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"In December, you must decide what our team is going to do." When Datou He said this to Liu Owen, who was full of distress, this issue of ifanrTallk had already been decided.

Ask everyone how the team was built and give me some inspiration.

Team building has always been a big problem for all companies. Rich like Alibaba and Tencent, they will take their employees to romantic Turkey. When there is no epidemic, they will go out to play together. Air tickets and accommodations are free. Childlike romance like Google will cover the Great America Theme Park in the Bay Area. All projects are free and drinks are free. Drink; lively and healthy like LinkedIn, team building will go skiing in the People's Back Garden of the Bay Area, and sports are the best.

It is said that every working party cannot escape a team building. Some people have faced overtime-style team building. Some people say that team building is just taking the company's money to find their own sins. But "team building" is not a derogatory term. In addition to certain torturing team building, there are also many team building that is interesting and fun and can indeed increase team cohesion.

We chatted with our friends and found a lot of young people’s team building minefields, and of course, we also discovered a lot of interesting team building forms.

What is your most impressive team building experience?

Former video blogger editor Black:

I went to Phuket for team building and turned into a business trip with my boss, which is the most impressive.

The boss suddenly felt that it was not easy to go abroad during the team building process. He could shoot a few episodes of the program, and then start the division of labor for colleagues, four directors and one person responsible for the video content for a day. The colleagues originally had a relaxed mood with team building, but when the program recording started, they didn't all circle around the boss. At the beginning, the boss agreed that we would eat together next to us after we started recording, plus the boss’s video recording was basically just one person, so we would eat and play next to us. As a result, the boss later felt that we weren't serious about our "work", and made a black face and lost our temper.

During the five-day team building, other colleagues and I only took a rest for the last half day, which was deeply impressed.

Hitman Zhu Hai:

The most impressive thing is that the leader took it to the party hall. There were KTV/billiards/arcades/tables, ordering takeaway crayfish and duck necks, etc. After eating and playing games, I found a long-legged banana monkey doll and threw it away. On the ground, what is the posture of the dolls on the ground? Everyone has to pose on the ground. There is a girl who is still wearing a skirt…

This is not fun, and I am quite disgusted. It is like a game played by kindergarten teachers and large class children in the natural phonics class.

Internet companies work a lot of overtime, and many employees' social time is basically compressed. Social compensation with colleagues can be regarded as social compensation, but they don’t like low intelligence team building. It is unhealthy that a leader is that parents are teachers, employees are children and students. state.

▲ Similar long-legged banana monkey doll

Ai Faner reader WeiYang:

I have a friend in Dachang, and their company went to a deserted island in Hainan to survive. Flying from Beijing to Hainan, because of the epidemic prevention and control, some people who landed had to be quarantined and could not go to the island on the same day. As a result, they had to book a room by themselves because all the company members went to the deserted island to survive.

Fried rice with former Tencent Pictures intern:

For the first time in my life, I worked overtime all night. I didn't expect it to be during the team building.

I was doing an internship at a film and television company under a major factory, and I didn’t remember the location of the team building. It was probably in a luxury hotel. We needed to shoot a micro-film with a theme in groups and show it at the conference the next morning.

Our group's film is called "A Dream of Sleeping in a Movie in Ten Years", which is also the autobiography of Ang Lee. I can't remember the content of the film. I only remember that I really didn't sleep at all and cut the film all night.

At that time, there were no complaints, and I even thought it was a good opportunity to perform well in front of the bosses. After all, the president of the company would also see this film.

But if I were to participate in such a team building again now, I would really raise the table.

Xiao Huang, who just resigned from a technology company:

Before the team building was done by a professional team building company, the other party did not know who the boss was or who the interns were. We were asked to play games in a circle with our colleagues. The new interns were called to direct the CEO to do the actions. The interns were afraid and were criticized by the team building company for not having a breakthrough spirit.

The team building is Friday and Saturday, starting at 8 in the morning, and we will get it at 7:30.

Everyone in the car wants to introduce themselves. I, a 3-year-old employee, went to introduce my name.

A colleague did not go to work in the company, and it seemed that he did not tell the leader that he was absent from work that day.

▲ Xiaohuang’s former team building favorite icebreaker game

What is your favorite way of team building? If you come to plan, what kind of team building will you plan?

Huang Yufan, founder of Xiaoji Dictionary:

Our team generally prefers indoors, such as board games, hot pot, singing, etc., which are more common, but before each event, we will ask everyone if there is anything they want to play in the near future, and then we will choose the one that everyone most wants to do. Thing. On the National Day, everyone wanted to see the stars, so we rented a homestay. Although it was not considered because of the rain, the overall fun was still very enjoyable.

Indoors are mainly because some young ladies are afraid of getting sun-dried. Outdoor sports people have different physical strengths and it is more difficult to synchronize. Some students do not support long-term exercise. The summer is hot and the winter is cold, making it more comfortable indoors.

Former video blogger editor Black:

Form a decent tour group building, such as Phuket Island. If there is no work, everyone should act together and choose projects that can interact and play together. The point is that colleagues can at least become easy-going friends during this time.

▲ Black: Phuket, just play

Hitman Zhu Hai:

Traveling to places across provinces, in addition to showing up and speaking, the leader plays his own role, and the employees are free to move around within a limited range. The company pays and manages the risks. Group activities are interesting, and the rest of the time is for employees to relax.

Xiao Huang, who just resigned from a technology company:

It is enough to send out money, or eat a meal. I have many experience in team building, which gives me the impression that team building itself will not produce good results. If you have to do team building, I will eat a meal. Meal is always something to eat. But it is not necessary to go to the outdoor team building when it rains.

Do you think team building needs to be integrated with the company's business? For example, in what field do you choose the corresponding industry for team building?

Huang Yufan, founder of Xiaoji Dictionary:

We will try our best to avoid business. At most, when we are chatting, we will mention a few ideas when we have a whim, but the main thing is to relax and play and try not to involve business.

▲ Entries written by users spontaneously for team building in Xiaoji Dictionary

Former video blogger editor Black:

I don't think it is necessary. They are dedicated to work. Everyone is a worker, and they are already caring about the company's business. If you need business improvement, you can set up some things specifically, but let alone team building.

Hitman Zhu Hai:

The purpose of team building is to enhance cohesion and centripetal force. Employees can't let go of unhappy, but it will weaken cohesion and centripetal force. There is no ridicule, the turnover rate of employees increases every time the team is built. Even if it is related to the industry, a margin of 5% is enough. If the leader wants to ask, everyone will cooperate.

Fried rice with former Tencent Pictures intern:

From a manager’s point of view, of course, I hope that team building can improve team cohesion and better carry out normal work. For ordinary employees, it is best to play, eat, and completely separate from work. This is also the reason why team building is often unthankful on both sides.

Not too interesting, not too optimistic.

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