In the second year of mass production of QD-OLED TVs, how good is the picture quality?

Last year was the first year of mass production of QD-OLED TVs.

At CES in early 2022, Sony launched the world's first QD-OLED TV: A95K . Sony's first mass production of QD-OLED TVs set off a wave in the home appliance industry , which is quite similar to Xiaomi's mass production of its first Snapdragon 8 flagship phone in the mobile phone industry.

Firstly, this is because display technology has developed at an extremely fast pace in the past two or three years. Mini-LED has just begun to become popular and QD-OLED has been mass-produced . In the future, whether old and new technologies will alternate or the technology will stand firm, manufacturers are looking forward to market verification. Secondly, at the technical level, QD-OLED combines the advantages of higher brightness of OLED and deeper black of QLED, plus quantum dot technology can achieve pixel-level light control capabilities. Whether its color and brightness performance can really be close to reality, users Also looking forward to the actual performance.

One year later, the answer given by A95K is: one of the best QD-OLED TVs on the market . This year’s new A95L is an upgrade of the A95K. Its panel is upgraded to a new generation of quantum dot OLED technology, which increases the upper limit of performance.

A few days ago, we were lucky enough to experience these two QD-OLED TVs at Sony China Imaging Technology Institute at close range. From the comparison of the two generations of TVs , we saw some upgrades in picture quality from fine to realistic .

When we evaluated the A95K last year, we said, "When the A95K expresses white highlights, it is no longer cyan, but true white, which is difficult to achieve with traditional OLEDs." If we say last year, we made a breakthrough in color. Close to reality, this year's A95L makes up for the lack of brightness in addition to color.

The peak brightness of the A95L is 2,000 nits, which is 100% higher than the previous generation. This has two meanings for users: first, in a bright and bright living room with strong light, the impact of losing details on the picture is relatively less; second, It is enough to support the processing of high dynamic range content. The picture seen by the human eye is more three-dimensional, and the virtual and real distances are closer to reality.

▲Sony A95L is in the middle . The edges of the petals are peeled off from the background, and the protruding stamens seem to show through the screen .

From the picture point of view, the dynamic range of light and dark of the A95L is significantly better than that of the previous generation. Especially in the highlighted areas of the picture , it restores a three-dimensional feeling that is close to reality .

At the scene, we saw the texture of the cloth and the position of the brush strokes. In contrast, the brightness of the A95L was higher , and the texture of the drawing board and brush strokes were not discarded in the highlights, and fine details could be seen.

Sony A95L on the left and A95K on the right

Of course, Sony's brightness is not stupid. "XR Color Max" is Sony's exclusive color optimization technology, which provides a larger color space . Another "XR OLED Contrast Enhancement Pro" provides higher brightness and contrast. , the two work together to balance the color and brightness of QD-OLED .

Comparing the A95K on the right side of the picture below, you can see this improvement in color and light and shadow details.

When you look at the blue umbrella that is close to the background color, there is a difference between the edge of the dark blue umbrella and the light blue sky on the A95L in the middle. As for the green and yellow umbrella surfaces, we have seen in reality that the transmittance is relatively higher, and the display effect of Sony A95L is also the same. The sunlight texture on the yellow and green umbrella surfaces is more transparent.

Sony A95L is in the middle and A95K is on the right. The camera shooting effect is somewhat compromised, and the contrast effect to the human eye is stronger .

Dark performance is also what QD-OLED TVs are good at. Its pixel-level light control can make the dark areas pure black without halo . An upgraded version of the XR cognitive chip is used on the A95L . Like the previous generation , it uses cross-data analysis and cognitive intelligence algorithms to make the black areas pure black, the gray areas transition, and the bright stars reduce defects.

In order to show the fineness of its restoration , Sony brought its own BVM-HX310 4K flagship benchmark monitor for comparison. On-site Sony staff adjusted both devices to standard mode, and it can be seen that the color of the lights, the brightness of the light plates , and the light and shadow on the road are almost the same.

▲A95L is on the top and BVM-HX310 monitor is on the bottom.

However, there are differences in skin color between the two . The skin color on the monitor is colder and less bloody. In comparison, the skin color of the characters on the A95L is relatively natural .

In addition, it should be mentioned here that the video source played live is in 1080P specification. If you have the conditions, it is recommended to enlarge the picture and observe it carefully. You will see that the A95L has obviously optimized the film source. The skin texture on the human face is smoother, and the background noise processing is also softer.

The upper right corner is the A95L, and the lower right corner is the BVM-HX310 monitor.

Apart from the screen, what impressed me the most about the A95L was the sound produced by the screen.

Screen sound technology distinguishes between human voices and background sounds on the TV. When you look at the screen, the sound will be heard wherever the characters are, while the soundtrack and ambient sounds will be emitted through the speakers at the bottom of the TV . Although compared to previous generations of screen sound, the A95L is not a leap-forward upgrade, but it still makes me have the urge to use TV speakers.

Generally, users who have slight requirements for sound will be equipped with an additional audio-visual system, and the sound system of the TV itself will become idle. A95L can be linked to Sony's HT-A7000 sound bar set, allowing the TV to act as the center channel. Human voices follow the movement of characters and emerge from the screen. The sound bar enhances the sense of immersion, and the ambient sound changes the playback position 360° according to the direction.

However, the price of this audio-visual system is still Sony-style, and users need a certain amount of financial strength to buy it.

HT-A7000 sound bar set

In the past two years, among the widely circulated TV purchase content, one of the three articles will definitely tell you what QLED, mini LED, QD-OLED… Behind these technical terms is the catching up competition of display technology. , and the direct benefits that competition brings to users are nothing more than higher quality and more acceptable prices.

In the on-site comparison experience, the picture quality of A95L is not only at the fine level, but also reveals the reality of light and shadow. But in terms of price , QD LED is not yet "more acceptable". The Sony A95L is priced at 19,999 yuan for 55 inches; 29,999 yuan for 65 inches; and 39,999 yuan for 75 inches. However, one reality that must be taken into account is that there are currently very few players on the market. So far, the only manufacturers that produce QD LED TVs are Sony and Samsung, as well as TCL, which integrates mini LED.

A95L allows users to experience the ultimate picture quality of QD LED, but users also need more manufacturers to join this competition. Just like mini LED, which is also positioned in the high-end market, it was previously a representative of new technologies in the high-end market, and its price was also very high. With the high-end series of domestic manufacturers TCL, Huawei, and Xiaomi, mini LED TVs have been deployed, and the price has also ranged from 10,000 yuan to 10,000 yuan. Gradually enter the thousand yuan era.

Love style makes the future within reach.

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