In these AI home appliances, we see what the future home will look like | AWE 2024 Preview

The "big team building" in the technology circle will feast the eyes of all technology practitioners and enthusiasts in the first three months of 2024.

From CES (International Consumer Electronics Show) in January, to MWC (Mobile World Congress) in February, to AWE (China Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo) to be held on March 14, every exhibition brings together Today's most cutting-edge technological products.

Compared with previous years, this year's AWE held in Shanghai paid more attention to the integration of future technology and current products: a new experience of home movie watching, worry-free and labor-saving house cleaning, smart homes that are linked to the whole house… More importantly, this time we You can view all "tomorrow's homes" directly at your doorstep.

As usual, Ai Faner will also be on hand to bring first-line reports. Prior to this, we have compiled a preview of the highlights of this AWE and will take you online to visit the exhibition 2 days in advance.

▲ AWE 2023 scene. Picture from: AWE official WeChat

Tomorrow’s home, walking with AI

Since last year, AI has become an unavoidable topic in all walks of life. From mobile phones to software, small homes to large appliances, they are all using AI technology to arm their products. "Smart Technology, Create and Enjoy Life" is the theme of this year's AWE exhibition. This is reflected in the warm-up articles and promotional videos of many companies and brands.

AI mobile phones will usher in an explosive period this year, with functions such as text graphics, smart writing, and article summaries gradually entering our lives. What are the new functions of AI Home at this AWE? How is it different from traditional equipment? We have found three major trends in the previews of many companies.

First of all, the trend of "AI + home appliances" has become irreversible. This is also the main selling point of most companies in the latest generation of products. When hardware configurations tend to be unified, only by starting from the user experience can buyers feel "good value for money" ”, electrical appliances are the best breakthrough point for AI functions.

As for what kind of sparks the two will collide with on different products, we will have to wait for on-site testing after the launch to get the exact answer.

In addition, whole-house scene customization will be the development direction of leading companies. While maintaining their roots, companies such as LG and Haier have begun to gradually expand their business scale and spread to all aspects of family life. Huawei is also one of the representatives.

At AWE 2024, Huawei's exhibition area will showcase the high-end sensory experience of the entire home space (living room, dining room, bathroom and other multi-functional spaces), the entire industry space (hotels, offices, etc.), and the full-scenario smart interconnection (car-home linkage). For example, Huawei's flagship Smart home products such as smart screens, door locks, routers, and storage can all be deeply interconnected and interact with all electrical appliances in the entire space with the least effort and the most natural operation.

As a company that provides marketing solutions, CeMeta, a subsidiary of Senbo Marketing, has taken a completely different path. They will release the world's first large-scale marketing model for home appliances and home furnishing industries at AWE.

CeMeta has developed its own AI drawing model through training on over a million high-definition material images, as well as years of in-depth research and practical experience on the integration of products and scenes, product placement, and light and shadow. The details of the product can be 100% restored in the software and can be integrated with the actual scene background. It also provides a large number of scene styles for merchants to choose from.

Merchants can also upload a small amount of materials, such as pictures, copywriting, etc., to CeMeta to achieve one-stop picture, video, and copywriting generation.

There are many companies that provide intelligent customization for the whole house. For example, Yunmi, which focuses on young people, has launched a one-stop whole-house intelligent solution through the "5G+AI+IoT" method, providing more than 60 types of whole-house solutions. Smart home appliances + smart home + software services include smart voice lights, beds, air conditioners and even range hoods into the entire smart system.

Finally, AI+green health is a major highlight of home appliance upgrades. Samsung has integrated AI energy-saving into products such as refrigerators and washing machines, making home appliances more energy-saving and environmentally friendly; LG's "panoramic perspective window" refrigerator door design allows you to observe the storage conditions inside the refrigerator without opening the entire refrigerator, which is effective Reduce air conditioning loss and energy loss.

▲ Picture from: AWE official WeChat

In this era, home appliances must not only be easy to use, but also be given the responsibility of living a healthy life. Therefore, products including air conditioners, water purifiers, and smart beds have been added with health functions. At this exhibition, home appliances are in the health field progress is also worthy of attention.

▲ Picture from: AWE official WeChat

From the kitchen balcony to the living room and bedroom, all home appliances can be smart

A number of domestic home appliance brands, including TCL, Hisense, Haier, Changhong, BSH, etc., have added the "smart" label to their rich product matrix.

Haier, Casarte, Leader and Fisher & Paykel, which are owned by Haier Smart Home, will make their debut at the Shanghai Home Appliances Exhibition.

Casarte will focus on series scenes such as the new conductor at this exhibition. The Leader brand will create personalized home scene solutions for young groups, while Fisher & Paykel will showcase the social kitchen scene solution.

Haier Intelligent Triwing Bird will restore the smart experience of 8 large spaces and 20 scenes on site, such as a smart kitchen embedded with a flat screen, a smart bedroom that actively creates a bedtime atmosphere, and a smart bathroom for sunbathing…

Among them, the refrigerator category will be one of the main battlefields with fierce competition. As a "big item" in the home, various innovative technologies will naturally be concentrated here. In addition to the pursuit of embedded space internal integration in design, the technology of preserving the freshness and taste of ingredients is also a highlight.

At this year's AWE, we will see the magnetically controlled cooling technology that uses magnetic fields to intervene inside cell molecules. We will also learn about fresh-keeping technologies such as fresh moisturizing, bottom-mounted constant temperature, and wide-range temperature change.

According to Haier officials, they will also bring many "black technologies" to the conference:

  • Haier refrigerator that automatically controls temperature based on ingredients
  • Laundry set for special washing and deep care of clothes
  • Variable smart air conditioner that avoids cold wind

Another company related to kitchen technology, BSH Home Appliances, will also have related products on display. As two major brands under BSH, Bosch Home Appliances and Siemens Home Appliances have prepared their first products for this AWE.

At last year's AWE, Siemens All-in-one Pro dishwasher, Bosch 8 series washer-dryer, Siemens eNose smart fresh storage multi-door refrigerator, and Bosch smart constant temperature air purifier concept machines were released one after another, bringing new products to consumers. Home appliance technology.

In our opinion, the biggest technological progress of good home appliances, especially refrigerators, is to reduce our perception of them. One is to hide the refrigerator as much as possible in the building through design; the other is to keep the freshness of the ingredients as much as possible. It usually doesn't take up any space, and every time you take out the ingredients, they look just like the ones you just bought. Only this kind of refrigerator can be called smart and worry-free.

FOTILE Home Appliances will also hold the FOTILE 2024 Spring New Product Launch Conference on the first day of AWE, bringing brand-new kitchen appliance technology.

The ultra-thin range hood and the temperature and humidity dual-control stove, steam and grill all-in-one machine are all new products of FOTILE Hi life smart technology, among which the dishwasher is the most anticipated.

Fotile's first sink dishwasher uses high-energy bubble washing technology and "double washing solution" to create a more comprehensive solution for cleaning scenarios, and won the first place in three patents.

I hope that major companies this year can give us a little shock in terms of kitchen cleaning, food cooking and preservation. After all, new technologies and usage scenarios are closely related to most people’s lives.

How are these technologies implemented? What kind of life can be called smart? We will reveal it with you on site.

Smart cleaning means doing as little as possible

Scenarioization is one of the most mentioned words in corporate publicity.

At this AWE, there will be more smart technologies that provide simpler choices for our lives.

If there was only one scene that could be simplified, it would be cleaning.

According to AVC data, China’s retail sales of cleaning appliances in 2023 will be 34.4 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 6.8%. Among them, sweeping robots will achieve retail sales of 13.7 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 10%; floor washing machines will achieve retail sales of 12.2 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 22. %; Mite Remover also achieved a year-on-year retail sales growth of more than 15%.

Smart home cleaning appliances are gradually favored by more consumers, and are of course the main focus of manufacturers this year.

High-end technology home appliance brand 3i will exhibit the world's first water-free smart floor cleaning station launched in 2023, and the world's first encapsulated odor-free cat litter cabin.

3i's water purification circulation system uses distillation technology to purify recycled sewage into sterile distilled water. At the same time, it uses air water production technology to supplement the water consumption during the cleaning process, enabling a floor-cleaning robot that does not add clean water or dump sewage throughout its life.

Intelligent packaging and odor-free cat litter cabins are aimed at the pain points of accumulation and odor of cat litter affecting the living environment. The intelligent packaging and odor-cleaning system is used to automatically scoop out the cat litter and immediately encapsulate it intelligently to isolate odorous macromolecules and mosquito bacteria. ; The built-in active oxygen technology in the litter box can also eliminate small odor molecules, allowing the cat litter box to achieve maximum odor and sterilization.

Moreover, 3i also invited a mysterious celebrity known as one of the "Godfathers of the Internet" to use the principles of physics to discuss the underlying technology of 3i's new products.

From the introduction such as "Graduated from the Department of Physics of Tsinghua University and received a PhD in Physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)", it is not difficult to guess that Zhang Chaoyang will bring his physics class to the AWE site.

Zhuimi Technology will debut a variety of new smart cleaning products such as sweeping robots, smart floor scrubbers, wireless vacuum cleaners, and lawn mowing robots.

Not long ago, Chuimi released the X40 series of flagship sweeping and mopping robots, which are the first bionic "double" robotic arms to realize linkage of sweeping and mopping arms and can cover every corner; the triple lift mop with side brush and roller brush can also Full scene of wet and dry separation cleaning; X40 robot also has base station self-cleaning capability, eliminating the need for later cleaning work.

At the same time, Ecovacs will also display two new products, Deebot T30 PRO and Deebot X2S, and introduce in detail the two major solutions for the cleaning capabilities of sweeping robots.

In the past, sweeping robots and smart vacuum cleaners often could only solve one aspect of the work, and we had to do the rest ourselves. After several years of technological accumulation, major brands have embedded smart technology in every aspect of housework. "Integrating intelligence into every scene" means using machines to sweep the cleanest floor with the least amount of energy.

We will also have a conversation with Mr. Guo Renjie, CEO of Zhumi China, to gain an in-depth understanding of the development status of the sweeping robot industry from the perspectives of corporate R&D and marketing.

Smart curtain, HD is just the ticket

Television in contemporary families has a very unique status: it can be used without it, but it cannot be lived without.

Mobile phones, tablets, and computers have taken away family viewing and entertainment time that originally belonged to TV, but the technological development of TV has not stopped.

Samsung will bring new Micro LED, Neo QLED series, Lifestyle art TV, OLED series and audio product lineups at this exhibition.

According to a report by market research company Omdia, Samsung's share of the global TV market reached 30.1% last year, ranking first in the industry for 18 consecutive years. This year, Samsung will continue to delve into the e-sports display track to create a more immersive entertainment and gaming experience for users.

In addition to its specialty in displays, Samsung will also launch a variety of TVs, home appliances, monitors and mobile phones in an exhibition hall of more than 1,500 square meters, and display "just the right AI" in an all-round way under BESPOKE HOME's personalized and customized home appliance concept. .

LG, which has the same exhibition area as Samsung, has also reached the largest scale ever. LG Electronics' products include black electricity, white electricity, air solutions and other products.

The most noteworthy among them is the LG StanbyME Go portable touch screen TV, which has a display built into a portable suitcase and can be taken anywhere. The 27-inch high-definition screen can be touched and slid to adjust brightness, volume and power.

The popularity of short-distance travel and camping has gradually increased the demand for such portable mobile screens. Compared with mobile phones, computers and car monitors, products of this form have unique advantages.

LG will also debut its annual new product UltraGear OLED at the same time, such as the new 800R OLED panel equipped with MLA+ technology, dual-mode switching function for resolution and refresh rate.

Among them, the 32GS95UE is the world's first monitor that supports both professional high-resolution mode (4K 240Hz) and high refresh rate mode (2K 480Hz). Users can press the dedicated button at the bottom of the monitor to switch modes with one click. Two different gaming experiences can be felt on each monitor.

Hisense, another leader in the global laser display industry, will also present their flagship product lineup: the world's first foldable laser TV, the world's first 8K screen sound-emitting laser TV, the industry's first lifting and curling laser TV, ultra Black screen laser TV, as well as super new laser TV Starlight S1 Pro, etc.

The 120-inch large screen of the foldable laser TV can be easily rolled up like a yoga mat, solving the "last mile" of large-screen TVs entering homes. The lifting and curling laser TV can freely lift and lower the screen with one click, and can be stored and hidden.

In the crazy involution market of new energy vehicles, Hisense has also brought a car display solution created by laser technology – laser holographic HUD, which turns the car windows into giant screens and the windshield into full-sized large screens.

In addition to specific product displays, this AWE will also hold the UWA Alliance Ultra HD Ecological Exhibition and Ultra HD Forum. The full name of UWA is the World Ultra-HD Video Industry Alliance. This exhibition area will present innovative technologies such as people, cars, homes, and XR.

Large appliances are destined to attract more attention, but the excitement of small appliances cannot be ignored, because these are the most frequently used tools in our lives.

Leifen, which has become popular on Station B recently, will also come to the scene with the latest generation of hair dryers and electric toothbrushes, and Bear Electric will also release a new "Guanghe Hair Dryer".

In addition, a number of kitchen appliances and small home appliance brands such as Joyoung, Martian, Astar, Dongling, and John Boss will also bring smart small kitchen appliances to jointly explore more development possibilities in the kitchen appliance industry.

The above is just the tip of the iceberg for this year's AWE. There are still many companies that have sold out, and specific new products will not be announced until after the launch.

From March 14th to 17th, we will be on site to discover "tomorrow's products" from 1,000 companies and 1,200 brands.

If you are interested in this AWE or have any home appliances you would like to know about, please leave a message in the comment area  We will select the most popular products and brand visiting experiences and give you the first time evaluation reports.

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