In order to build more toilets, toilet paper brands began to sell coffee

"We heard from some of the most reliable sources that coffee will help you relax."

For this reason, the Australian sustainable toilet paper brand Who Gives a Crap recently launched its own coffee . Who Gives a Crap means "who is talking nonsense", but they are serious about selling coffee.

Who Gives a Crap originated from a crowdfunding campaign launched in July 2012. The brand promised to donate 50% of its profits to toilets and other sanitation facilities in developing countries. According to brand statistics, there are still 2 billion people in the world who cannot enjoy the freedom of when, where and how to go to the toilet.

The more people go to the toilet, the more Who Gives a Crap can donate. So every time you use the toilet, consumers are part of the positive impact. Coffee is also added this time.

The coffee is called Blend No. 2, and it is said to have the taste of "juicy ripe apples and dark chocolate." It can be whole or ground, packed in compostable packaging, and transported in a carbon-neutral way. 500 grams of Blend No. 2 coffee beans or coffee powder is priced at $29, and a roll of "extremely soft" 100% bamboo toilet paper is included.

"This way you can do better every morning (maybe even in the afternoon)." The brand said on the official website.

The inspiration for the coffee launch came from a joke on April Fools’ Day a few years ago, which is in line with the philosophy of this toilet paper brand:

toilet humor and making the world a better place.

In other words, they are based on the background of unreliable nature, "toilet humor" has always appeared in their words and deeds, and the brand has a demeanor of performance art at the beginning of its establishment.

▲ Team members.

The founding team came from Melbourne, New York and other places, with a profession of engineers and product designers. Crowdfunding requires US$50,000. In the crowdfunding video , founder Simon Griffiths announced that he will not leave the toilet until the crowdfunding number is reached. The audience can watch the live broadcast on the official website. In the end, he insisted on sitting on the toilet for 50 hours, and Who Gives A Crap reached the crowdfunding goal. Fortunately, this toilet is placed in a "well-ventilated warehouse."

▲ Screenshot from: crowdfunding video

Before the crowdfunding, the team prepared for the development of toilet paper for two years, and finally launched the "Eco-Friendly Recycled" toilet paper. This toilet paper is made of 100% recycled paper, which is biodegradable, helping to reduce carbon dioxide and particulate emissions and save water. The sources of recycled paper include post-consumer waste paper and a small amount of industrial waste paper. The team promises not to sacrifice comfort for environmental protection, it does not contain harmful chemical ingredients, the price is not higher than other toilet paper, and it is "soft and strong like a unicorn's mane."

▲ Toilet paper that is friendly to the world, people, and buttocks.

Who Gives A Crap delivered its first product in March 2013 and has been growing since then. Their philosophy and humor are recognized by more and more consumers.

▲ Some products of Who Gives A Crap.

Who Gives A Crap also has an interesting blog with a lot of "tasteful" posts, such as helping people choose the perfect playlist in different toilet conditions, and listen to Hans Zimmer when you’re constipated, and you’re caught off guard. Listening to the soundtrack of the popular show "I May Destroy You" all the time is a pun, "Don't scroll through your favorite songs on Spotify, let us do the dirty work for you."

Of course, they are also using this blog about how important science toilets and water resources are . Toilets are actually one of the most useful tools for keeping waterways clean. Without them, waste will enter local rivers and return to people’s food. As a result, sick people occupy half of the hospital beds in developing countries.

This brand that helps build toilets believes that they are "saving the world from the bottom up":

Imagine what your life would be like without a toilet. Toilets are not just for saving lives and improving economic conditions-they are about basic dignity and we believe that everyone on the planet should use it. This is why we are passionate about what we do. It is more than just toilet paper.

When everyone is healthy, children can complete their studies, and adults can create more prosperous businesses. In fact, every dollar invested in water and sanitation facilities generates an average return of $6.80. A team of Who Gives A Crap alone cannot build toilets, so the team cooperates with partners in Ethiopia, Kenya and other places and international organizations to provide water and sanitation facilities for places where clean water is most needed, and to impart hygiene knowledge to local communities.

▲ The Who Gives A Crap team is very proud of their toilets in Cambodia.

But as an ordinary consumer, participating in it couldn't be easier-just pick up a roll of toilet paper. The more you wipe, the more toilets Who Gives A Crap can help build.

Since its establishment in 2012, the brand has donated US$10 million to health charities around the world. This year, the brand also received multi-million dollar support from technology billionaire Mike Cannon-Brookes and global law firm Herbert Smith Freehills. The mission of Who Gives a Crap is to ensure that everyone has access to clean water and toilets during their lifetime.

▲ The title picture and the picture in the text are from: Who Gives A Crap official website

Grapes are not the only fruit.

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