In the cold Qingming box office, do you have your movie tickets?

Did you go to the cinema during the three-day holiday of Qingming Festival this year?

April 3-April 5, 2022: 121.9084 million; April 3-April 5, 2021: 822.4196 million. After a year, the data displayed on the professional version of the lighthouse differs by several times, and the bright numbers indicate that the box office of Qingming stalls is cold.

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The few months between the heavy Spring Festival and the May 1st are the "off-season" for cinema movies, but movies have always been a frequent choice for people to go out for entertainment. It's just that now, even if the schedule is finer and finer, it can't hide the depression and loneliness of the movie market.

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Why did the box office drop so much? We all know the most direct reason – the epidemic. The epidemic is not over yet, but many theaters have been damaged. The situation of not knowing when to suspend business has made it unsustainable for many theaters. There will be no theaters, and there will naturally be fewer steps towards theaters.

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Especially for the Qingming file in 2022, due to the unoptimistic situation of the epidemic, many movies that were originally planned to be released in the Qingming file have been withdrawn, such as "Life Events", which many people are looking forward to and whose theme just fits with the Qingming file. In addition, movies such as "You Are My Spring" and "Friends of the Week" have also been temporarily withdrawn.

▲Pictures from: "Life Events" official micro, "You are my spring" official micro

Compared with the film list of the same period in 2021, in the box office ranking of the Qingming file this year, the latter few are actually those films in the Spring Festival file, and there are not a few new film lists, which naturally does not inspire people to watch movies. What's more, people seem to be more and more "don't like watching movies".

Watching movies used to be a must for many people's entertainment activities. However, in recent years, people's entertainment methods have also changed. Room escape, script killing, and various board games seem to be more favored by young people. Under the influence of the epidemic, many people have become more accustomed to staying at home and yearning for outdoor activities.

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Of course, these are more like "excuses" for people not wanting to go to the theater. There is actually a very important reason behind it – there is no movie you want to watch. In recent years, it may be due to the impact of the epidemic, or there may be other reasons, not only domestic, but the global film market seems to be "underpowered."

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Looking at the film lists of the same period last year and this year, the performance of the imported films was very average. Except for the classic IP Elf Hotel, which is a family fun, "The New Batman" and "Uncharted" are not even better than the "Avatar" that began to be re-screened at about the same time last year.

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"The New Batman" with mixed reviews, "Uncharted" with a Douban score of only 6.3, "Moonfall" with an outdated plot… If the movie itself is not good enough, why should people waste time and money watching movies.

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However, in addition to some "weak" imported films, domestic films give people some hope. The "Edge Walker", which has not been officially released, has achieved quite gratifying results in the screening, and may be a dark horse in the film market in the recent period.

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There are also previews and word-of-mouth reviews of "Life Events", which have attracted many people. Although a new release plan has not yet been determined, it will definitely have good results after its release.

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What kind of results the films that have not yet been released are all predictions. This year's Qingming box office has become a reality. The film market has actually been gradually "cooling down" in recent years. I hope that the next schedule will not continue to be "cold".

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