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  • Microsoft made a set of "low-tech" gadgets, and the computer was immediately easier to use
  • Did this city decide to dim the lights just to see the stars again?
  • South Korean company builds prototype for cultivating "shrimp"
  • Recycled materials to create a sense of luxury? The Bulgari store in Shanghai did it
  • Turnstile Tours: If travel is to be meaningful, then the guide should also consider this issue

Microsoft made a set of "low-tech" gadgets, and the computer was immediately easier to use

 ‍♂️ Tech products can be more friendly

Do you put stickers on your laptop? why?

This year, Microsoft also made a set of "stickers", which are part of the Microsoft Surface Adaptive Kit.

For visually impaired users, even if they are familiar with the keyboard, it may still be a little laborious to touch certain keys. Especially as computers are getting thinner and lighter, and tactile prompts are becoming fewer and fewer today.

Once, Bryce Johnson, a sustainability researcher at Microsoft, saw a user post a small raised dot on the "F7" button.

I asked her why she didn't put the prompt on F8, just like a traditional keyboard.

She said that F7 is a shortcut key for spell checking.

Before that, Johnson had pushed the Surface Laptop 3 to add tactile prompts on the keyboard F4 and F8 keys. The scene before him made him know that he had ignored the user's customization needs.

This is why now Microsoft will make a set of stickers with different touches-you can use them on buttons, keycaps, interfaces, or wherever you feel you need it, even on your headset (who says you must Put it on the computer, right?).

In addition to stickers, the Adaptive Kit also comes with two opener brackets-users with limited limbs can use the opener to help open the computer.

Regarding this set of "low-tech" accessories, Johnson said:

I think when you work in the field of accessibility—especially in the technology industry—the simple, pragmatic solutions are often ignored by large technology companies.

We are trying to make the hardware ecology richer and more adaptable, so that you can find the right solution for you.

Did this city decide to dim the lights just to see the stars again?

 Another possibility of city life

Light pollution prevents us from seeing the stars.

As a result, we have lost contact with the sky, and also lost contact with others, because it is the same sky that connects all of us.

Diane Turnshek, who teaches astronomy at Carnegie Mellon University, shared on a TED Talk.

Now she is helping Pittsburgh "resee the stars".

This year, Pittsburgh announced that it will become a "dark sky city" from 2022 to reduce urban light pollution.

▲ On August 1, the astronauts of the International Space Station took pictures of Pittsburgh as a reference for the improvement of light pollution

Specifically, Pittsburgh will invest 16 million U.S. dollars to replace 40,000 urban facilities with lower-wattage LED street lights to reduce blue light. In addition, the lights will also be shielded to ensure that the light source is only projected to its target location.

▲ More gathered and efficient public lighting

Is all this just for the stars? Of course not.

Pittsburgh expects that after this replacement, the city is expected to save $1 million in energy costs.

At the same time, the adjustment of the light is also helpful to reduce the impact of light pollution on the biological clock and other mental states of the residents, and it is also more friendly to the animals living in the city.

I know that when you see this news, you may wonder, will darker cities reduce the level of safety?

Turnshek pointed out that according to a 2015 survey, the reduction of street lights in the United Kingdom and Wales did not increase the accident or crime rate.

More importantly, the concept of "dark sky city" advocated by the International Dark Sky Association emphasizes the use of lights with a lower color temperature (which is what we usually call "warm colors") to shine where they should be, and more concentrated. , To reduce the impact on the environment, not without lighting.

This kind of more "restrained" lighting can also reduce the adverse effects of street lights on the citizens, such as glare.

Outside Pittsburgh, there are also areas that try to "dark down" on a smaller scale.

Turnshek said that some schools have experimented with turning off the lights from midnight to six in the morning during the migratory bird migration season to reduce the impact on migratory birds. Later, the school found that this could save a lot of electricity bills, and finally decided to do so throughout the year.

If you are willing to switch to low-wattage and low-color temperature lamps, it will be better for the environment. That's better for people's health and the starry sky.

South Korean company builds prototype for cultivating "shrimp"

 Future Food Adventure

The Korean company CellMEAT claims to have created the world's first laboratory-grown "shrimp" prototype. The finished product comes in many different sizes and shapes, and the brand believes that this allows the product to be used in a wide range of cooking scenarios to meet different needs.

The creation of this shrimp meat is mainly based on CellMEAT's patented tissue structure engineering, which claims to be reconfigurable and realistic meat quality, and the ingredients only use edible natural ingredients without additives.

Now, CellMEAT is working hard to optimize the production process and reduce the cost of mass production. At present, the company's five-person research team can produce five kilograms of "shrimp meat" a day.

In addition, the success of prototyping also symbolizes that CellMEAT will start experimenting with prototyping of other seafood types, including lobster and king crab.

Recycled materials to create a sense of luxury? The Bulgari store in Shanghai did it

 Unlock new possibilities for materials

To echo the concept of circular design, Bulgari's flagship store in China invited architectural design studio MVRDV to create an impressive store facade with recycled champagne glass bottles.

These recycled glass materials have undergone special high-temperature melting and compression processes, and without any additional colorants, present a jade-like texture and layering.

In addition, the backlight is also delicately handled to reduce energy consumption, using half of the electricity compared to devices of similar size.

This design presents the potential of recycling materials. As long as the appropriate technology is selected for the material, the artistry and functionality of recycled materials are still full of new possibilities.

Turnstile Tours: If travel is to be meaningful, then the guide should also consider this issue

Turnstile Tours is a New York local travel company. Their customers are not only tourists from all over the world, but also all local residents who are interested in the urban landscape.

Turnstile’s mission is to enhance the public’s understanding of the place, through a lot of research, tolerance and interesting experience, to create connections and understanding for people from different cultural backgrounds, to inspire and reflect the culture of community participation.

Unsurprisingly, most of Turnstile's projects are very local, such as Brooklyn Naval Shipyard, Brooklyn Army Pier, Prospect Park, Brooklyn Puerto Rico Avenue and Moore Street Public Market, Manhattan street food trucks and custom tours.

Taking Prospect Park as an example, the journey will take visitors to the park itself to experience the natural scenery of the park intuitively, and will introduce the development of architectural styles and the promotion of environmental protection projects in the park. The project itself also cooperates with the Park Conservation Alliance.

All employees of the company need to participate in project research, field inspections, and file building to ensure that the travel experience continues to develop, thoughtful and full of fun.

In addition, 5% of project proceeds will be used to support specific non-profit organizations to support community development.

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