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Standing in 2023, which was born in chaos 2022, we eagerly want to "make up" for the lost years, and look forward to reuniting with the world.
The world is changing drastically, and it is necessary to find the right direction as soon as possible to get life back on track.
The consumer electronics market ushered in a boom in terminal connectivity, data transmission and sharing. AIGC is moving towards the "big application era" of instrumentality, universalization and industrialization.
The field of life is continuously subdivided, and the carnival of consumerism is ebbing. "Rational consumption" has become a new standard for "intelligence" judgment.
This year's ifanRank, we hope to find ideas and actions for you to make 2023 more stable, warmer and better.
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I remember that the book "Triumph of the City" once said, "The city makes the public richer, smarter, greener, healthier and happier" – this victory has stagnated for nearly four years, and finally began to return, bringing us into the post-pandemic era.

Just as postmodernism is not the end of modernism, the post-epidemic era does not mean that the epidemic has passed. We must always get used to coexisting with the virus and stick to the current uncertainty.

The greatest expectation at the moment is a real, grounded and powerful life.

To this end, we hereby observe and summarize 15 guidelines for exploring new life trends in the post-pandemic era.

The city has just recovered, and the consumption frenzy is coming. I hope they can bring you real and beneficial value and get positive inspiration for the new year.

Perhaps in these optimistic forecasts, we can find the resilience of the past and rebuild the meaning of tomorrow.

Crazy Color Kingdom

——Boldly release your inner flamboyance.

▲ Picture from: unsplash

Earth tones used to spread across instagram in 2022. Movies such as "Wabi Sabi" and "Dune" that Kim Kardashian likes and "wasteland style" full of celebrities' outfits have more or less driven this undercurrent Surging, behind it is actually the yearning for a soft and quiet life.

But in 2023, saturated colors will shine.

After the color research institution Pantone officially released the 2023 popular color "Viva Magenta", it also heralds a new signal of power in the post-epidemic era, and more publicity vision will appear everywhere in life.

The popularity of Barbie aesthetics (Barbiecore), rural style (Cottagecore), and IKE Middle Ages at the end of 2022 are all signs that saturated colors will become popular, and bright colors such as red, pink, and purple will appear in large numbers.

Vaporwave, known as the "digital punk movement"-this retro, avant-garde, futuristic psychedelic hybrid style, is also expected to return in 2023.

In the era of reckless sales of visuals, brands only need to seize the aesthetic dividend.

Bold and wild colors will also reflect our new attitude for the new year.

big name absurdism

— Black and red are also red. Everyone enjoys watching it, so why is it not considered an innovation?

Let’s play it as big as it is, if it’s not enough to explode, how can you be a great entertainer-this sentence is not an exaggeration to describe Balenciaga.

Launched 10,000 yuan potato chip bags, 10,000 yuan garbage bags, the ugliest tattered shoes, poor rough houses… Balenciaga can be said to invade people's visual perception in all directions. Strong recognition and attention.
In order to maintain the traffic, the big brands nowadays are doing a lot of tricks: Louis Vuitton launched a 20,000 yuan paint bucket, Coca-Cola launched metaverse, ginger, charcoal, and dream flavor cola, and the absurd flavors in the coffee industry are even more popular. Blood flow: sauerkraut coffee, churros coffee, pepper coffee, preserved egg coffee, soy sauce latte…

Balenciaga responded to public comments that it was an "IQ tax": "Balenciaga itself is a social experiment to understand how far people are willing to go for brand value."

Ah, this is not business, this is art. This level, this height, really went to heaven.

But who will let the current consumers eat this set: An interesting piece of information is: Trendwatching, a trend research platform, found that in 2022, 72% of Generation Z in the world will list "fun" as their first value.

Fun, creative ideas, and full of slots are the reasons for their attention, and this party will continue.

Only if you are curious and absurd enough, you will be forever young.

relic worshipers

——Find peace of mind and certainty in past objects and buildings.

▲ Picture from: Newjeans

When Newjeans' new songs OMG and Ditto became popular all over the Internet recently, this Korean phenomenon-level girl group known as "the next wave sweeping the world" turned the retro Y2K aesthetics into a trendy youthful style.

Search for keywords such as middle age, millennium, and hot girls on Xiaohongshu, and you will find that Y2K fashion culture has penetrated into the lives of young people of this generation—complex patterns, exaggerated thick-soled shoes, and eye-catching metal accessories. The popular logo of the brand Heaven.

From clothing to home furnishing, IKEA has also become popular this year. The MCM style in the middle of the 20th century has returned again. VINTAGE IKEA on Xianyu has become the latest household life tips for young people.

Go out and have a look. Apple announced in November last year that it will move its UK headquarters to the renovated Battersea Power Station, and Dyson's global headquarters will also move into Singapore's century-old St. James Power Station.

The resurgence of retro is not a new topic, but this year, you can see its shadow at any time in entertainment, consumption, and architecture. Moreover, it is sustainable and environmentally friendly. Next year, it will be even more popular.

The epidemic has also distorted and confused the concept of time in people's lives. The academic circles call the lack of time concept the "isolation paradox".

We all hope to find the beautiful certainty of memory in these objects and appliances of the past.

In other words, when will China's non-mainstream come back?

Proliferation of Locally Rich

——Choose with love, compare rationally, and consume wisely.

▲ Picture from: Fastcompany

What is "partially wealthy"?

Some people call them a group of people who are actually not very rich, but are willing to spend money on things they like. In fact, their characteristics will become more common in the post-epidemic era.

Not derogatory, but a more contemporary and saner choice. In consumer economics, there is a theory called the "ratchet effect", which means that people's consumption habits are like a ratchet, once formed, they can only go up but not down.

The epidemic has dealt a big blow to everyone's economic ability, but after everyone has adapted to higher-quality consumption, they can't stop advocating high-quality products, and they will turn to pay more attention to cost-effectiveness.

Next, we will also place orders for items with sufficient flexibility, durability, and durability to conduct high-quality consumption; at the same time, we will also flood into the live broadcast room and compare prices on various channels and platforms to conduct "intensive research consumption" ".

This will also make the pure big-name effect less attractive, and the luxury style is becoming weaker. In fact, in some Nordic countries, conspicuous consumption is no longer sought after – which instead reflects that they are embracing a more authentic life.

After all, excessive consumption does not equal happiness.

The new Chinese style of counterattack

——In the domestic products that cannot be grabbed, you can see the charm of the new Chinese style.

▲ Picture from: Guan Xia

Xixi Wetland has perennial rising water vapor. When the rainy season comes, the meadows, gentle hills, and flat lakes meet the sky, showing a light gray tone like ink, which is fascinating.

A while ago, the aromatherapy brand "Guan Xia", which is deeply involved in oriental aesthetics, opened a new store in Hangzhou Xixi Wetland. This new Chinese-style brand, which has to queue up all year round, has earned enough popularity and topics, from product names such as Kunlun Zhuxue, Yihe Jingui, Academy Lotus Pond, to innovative material selection and store design with unique oriental charm , Enough to make young people excited about it.

New Chinese brands that have become popular before and after include fragrance brand "Wenxian", tea brands "One Year Vegetables and Trees" and "Tea'stone", skin care brand "Xiwuji", home brand "Guanyuanji", beauty cosmetics The brand "Huaxizi" and so on.

They all use Chinese philosophy and oriental culture with new vision and concepts to re-present Chinese traditional culture with a new look.

Chinese culture has a long history, and too many treasures have never been discovered.

In the past, we found confidence in national trends from Li Ning, Liushen, Pull Back Shoes, and Big White Rabbit. Next, new Chinese brands will use new audio-visual language and product ideas to regain their territory under the competition of global multiple brands. .

local emerging culture

——Recover poetry and distant places in the neighborhood.

▲ Picture from: Aranya

In Shanghai, there will be long queues for newly opened stores in 2022. One is the Blue Bottle coffee known as the "apple in the coffee world", and the other is the popular lifestyle brand Aesop in Australia.

These two foreign brands combined the local culture and architectural language of Shanghai, and carried out localized design of the stores, attracting a lot of new middle class people to visit.

All the big brands have more or less made localization attempts last year: COS held a 4-day "Drink a bowl of tea" tea party in Chengdu in November to showcase the local teahouse culture; HEYTEA has long launched " Let inspiration speak local" project, which combines a series of localized products, spaces, activities and urban culture; Burberry also entered 10 ethnic minority areas to revive handicrafts such as embroidery, batik, and brocade…

Not only these big brands, there will be more and more small and beautiful original brands of the principals.

The local brands that quietly appeared on the side of the road can create an unforgettable aesthetic, and the new year has begun to expand its branches. The Cantonese culture-themed Jijijiao coffee makes "green creativity" a new Cantonese symbol in the eyes of young people.

They use their own brand power to actively integrate into the local culture, and at the same time create a new local culture that is respected by young people.

micro urban jungle

——Forests are everywhere, and you can get close to nature anytime and anywhere.

▲ Legend: PARK(ing) Day, from

More and more "green" in crowded and precious urban spaces will no longer appear in the form of large parks, but will become more creative miniature jungles.

Paley Park in San Francisco and PARK(ing) Day have become popular all over the world. They turn parking spaces into "temporary parks", turn benches into green attractions on the street, and fill trash cans with trees and vegetation. These surprises The "miniature jungle" allows people to encounter nature in unexpected places, and also forms a new way of staying and appreciating nature.

As Jonce Walker, who works in sustainable design in New York, said, "Nature acts like acupuncture on residents, and small construction can also greatly reduce the burden on residents."

The miniature creative aesthetics of returning to nature will also extend from the outdoors to where we live.

There will be more and more small green fields in the community public space, where people will have picnics, sports and entertainment. We will also spontaneously create more green spaces at home, such as designing "roof gardens" for suburban apartments, building "one-square-meter vegetable gardens" in urban communities, and growing "Microgreens" at home.

They rejuvenate the cold space, and the sustainability, inclusiveness, and livability of the city are gradually implemented in it.

wilderness adventure

——Mountain life upgrade, go to experience sports in depth!

▲ Picture from: Gawker/The North Face

First camping, then frisbee, then flag football, then biking, luch, paddle board, creek tracing…

Once a niche outdoor sports, now a new one appears in the circle of friends every once in a while, and outdoor sports have even become a new social currency.

The next one, maybe it will be the tennis, badminton, and table tennis mixed sport "Pickleball" that will become popular.

It is not surprising that the popularity of outdoor sports is more or less related to the epidemic, and in the new year, the enthusiasm for outdoor sports will continue to heat up.
More people will go from just trying and playing to a more extreme in-depth experience.

This winter quickly became popular, including alpine skiing, ice camping, and ice hiking. Next, freehand rock climbing, cliff downhill, high-altitude mountaineering, and wilderness survival experience will attract more young people who want to pursue excitement and challenges while exploring new things.

In the "Global Consumer Trends 2023" released by Mintel, 50% of Chinese adults who pay attention to fitness culture believe that their interest in fitness culture has affected their attitude towards life. breakthrough.

Exercise is a good thing, but it is also important to remember safety first.

spiritual healing movement

——Anytime, anywhere, to experience spiritual healing and relaxation.

▲ Picture from: Burberry

Do you still remember that in the annual report of Netease Cloud Music not long ago, an interesting activity of "knocking wooden fish" was added for all people? Knocking is boring, but really healing.

Today, our definition of health is evolving – it goes beyond the physical to include psycho-emotional, spiritual well-being.

According to data from the well-known market research organization ipsos, 76% of global citizens now believe that mental health is as important as physical health. Emotional diversity is our daily state during the epidemic. Everything is changing, collapsing, and rebuilding at any time.

We have prioritized public health and safety during the epidemic, but in the future we will come out of the epidemic and refocus on ourselves.

There are long queues in the outpatient clinics of psychological assistance centers in various places. Activities such as meditation and mindfulness are constantly being carried out in various parts of the city. more and more.

It may work, it may not work, but people will be more willing to try—people were unfamiliar with mental health in the past, but now rebuilding psychological order will be the first action.

Psychological counselor Chen Haixian proposed 8 directions for daily reconstruction of inner peace, you can refer to:

  • Dissociation of information
  • separate life from work
  • Divide space with family
  • think about things
  • change frame of reference
  • create meaning
  • connect with others
  • remember you have choices

Short term homelessness becomes the norm

——Get out of the "uncomfortable zone" and create more new possibilities in the working mode.

▲ Picture from: Fastcompany

In 2020, when the epidemic just started, Fujitsu Japan developed a "borderless office", which allows employees to switch locations between different offices such as central offices, satellite offices, and shared offices.

As telecommuting had to increase, people began to choose more comfortable, quiet, and yearning jobs in cities and suburbs. More large companies such as Google began to announce that telecommuting would become a permanent choice for employees.

At the same time, the year before last, Iceland had succeeded in the 4-day working week, and Belgium also announced the measure at the beginning of last year.

In 2023, remote work and short-time work will be more closely integrated.

The situation that big cities are full of vitality and competitive centers will change. People can start a short trip at any time to flexibly handle their work, such as working from Tuesday to Thursday, staying at home for the rest of the day, and going to a new city for three days.

Numerous studies have discussed the relationship between happiness, productivity, and the future of the office.

The book "The Nowhere Office" (The Nowhere Office) was also very popular during the epidemic. It pointed out that when the labor force is becoming more and more diverse, and the post-90s and post-00s who have become the main force in the workplace have a more free lifestyle, they are more inclined to to choose the way of working that best suits them. Of course, this will also test the supervision of middle-level managers, but if the boss only wants employees to return to the office, it must be a wrong decision.

How to balance the three dimensions of "collaboration, efficiency, and health" will become a new important proposition in the post-epidemic era.

pet light luxury trend

— Embracing the warmth of a new family that deserves a better life.

▲ Picture from: GUCCI

Gucci pet beds, LV custom pet bags, Tiffany&Co. pet tags, Versace sky-high food bowls, Monogram canvas pet boxes… Did these luxury pet supplies that cost hundreds of thousands of RMB surprise you last year?

It can indeed be seen from the background that the trend of keeping pets is becoming more and more popular among young people, and it will become more popular.

In the post-epidemic era, the need for companionship and affection, and the rise of celibacy will lead to more and more pet owners.

Of course, not everyone has so much money to buy luxury goods for their "masters", but pet consumption will indeed become more refined in the new year.

There will be more and more functional pet food, which will be closer to human health products; the category of toys will become more and more abundant, and the beauty care will be more refined; more products that prolong the life of pets and prevent health problems will also be developed; pet activities will become more and more More and more, it will become the norm to hold weddings, birthday parties, Christmas festivals for dogs, and even buy tombstones and cemeteries for them after they pass away.

In addition to mainstream cats and dogs, the category of pets will also be extended to aquariums, reptiles, rodents and other exotic and niche animals, which will also drive new markets to grow.

Don't ask if it's worth it, whoever has a pet is not on top.

Homemade Health Prescription

——In a more comfortable way, find self-discipline in lying flat and leisurely.

▲ Picture from: GQ

Whether you are an otaku who is too lazy to spread out the bed, you must have learned how to take care of your daily health after several years of living at home.

According to the latest Accenture report, in the post-epidemic era, Chinese consumers will embrace a healthier lifestyle in two ways: one is to strengthen indoor exercise, and the other is to choose a healthier diet.

More people have also learned to watch live broadcasts, use fitness apps to manage their health, and even buy fitness mirrors to exercise at home. Frost & Sullivan predicts that China's sports participation rate will continue to increase to 23.4% in 2023, further narrowing the gap with Europe and the United States. gap between.

In addition to sports, people's pursuit of food and beverage ingredients and functions, such as low-sugar and low-calorie products, high-quality food processing, taking various vitamins, and more functional effects of products (such as meal replacement, sleep aid, and digestion aid), can also be seen. Concern about dietary health.​

With more and more irregular homes, we will also get used to keeping health supplements at home, buy more healthy snacks and pre-made meals, and choose and balance more nutritious, natural, and healthy foods independently.

Another point worthy of attention is that people's clothing choices are becoming more and more "healthy". Tight and tough clothing has faded away, and comfortable elastic yoga pants, sweatshirts, and loose fits have become new trends.

This is probably to be healthy and healthy, but also to relax in life.

glass cassette eco-friendly

——Tear off the mask of gimmicks and see real actions.

▲ Picture from: FREITAG

The era of trying to deceive consumers with an environmental label will soon be over.

Whether it is investors, regulators, or consumers, brands are re-examining sustainable development declarations.

If brands want to win the favor of consumers by relying on environmental protection, they must be "transparent" and truly take responsibility to do it well. This means that they must also be responsible for everything from production sites, supply chains, to manufacturing products, to sales. The huge cost of the product, the entire path of recycling the product, and at the same time, it allows consumers to participate actively and at low cost.

Everlane has set off a wave of "transparent pricing" before, disclosing all production line and cost information on the tag, which has won a lot of favor.

It's never been easy to actually do it, but there are more and more fake eco-friendly brands, and their trust is also declining.

According to the latest Boston Consulting Group (BCG) report, 70% of global consumers are wary of companies' sustainability claims and commitments.

The Internet has ushered in an era of complete transparency. The internal workflow of brands will become more and more important in external display. Consumers will also be keen to interact with brand values ​​and hope that all products they get can be "traceable".

For the new generation of consumers, the cultural concept of the company will be one of the important reasons to influence and impress them to place an order, and sustainability is a crucial part.

In the future, sustainable "transparency" of the brand will become the most important value of the brand just like integrity.

New co-creator brand

——Entering the era where the masses and brands help each other.

▲ Picture from: Metavise

A batch of brands will become "creator brands".

Why do you say that? It is outdated to divide consumers by age, gender, social status and other markers.

Catering to their values, passions, beliefs, attitudes, and allowing the public to participate is the way to impress consumers.

As early as a few years ago, many new consumer brands focusing on "lifestyle" have emerged. The purpose behind them is to make products penetrate into our lives, connect with our lives, and let us recognize and continue to consume.

Now, for old and new brands, content creation has become an essential part. Aesthetics, design, and consumer-created content are all new content that they need to pay attention to.

In short, cultural values ​​become very important.

Whether it's magazines, podcasts, pop-up stores, or community activities… from telling a concept to spreading a good story, so as to turn the cold material world into a vivid and charming scene.

Although brands need to rely on functional and innovative products to survive for a long time, everyone is a creator in the post-epidemic era. Consumers can create their own brands, and brands must also draw inspiration from the content shot and released by the public.

This is a new era of content co-creation.

slow global travel

——Don’t worry, go out slowly to see the world.

When the outbound travel was opened, the circle of friends immediately "exploded", and everyone was waiting to see who would be the first group of people to locate abroad, but there were not many people who actually went abroad.

Epidemic prevention is still a protracted battle. New mutant viruses and new risk factors are still emerging. Traveling as you like will start in 2023, but the outbreak will not happen in 2023. Global travel will start slowly.

In 2023, the evolutionary year of travel, we will see a strong and steady recovery of the tourism industry – predicts that everyone is looking forward to more cutting-edge and creative travel, which can find new ways to explore the unknown; looking forward to returning to the basics and returning to the original travel, to find simple happiness ; look forward to nostalgic and retro travel, to relive the beautiful past; look forward to more cost-effective travel, able to control a reasonable budget; also hope to obtain a deeper, more interactive, more humanized and deeper emotional connection local experience (at this time Airbnb Rapture).

The backdrop for the new year's theme is a return of optimism, but the basis of practice remains steady.

But at least we can start preparing.

▲ Picture from:

Finally, the above-mentioned 15 new life consumption trends may not escape the rapid changes of the moment, but we can still see that after a long period of bleakness, the light spots in life finally begin to enlarge.

Everything big starts small.

From a global perspective, Chinese consumers have the most confidence in returning to normal life after the epidemic.

According to McKinsey's annual survey, Chinese consumers' net optimism about economic recovery is stable at around 50%, higher than those in Europe, the United States, Australia, and Japan. They are the most optimistic consumers in the world, and they are more confident about returning to normal. Promote the recovery of the global economy.

Restoration is, of course, an elusive wish—there is no end to things, and endless changes.

But we always have to find new ways to adapt to change, we still need beauty, joy, and hope.

Wang Xiaobo said, "Destruction always has its limit, only the joy of construction is endless."

Just go build. Until positive hallucinations and prejudgments descend to the ground of realism.

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