In order to grab a bottle of Moutai for Chinese New Year dinner, I took out a fascia gun that was useless for more than a year

Wine is an indispensable element on the Spring Festival dinner table. To ask which wine is the most eye-catching in recent years, it is of course Moutai.

In order to stop the "concerned greetings" on the dinner table of the seven aunts and eight aunts, I had already prepared a bottle of 53° Flying Moutai. I could think of what the elders would say. "Isn't it cheap to buy now?! Can I still buy it now?! Could it be fake?!"

Male elders may pick up wine bottles one by one and check carefully to confirm the authenticity. If it is confirmed to be true, they are likely to ask me how I bought the wine. When the time comes, I will smile faintly, and hide my merits and fame deeply: "Snatched on the Internet, no price increase, 1499 won."

The elders gave their thumbs up and praised them vigorously. I didn't know that my fingers were hurt for this bottle of Moutai.

You have to have a way to grab Moutai

Before rushing to buy Moutai, I didn’t think so much. It’s nothing more than a bottle of liquor. The Internet says it’s difficult to grab. It should be that the target group of Moutai is not familiar with the Internet gameplay. It’s hard to stop me, who has been in the Internet circle for many years. "Old You Tiao", even if it is difficult to grab, can Moutai's official online shopping channel still be out of stock?

In less than 5 minutes, I found that I was too naive. No matter it is Taobao, Tmall, JD, Pinduoduo and other online shopping platforms, there are no official stores operated by Moutai, and Moutai disbanded its own e-commerce company as early as the end of 2019. .

▲ These are not Moutai self-operated, they are platform self-operated or third-party stores

With a brainstorm, I opened the official website of Moutai and was delighted to see the four characters "Moutai Mall". After a few seconds, I clicked in and found that this mall was originally a supply and marketing system, and ordinary users had no channels for registration.

▲ Moutai Mall is not an e-commerce platform. Picture from: Moutai official website

In order to grab Moutai, I took out a fascia gun that was useless for more than a year

Second, I set my sights on the supply of self-operated platforms. This is the second naive mistake I made-whether there are goods in the platform’s self-operated stores, but I want to buy them at the original price, which is not so easy to grab of.

▲ The modernly produced liquor has also been auctioned, but if you have money, you can do whatever you want, so you can directly win 2799 yuan

Jingdong, Suning, Gome, Netease Yanxuan, Xiaomi Youpin, Yonghui Supermarket, etc. have set certain conditions, such as the need to purchase members, the total amount of shopping in the previous period of time, etc., I am not satisfied, and I can only choose to buy without threshold Tmall Supermarket.

However, I didn't grab it for 3 days and refreshed my shopping failure record.

In order to improve hand speed, I found out the fascia gun I used for fitness in 2019. After using it a few times, I kept it at home to accumulate dust. It was time to let it use the residual heat.

I used the fascia gun and I failed to buy it, and my fingers still hurt a bit. The pain was particularly obvious when I coded the next morning.

I posted my experience to the WeChat group Tucao, and my colleague sent me several links to rush to buy Moutai, which opened my eyes. It turned out that robbing Moutai has long become a collection of psychology, software development, marketing, user operations and intelligence. As a whole integrated knowledge .

Using a fascia gun is simply too pediatric. Some people have already used a plug-in.

If you want to grab Moutai, you also need to understand the user operation strategy. A Changsheng general who snapped up Moutai said: "If you show hot activity every time you snap up, your account is abnormal, and the snapped up fails, it means that you are restricted from snapping up and you should look for it. Some methods of cracking restrictions on buying.”

Using snap-up scripts is a cracking method. Some developers put their own snap-up scripts on GitHub. Approximately 80,000 people downloaded the scripts. It was so popular that the developer directly removed the script code considering the risks.

▲ The code package for snapping up Moutai has been removed. Image from: GitHub

Moutai fever

Moutai, a non-basic daily consumer product that is closer to real life, has spread from offline to online, and it is now perfectly integrated with Internet gameplay, which is quite a postmodern absurd taste.

Before that, Moutai has refreshed people's cognition time and time again.

In August 2019, the Costco supermarket chain opened in Shanghai. It was not the Costco brand itself that kept the people in a long queue. It was the 1498 Yuan Flying Moutai. Some families "five the whole family together" and 6 people grabbed it. To 12 bottles of Feitian Moutai.

▲ The most handsome in the audience, do not accept rebuttal

Behind this enthusiasm, the official shadow can be seen.

In October 2019, Guizhou issued the "2019 Colorful Guizhou Winter Tourism Marketing Promotion Preferential Policy". Foreign tourists fly from designated cities to Guiyang Airport, check in designated hotels, visit designated scenic spots, and visit Guizhou high-speed railway stations and expressways. You can buy Feitian Moutai at a price of 1499 yuan, but you may not be able to grab it when you go to Guizhou, but there are still many people "killing" in Guizhou.

Why is Moutai hot?

Make money.

The original price was 1,499 yuan a bottle, and each bottle reselled for 2,488 yuan. Some families made a net profit of 12,000 a day on the opening day of the Costco supermarket chain, which was higher than the monthly salary of many workers. Some people went to Guizhou several times and made nearly 20,000 yuan in a month.

Not long ago, the state strengthened its control over the price of offline Moutai. Some merchants began to sell water and drinks to Moutai, a bottle of Nongfu Spring or a bottle of Wahaha for "only" 2,800 yuan, and a bottle of Feitian Moutai as a gift. In this matter, no one thinks that buying caskets and returning beads is a derogatory term.

▲ Warm reminder, selling Wahaha at a high price is also against the regulations of the Price Bureau

This absurdity has been magnified to the extreme by the Internet. Feitian Moutai is indeed sold at the original price online, but it must either be bought with luck, or need to buy members, or buy some other things to increase consumption. Invisible thresholds still exist, and the most important thing is You may not get it if you pay the price .

A friend said: "There will never be a Feitian Moutai at the original price. The supply of goods at the auction price of 2,700 yuan is sufficient. It is really "good intentions" for the merchants to let ordinary people participate in an auction."

It's not just the price

I am a person who doesn't care much about wine. After I was forced to join the Maotai robbing army this time, I had a preliminary understanding of Maotai's "crazy".

Unknowingly, the total market value of Moutai has become China's third city, realizing the dream of many cities "fighting Shenzhen and kicking Guangzhou." Of course, this comparison is just a ridicule and not scientific.

▲ Picture from: Golden Ten Data

When the A-share market is full of green, Moutai is one of the few stocks that have gone viral. There is a paragraph that says, “ Representing the future of China’s technology, what Ali, what Tencent, all stand aside, only Luzhou-flavored technology and sauce Technology ."

The Baijiu Fund is soaring in 2020, and the China Merchants China Securities Baijiu Index has risen by more than 160%, which is even more profitable than buying a house in Shenzhen in 2020 .

Now, who is this hot?

At the Boao Forum in Hainan in 2019, Li Baofang, Chairman and General Manager of Moutai Distillery (Group) Co., Ltd., explained the reasons for the continued increase in the value of Moutai: "Moutai is a scarce resource now and in the future. It will be completed by the end of this year (2019). The expansion of the production capacity of 6,600 tons of Moutai, but the annual output is only enough for 60 million families to drink once on New Year's Eve…According to estimates, the final annual output of Moutai will be 56,000 tons, and the maximum annual output will be less than 100 million bottles in the future."

"Only enough" for 60 million families, "less than" 100 million bottles, I thought about it, maybe because I have not participated in the "Beijing acquaintance liquor bureau with less than 10 people", I can not stand in a high-level view of "only enough" "" and "Less than."

Wine is a lubricant of happiness, not a necessity of life

At the reunion dinner table, the bottle of "Wahaha" worth 2799 yuan was drunk without a drop. Everyone also put aside the strangeness that they hadn't seen for a long time before the dinner, and regained the intimacy of the past.

▲ Picture from: Baidu Baike

It’s a little airy that I announced the true price of this bottle of wine. I spent 2,800 yuan to buy this bottle of Feitian Moutai at the original price of 1,499 yuan. , But there is no need to spend so much money. A family reunion is enough. As long as the family is healthy and healthy, drinking boiled water is also a happiness for the family."

After 2020, we know that happiness is hard to come by. In the past year, some people were unemployed, some were hospitalized, and some even left the world. But I always believe that we will be able to sweep the haze. This kind of courage does not need to be used. Liquor, with its own efforts, can start the bullish 2021!

Third-rate plan planner, second-rate mirror host, first-rate prodigal swingman

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