In order to fight a lot of wool, the scalper gave me 90 yuan and asked me to buy a mobile phone for him

Double 11 this year came earlier than usual.

Just after October, the "finalists" released their long-suppressed shopping desires in a few hours. Different users choose different platforms. They all believe that what they buy is cheap, and what they grab is to make money.

Unlike the people who seize the opportunity to buy and buy, there is a group of people who are also busy working on Double Eleven. But they are not 996 e-commerce companies that work overtime until late at night, but they seize the opportunity to see if there are any discounts on the platform when they have big discounts.

Moments request to buy a mobile phone, commission 80

The "wool party" never only appeared during the event. Even when there is no big promotion, they are also active on various e-commerce platforms. Refresh and check the loopholes on the app, get discount information through group chat, and then come out "wool". It's just that this method of obtaining discounts is mostly aimed at the store's operational errors and platform loopholes, so it occasionally faces moral disputes.

However, the "Wool Party" also have their own methodology. In their opinion, they are all small wool, so they can buy some daily necessities at a discount. Some businesses are also eager for them to come and increase the amount of active interaction in the store.

When faced with the wool of large companies and platforms, they will try their best to learn more. In their view, this is a time when "beating workers" face capitalists rarely get benefits, so when faced with airline bug tickets (cabbage prices) or discounts on large platforms, the "wool party" usually tries its best to take more money. Cheap.

When all e-commerce platform apps are eyeing new users and choosing to attract traffic at low prices, there are also "wool parties" eyeing the platform and choosing to use traffic to "whole wool".

X is a movie ticket purchasing agent for my circle of friends. I have bought several movie tickets for chain studios from him, all of which are cheaper than those on ordinary ticketing websites. After that, X stayed in my WeChat Moments for a long time, occasionally posting advertisements for purchasing movie tickets at low prices, but the frequency was also very low. Until one day, I discovered that X had developed a new business and asked someone to help buy a mobile phone.

As a movie ticket "scalper", I initially thought X's new business was to sell mobile phones on behalf of others, but he did spend money to ask someone to help buy mobile phones. His propaganda copy is "Crowd Tactics. You can make money when you place an order and ship it. A commission is 80. Make money by placing orders for shipping packages." As long as you buy a mobile phone in Pinduoduo and ship it, the commission of dozens of yuan will be yours.

At present, X has posted 11 similar advertisements in Moments, and the categories mentioned include multiple models of mobile phones. To facilitate comparison, I made a table to sort out the spreads and commissions of different platforms.

▲ The price of Pinduoduo on this watch shows the lowest price for the scalper's circle of friends, and the price has risen when searching. Jingdong and Taobao only compare the prices of the top ten products in the search results. The products may temporarily maintain high prices due to the Double Eleven promotion. This is an influencing factor

From the comparison of the table, the purchase of popular mobile phones from Pinduoduo's tens of billions of subsidies is a stable business for the scalpers. Even if the commission paid by the user is deducted, the scalper still has a profit margin of 200-400. If it is a large-scale operation, it will not only shed the wool of the platform, but also make the platform itself want to use low-cost traffic loss, which is not a big loss to the platform.

It’s just such a lucrative business. Is it necessary to distribute it to others and let others buy it?

▲ Solicit a circle of friends who buy mobile phones on their behalf

Ordinary users are cut down, they say Pinduoduo deceives others

In the first year of Pinduoduo's tens of billions of subsidies, consumers were dizzy by not playing cards according to routines. Someone even asked about the low price of the iPhone, "Will Cook buy from Pinduoduo?"

Of course, Cook will not buy from Pinduoduo, and there is no need to smash the signs. Another reason is that Cook cannot buy from Pinduoduo because Pinduoduo will cut orders.

In the message area of ​​every Pinduoduo article, there will be a few readers who say that Pinduoduo rubbish because they bought tens of billions of subsidized goods but did not ship them. They think this is a scam.

There are not many such people, and there is only one reason why they are cut down. Pinduoduo thinks they are scalpers, not ordinary customers.

▲ Ai Faner readers' message area complains

Mr. Yu from Kunming was the one who was slashed. His first purchase on Pinduoduo was an iPhone with tens of billions of subsidies, but he didn’t get really good because he was slashed. The saddest thing in this world is that the phone case you bought in Pinduoduo has arrived, but the phone has been cut off. Mr. Yu chose to place the order again, but this time, he still failed to buy the low-cost iPhone he wanted.

There are reports on the streets and alleys (Kunming local news program). I am not alone. Many people can't buy it. If you pay, you will get a refund. This is a fake, and Pinduoduo is a lie.

After asking the juniors at home, Pinduoduo's customer service said that the order was "risk-controlled". The system feels that this order is not very similar to the order of ordinary users, so it chooses not to ship the goods to avoid being socked. In the end, this mobile phone was bought by a junior at home for Mr. Yu, and a different recipient and recipient number must be written, otherwise the platform would cut the order.

▲ The mobile phone purchased by the platform has been ordered twice, but the mobile phone case has been shipped

Another Mr. Shen, who suffered a cut order, suffered a cut order when he bought a Redmi phone for his family and bought milk powder for a friend. Mr. Shen’s friend has a Pinduoduo store, and he usually helps his friend’s store to check orders to increase the weight, but this behavior seems to have affected his normal shopping.

Now my account can only be used to swipe orders. Normally buying tens of billions of subsidies (commodities) will be cut off by the platform.

When buying multiple products from the same store, the user's behavior is not like ordinary consumers; the redmi phone bought is sent home, and the different address and recipient phone number do not match the previous user's behavior; the address where the milk powder bought for a friend is sent to, If the recipient and the phone are duplicated, Pinduoduo will be judged as a cut order.

▲ The phone is automatically returned by the system

Whether it is Mr. Shen or Mr. Yu, they are all people who were accidentally injured by the platform to some extent. And people like Moments who ask people to help buy mobile phones on their behalf, they are people who use platform rules to avoid risk control.

Relying on trust to maintain the benefits of wool, you can earn more by betting more

A user who organizes people around the wool also accepted our interview. He claims to be a "little netizen lurking in the dark," and it hasn't been long since he started doing this business. Their business is actually very easy to understand. They use crowds of tactics to rush into products with large price differences. In this way, even if you include commissions and price reductions without platform guarantees, you can still make a lot of money.

The "little netizen lurking in the night" first came into contact with this business from a friend. His own generalization of this business model is "Crowd Tactics! The whole family is out! Charge!"

Business opportunities are everywhere, and if there is profit, there will be business opportunities. In addition to the mobile phones in the circle of friends, there are also Apple's I have not sent out yet.

The reason for using the crowded tactics is that "little netizens lurking in the dark" and his friends will also be cut off. So in order to ensure that more phones can be obtained from Pinduoduo, they will ask for as many ordinary as possible Users participate in this action, this is their "popular tactics."

"Little netizens lurking in the dark" themselves have a core wool group, which is full of his friends, relatives, classmates, and colleagues. If there are similar money-making projects, he will send messages to the group. There is more than that. Pinduoduo’s tens of billions of subsidized products, as well as many shoes that need to be bought by lottery, gold coins bought by lottery, stamps, tickets, Moutai, phone bills, movie tickets, etc. are all within their focus.

▲ The scope of business is not limited to Pinduoduo

"Little netizens lurking in the dark" said that he did this: "I make money by myself, and others also make money." Every time a commission like a proxy purchase is set by his friend, he helps find a new person to buy a mobile phone. Can benefit.

When someone intends to buy a mobile phone on their behalf, they will tell the other party the rules they have summarized, and help the other party to better deceive the risk control system. In this way, as long as the phone is shipped normally, people on each layer can squeeze a lot of wool from Pinduoduo. At the same time, their model has no cost. Because most of them will ask the other party to pay in advance, they will return the principal and commission after receiving the mobile phone, and this model has not gone wrong today.

There has never been a runaway thing, very stable docking. In some cases, I will advance funds. If I advance funds, the commission is low. This is a very stable wool. There is no need to run away (for) thousands of dollars, and trust is also necessary.

They also summarized a set of methods to avoid cutting orders, claiming that there is an 80% chance of shipping. The first is that the delivery address and the recipient’s mobile phone number must not be the same. The person who placed the order has not bought similar products (especially similar digital products) recently. It is best to place an order using data flow instead of directly entering the app to pay. You must go shopping first. Finally choose to pay.

By simulating normal user behavior, the wool party like "little netizens lurking in the dark" can squeeze their wool from Pinduoduo.

Grow wool, grab traffic, an infinite war that will never end

For Pinduoduo, spending money to grab the market, I definitely hope that every subsidy given can attract valuable customers; for ordinary customers, they consume normally, and Pinduoduo shouts the slogan without letting people. Buying makes people feel very dishonest; and for the wool party, they rely on Pinduoduo's tens of billions of subsidies to profit, hoping that Pinduoduo will continue to subsidize them without preventing them from scalping their wool.

The platform wants traffic, and those who stock up want to take advantage of the information gap to scavenge wool. In the end, only ordinary consumers who have been cut down and customers who bought tens of billions of subsidized goods will be injured.

Although the "little netizens lurking in the dark" feel that they are just gathering wool, in the eyes of the platform, what they do is squeezing the ball, and can even be defined as gray production. Therefore, Pinduoduo will also try its best to reduce the living space of gray production through the risk control process. The negative effect of this is the "false killing" of some high-quality customers.

But this "wrong killing" is basically within the consideration of the platform. An Internet risk control practitioner once said in an interview: " Risk control has false injury indicators. If the strategy is online, it means that the false injury is low enough. In the end, it is the leader's decision."

In this process, the shops and the wool party within the scope of the attack do not want to be "injured." They also have their own way.

In order to more accurately fight against the platform's risk control rules, Uma Chamber of Commerce will recruit former employees from the risk control department as technical consultants . With more reliable technical support, this code vendor can achieve a new store mortality rate of 0.3%, which is far lower than the normal risk control dead store rate. Although this risk control process is aimed at B-end merchants, the platform's actions to combat gray production with the risk control process are continuous and consistent.

Pinduoduo changes its risk control rules approximately every 3 months. But human beings full of wisdom can always work out solutions.

The platform combats gray production and gray production confronts risk control. This is basically a war that will never end.

Not too interesting, not too optimistic.

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