In-depth interpretation of Jay Chou’s new album, is it difficult to listen to?

Chopin played the nocturne again, who was playing the song "Frosty as Frost" on QQ Music.

Jay Chou's new album debuted ahead of schedule last night and has sold more than 4 million copies, making it the first digital album in mainland China with sales exceeding 100 million.

I don't know if the person who wrote the song is satisfied, but the person who listens to the song has a mixed mood. Some people are looking forward to Jay Chou's style in memory, while others are angrily accusing Jay Chou of plagiarizing Jay Chou.

After the release of the MV for "The Greatest Work" last week, Jay Chou has been considered too arrogant by many people, which is an interesting thing.

Twenty-two years ago, a fledgling singer, a self-proclaimed perfectionist, sang his name as a lyric for more than 20 seconds, and people found it cute and funny.

Twenty-two years later, a music king who won all the awards and left behind a lot of classics, sang the phrase "the madness of the generation / the king of music", and was criticized.

What kind of Jay Chou are people expecting?

Is Jay Chou still that Jay Chou?

And the torture that gets mentioned every time: Is Jay Chou exhausted?

"Fang Zhou Fit" Chinese style is still the same, but Jay Chou can't go back

Since Jay Chou's album was released last night, I have listened to the five new songs no less than 50 times. This time, except for "Still Wandering", no new MV has been released yet. You can also listen to it with your ears, just like going back to the era of MP3.

The song "Frosty Face" brings back the long-lost Chinese style of Jay Chou and Fang Wenshan. This style of music combines R&B and Peking Opera singing. You can vaguely see the arrangement creativity of erhu and rap rock in "Nunchuck". .

Fang Wenshan gave the best words to Jay Chou, one sentence is very safe and do not read / You said that it is too difficult to write, Hongyan had to turn her thoughts into frost and condense the past.

A picture of lovers who are far away and nobody cares about them slowly unfolds.

Ink painting-like "Blue and White Porcelain", "Dongfeng Breaking" with the faint sound of the violin, "Hair Like Snow" with a poignant parting, "Fireworks Easy to Cold" in Luoyang City of the Northern Wei Dynasty, Fang Wenshan's iconic "Rhyme Poem with Plain Face" also appeared in "Red Beauty Rumor". Frost".

This is a kind of "poem name" created by Fang Wenshan. "Su Yan" means to maintain the true nature of Chinese without even adding punctuation, and "rhyme" means to pay attention to rhyme. "The content of the poems is laid out, the first emphasis is on the management of the story and the pictures, and the words are like a movie version."

It's different when you listen to a song and taste the lyrics, or when you read the lyrics alone.

In this album, I am most impressed by "The Greatest Work" and "Frosty Beauty". Although everyone's focus has been on finding artistic stalks after the release of "The Greatest Work", the song itself is remarkable. .

Musician JoeCreator said that the percussion style of this song is very novel, the hi-hat is interspersed with the rhythm, and the pitch of the snare drum is constantly changing. This is a trap-style drum, which is very popular in modern hip-hop rap.

Even though it's still Jay Chou's flavorful song, he's innovated the style a bit more modernly than his earlier hip-hop style.

To a certain extent, this is also a kind of response to "Jiang Lang's talents are exhausted" in recent years, but in fact Jay Chou may have already cared about such a voice.

The skepticism of Jay Chou over the past 20 years is truly immutable.

In 2005, not long after Jay Chou released "Chopin in November", some media criticized the album in its entirety. The title was "Jay Chou's new work lacks novelty and is suspected of plagiarism and criticized by many people", which is no different from today's hot search. You must be familiar with the ideas inside:

Concept – The album has the name of Chopin, without the real inspiration of Chopin – Jay Chou is too busy to make money and forget his music works – Songs are disappointing and even suspected of plagiarism Sales – Despite the constant scolding, sales are still strong rise

Of course, this does not mean that new albums like "Chopin in November" are misunderstood pearls, but they are far from the unbearable level of "rubbish", but many critics repeat a point every ten years like a template.

But I have to admit that the criticism is not without reason. The common feeling of many people this time is that Jay Chou's voice is not as good as before. Many fans sighed in unison: "If it was back then, the high pitch of this song…"

Music blogger @LiveMusic thinks Jay Chou's voice is hoarse to the point that he needs to drink a hundred bottles of fat sea. Even in many verses, rap is used instead, probably to avoid voice problems.

In fact, there are traces of this. The well-known music blogger @Jason-Laoshi took stock of Jay Chou’s concerts over the years and found that Jay Chou’s 120 concerts from 2016 to 2019 have completely changed the sound, and the function has fallen off a cliff. It is difficult to hear the closing strength of the sound, and it is rare to touch the treble above G4.

Singers like Jay Chou may be able to use more mature techniques or changing styles to make up for the decline in voice status, but it is indeed difficult to sing like before. Even if they still have wild and unrestrained arrangement ideas, they may not be able to use their own voice. accomplish.

If you still demand Jay Chou with his peak singing skills, there is also your reason for saying "unpleasant". But as a reader backstage said, what is the essence of music? It's about conveying emotion.

Every listener can find their own unique emotion in the lyrics and music. What a beautiful thing it is.

It would be a pity if there were always only so-called professional music critics, and the songs lost the precious language of the music.

Coming from "unpleasant", he has ignored "unpleasant"

Jay Chou has encountered "unpleasant" comments, not once or twice.

When he made his debut, he was criticized by many people for his "indistinct articulation", and he was also ridiculed by the music world for his "stuttering". almost to the top.

But what about "unpleasant", it was new at that time, and it was cool. Jay Chou's original singing style was worshipped by many young people.

Although the Chinese music scene at that time was competing with each other, no singer had ever dared to sing like this. In the audio and video stores in the streets and alleys, Jay Chou's singing has always been floating in every one of them.

The biggest difference from many current streaming stars is: no matter if you say he doesn't look like an idol in the traditional sense, or he can't sing a single word, he will win top music awards for every album, and he always uses real words. Good works speak.

Debut is the pinnacle, which has led to our huge expectations for Jay Chou.

Every song and every album of his will be watched by the whole people.

Six years before the release of this new album, Jay Chou was scolded for the single "Wait for your get out of class" in January 2018, and the new song "unpleasant" in May of the same year. In May of the same year, he was complained by netizens that the lyrics were earthy and greasy. "Brother's pectoral muscles, if you still want to rely on it", even more so that Jay Chou's "Brother-style literature" has been "carried forward" year by year.

This single scored as low as 4.2 points, Jay Chou replied: "This is Zhou's humor, if you don't love me, you will pull it down."

In 2019, "Say Good Don't Cry", not only did the song have a dismal reputation, but the Douban short comment "Uncomfortable to hear crying" won the top 3052 likes.

In 2020, "Mojito" is not very hard to hear, and keywords such as "ordinary" and "no progress" have been hotly discussed.

After the release of "The Greatest Work", some people who didn't agree with the song commented "That's it?" because of the song's title, but it can be seen from Jay Chou's daring to set this name for the album, he has long regarded " Is it hard to hear?" is a floating cloud.

When Jay Chou accepted the award, some music critics criticized his music for being rough. When Jay Chou took the stage to accept the award, he directly replied:

I just want this kind of music, who called me Jay Chou.

Above the "altar", all progress is taken for granted, and all disputes will be infinitely magnified.

The hot search term "unpleasant" is like an infinite loop of magic. Whenever a popular singer releases a new song, it will always be on the Weibo hot search list from time to time, and the number of reads has reached nearly 5 billion.

Those songs are always incomprehensible but shocking. Behind the "unpleasant" entry, it is like the never-ending irony and disappointment of the current Chinese music scene.

Every time this alarm bell rings on the mobile phone, it reminds us of the irony and disappointment of the crazy invasion of traffic, the irony and disappointment of the frivolous songs, and the irony and disappointment of the hurried production line.

Whether it sounds good or not, everyone has their own aesthetic and judgment standards, which is understandable.

But in terms of public standards, we can at least divide it into two levels: sensibility and rationality: sensibility is related to each person's subjective experience and cannot be judged, while the rational part has at least some room for discussion.

When the word "unpleasant" came to Jay Chou——

We can think about whether we have the most basic concern behind the listening sense of a song: its lyrics, singing style, melody, rhythm, design, production, etc., the overall quality of the song is done carefully, okay?

The remodeling band once commented on their "ugly" songs as follows:

Even in the emotional part, you can easily feel the part that the singer is trying to convey.

As Mozart said, "The hardships of life do not overwhelm me. The joy in my heart is not my own. I pour joy into music to make the world feel happy."

If you also feel for a moment that Jay Chou "has been repeating himself", "has no breakthroughs and surprises", or even denied everything with a direct "ugly", it is undeniable that Jay Chou is not a superman, but his life stage is different from the life he chose. Now, he's still releasing albums, which is already something to celebrate.

Even the MV for "The Greatest Work", which was teased as "The Collection of European Sketches" and "Little Times 5", took more than a month behind it. Jay Chou hired 18 special effects production teams at the Academy Awards. Personnel cost 13.5 million yuan to complete, which also set a record for Jay Chou's MV cost.

Regarding why Jay Chou only released an album in 6 years, Fang Wenshan replied in the latest interview:

Creation is difficult to limit with time, too standardization is like factory production, and there is no freedom of creativity. If you want to write several songs in a limited time, it is a bit like handing in homework. And over the past six years, Jay Chou has also helped many people write songs and released many singles, which add up to ten songs.

Although the album is indeed delayed in the end, it is definitely not intentional. We can say that it is "wishful to be kind", and it is right that good things come out in the end.

Today's Jay Chou is 43 years old and has been out for nearly 22 years. He not only has music, but also makes movies, goes to variety shows, plays basketball, drinks milk tea, travels around, and has his own family.

Among the kings and queens of the millennium, there are those who have children, those who are elderly, and those who retire.

Although Jay Chou has only released one album in the past 6 years, he tries his best to release one or two singles every year – maybe to take care of the fans who are waiting, maybe to continue to sing in the Chinese music scene, maybe just to make As you can see, Jay Chou in their memory is still there.

In the latest 5 new songs, you may not feel the key words of innovation, subversion, and sharpness, but you can hear the shadow of many past songs. He reminds you in the details that can be seen everywhere – he is still the same Jay Chou.

He is still confident and serious about music, but he has also become more comfortable and calm.

If Jay Chou in the past pursued pioneering and leading, now Jay Chou may pursue a sense of freedom and universality.

Love Faner reader Fevers told us that he stopped listening to Jay Chou now that he listened too much.

I feel that the aesthetics of Jay Chou's songs still stopped 20 years ago, and the new album is conservative, quite satisfactory, and passing the line.

A generation has a generation of music, and the music itself is actually a process of encounter.

You met Jay Chou at the age of 18, and you can still hear his songs and like to listen to his songs. It is a great luck for Jay Chou and for us.

This article was co-authored by Wu Zhiqi and Li Chaofan

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