ Medal of Honor: Joint Attack

Although the IP of the Medal of Honor has long been refrigerated, its first script was written by the famous director Steve Spielberg himself. In other words, without Spielberg, there would be no Medal of Honor.

Perhaps it was the famous director who was still not satisfied after shooting to save Private Ryan, so he began to prepare a game with the background of World War II, and as the saying goes, the fat water does not flow into the field of outsiders. He gave the task of making this game to his own dream. The game studio under the factory, and personally write the script.

Medal of Honor: Joint Attack is the last work in the series that Spielberg participated in, the opening prelude to the new trilogy, and the first game in the series to land on the PC platform. In the process of playing, the player is still watching a movie. The smooth narrative structure can greatly help the player to integrate into it. Its role is no less than the one-shot shooting method that started in "1917". To enhance the effect of presence.

With the powerful rendering power of the Quake 3 engine, the battlefield of World War II showed different scenery under different weather and time. Players can not only get out of the siege, but also use stealth and disguise to sneak into the base without a single shot.

Compared to simply sweeping everything with a gun, this "Mission Impossible" experience may stimulate the player's adrenaline. After a chapter, you will find your palms are sweating, and then remember what you just said During the game, I can't help but marvel at the creator's exquisite creativity.

After that, the World War II story of the Medal of Honor continued, until the background of the FPS game turned to modern or even modern warfare, to be precise, until it was beaten by Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare). Later, it was forced to launch the Medal of Honor 2010 with the background of the Afghanistan War in 2010. And that's something else, we will talk later.

In a transition, the video screen came to Half-Life 2 .

▲ Half-Life 2

If the success of the first generation of Half-Life is attributed to its superb narrative structure, excellent integration of science fiction elements and FPS, then the second generation of rendering engines has made great contributions.

The idea of ​​developing this game engine (Source) called "Origin" was actually later than Half-Life 2's project time. After the great success of Half-Life, Valve started the development of Half-Life 2 as early as 1999. Remember this time, because Half-Life 2 is also a member of the "Hall of Fame".

At the beginning of the project, the development team reached a consensus that the existing game engine was outdated, and many physical characteristics could not support the many ways of playing this game. With the idea of ​​sharpening the knife and not chopping wood by mistake, they outsourced the development of the follow-up Half-Life DLC and plunged into the development of Origin Engine.

Introduced the ragdoll system, the characters' facial and body movements are more coordinated; the NPC has a higher AI, and can be a good teammate for you to fight side by side in the game; the light and shadow enhancement and the addition of the time system allow players to temporarily bid farewell to reality and invest in the game Follow the protagonist’s footsteps to explore the truth of the story step by step.

After 5 years of development time, during which the votes were skipped several times, Half-Life 2 was finally launched in 2004 and became another big-selling masterpiece under V agency (players’ nickname for Valve). As of 2008, the retail version has been With more than 6.5 million sold, Steam online sales will only be higher.

However, until 2021, there is still no news about Half-Life 3 that players have been waiting for.

After a transition, the video progress bar is 1/3 left.

▲ Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

I was lying on the back seat of a car, and there was a scene of war outside the window. I could probably guess that it was in the war-prone Middle East. Turning my head, I found a bald-headed man in the front row looking at me with a submachine gun. .

This scene comes from the 2007 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare launched by Activision. As the fourth game of the Call of Duty series, its classic level needless to say. In the era of rampant piracy, it won the title of the best-selling game of the year and cut the sales of 10 million units in the following year.

I have already mentioned many FPS games with excellent movie narratives, and modern warfare is a masterpiece. I still remember the young Price following Captain McMillan and sneaking into the ruins of the nuclear accident. I followed the protagonist and held it. Breathe; I also remember the anxiety of the teammates at the end when they were killed by the big villain Zakayev, and the happy heart of the final revenge.

The extremely excellent level settings allow me to quickly put in it while playing, and I can still remember it for a long time after closing the game. So that when I play FPS games similar to reality in the future, I can always think of this game released in 2007.

By the way, the man with a strong bald head and an Adi sports suit was a young Zakayev. In order not to reveal the whereabouts of the extremist organization and the old father, he committed suicide while being surrounded by the protagonist team.

The thriving Activision acquired Blizzard Entertainment in the same year, which was later known as Activision Blizzard. Although the output of the latter was not high, it made a big hit: Warcraft, StarCraft, Diablo Diablo, as well as the 2016 pioneer introduced the Rye.

Although Overwatch is the first shooting game produced by Blizzard Entertainment, it won the 2016 TGA Game of the Year Award. The setting of unique weapons and hero skills gives this FPS-oriented game with RPG development elements, coupled with a fast-paced game experience, allowing FPS players who love to challenge to play game after game without stopping at all.

Behind the video also appeared Far Cry 2 (Far Cry 2) , Killing Floor (Killing Floor) , Mirrors Edge (Mirrors Edge) , Portal 2 (Portal 2) , and finally in the sound of a cannon in Battlefield 4 , This European and American FPS game review video is over.

▲ Far Cry 2

▲ Killing space

▲ Edge of the mirror

▲ Portal 2

▲ Battlefield 4

The video uploaded by the creator "4096" lasted less than 3 minutes. In the later stage, the game screen became larger and larger until it occupied the entire screen. The video condensed the nearly 40-year FPS development history from the perspective of European and American players. There are so many wonderful moments, which is very emotional.

In the eyes of domestic players, FPS games have a completely different trend.

The most well-known people, is the South Korean company SmileGate development of production, by the agent Tencent Cross Fire. Since its operation in 2008, it is still the cash cow of Tencent's game business. The phrase "the dream of a gunfight of 300 million mice" that I once called out carries the initial memory of FPS games after 90/00.

Although it is not as hard-core as European and American FPS, and there is no plot to speak of, it has extremely low requirements for the player's hardware configuration. Anyone who wants to play can cross this threshold. It’s a lot of fun to play with people. Compared with CS, it is slightly less difficult to play, but it does not lose the competitive nature. A few minutes in a round will constantly squeeze the player’s heart flow time.

▲ Crossing the line of fire

Before mobile games became popular, this was the most popular fast food game at the time.

Although Crossfire has received mixed reviews, it has to be admitted that it has indeed made a significant contribution to the promotion of domestic FPS games. Players who step into the FPS gate with half their feet will also be attracted by 3A FPS series masterpieces such as Crysis, Battlefield, Call of Duty, etc., and grow into fans of first-person shooter games.

What excites domestic FPS players even more is a game called Frontier among the domestic masterpieces that have emerged in recent years.

The most fascinating thing is its non-gravity space shooting game setting. Although it is not the first, it feels very exciting.

Moving the battlefield from land to space is not just as simple as changing a set of background maps. In the past, the conventional FPS can be regarded as moving on a plane, no matter how open the map is, it is only a plane, but now it is in a three-dimensional In a cube (or a circle) floating and moving at will, in addition to fighting the enemy, it also has to fight against the recoil that is multiplied in a gravity-free environment.

And since the actual firearms and weapons are designed according to the needs of combat on the surface of the earth, the Lancet Studio has to design a set of reliable firearms systems that conform to basic physics for the game. In addition, there are too many difficulties to overcome. I hope the production team can be like all the predecessors in the history of FPS games.

Constantly overcome, nothing is to do without fear.

Isn't this the core gameplay of all FPS games?

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