In addition to the “flying away” Alibaba Cloud network disk, what are the highlights of Teambition upgraded to an office suite?

Not long ago, the news of Ali's launch of Alibaba Cloud Internet Disk has attracted a lot of attention. In mid-July, Ai Faner applied for the first batch of internal test codes and experienced this new online product created by the Teambition team under Alibaba. The biggest feeling at present is that the speed is "fast to fly" and no login is required. The functions of downloading and collaboration dots are super easy to use.

When experiencing the new product, we found that the network disk has become one of the important functions of Teambition , and Teambition has been upgraded from a project management tool to an office suite , including rich applications such as projects, network disk, to-do, documents, calendars, etc.

The most "sweet" thing is that Teambition is completely free for personal use, and there is no limit to the number of collaborations .

▲ Newly upgraded Teambition

The upgraded Teambition is an all-around player, basically integrating the advantages of all tools and products, and now there is the "artifact" of the network disk, so what kind of experience will different people have when using it?

It’s super convenient to download from the network disk

Yaya|26 years old|UI designer

I am very happy. I applied for the internal test code of Alibaba Cloud Cloud Disk in mid-July. After the experience, I just want to say: It is tailor-made for our UI designers , high-speed transmission, separate personal and company folders, and comment on the coil. And so on are very practical.

My design work is more complicated, and there are many design drafts. I used to put the files in another online disk software. Sometimes a design draft was shown to multiple people, and they would repeatedly find me to share the link and view. The password always reflects that the file can only be seen after logging in to the client, which has delayed everyone a lot of time.

Now using Alibaba Cloud network disk, I put the finalized version that everyone can see in the "all staff folder", and those who want to see it can go in and read it by themselves. No password is required , no login is required to download, and upload and download The speed is fast , saving a lot of time.

▲ Happiness at full speed

▲ Separate public and personal areas

As a UI designer, my screen has been poked a little bit all the year round, because many people pointed to the work and asked for modification, which caused a lot of fingerprints of other people on the screen of my MacBook Pro.

Since using the Alibaba Cloud network disk, my laptop screen is much cleaner, because every time someone comes to me, or in the chat group @我, I let them use the network disk’s comment circle function to comment. Now I only need to order a cup of milk tea and suck it happily. After half an hour, I open the design draft, and I can see everyone's revision comments, and then make unified revisions, finally bid farewell to the invalid communication in the chat group.

▲ One circle, one comment, automatic summary

In the past, they used to make comments as they wanted. Now the comments are open and transparent. Everyone knows who and who’s revised comments are in mind, and the comments have become more reliable. Now the "rhythm" is in my mind. Here, the blood pressure has also stabilized a lot.

One of the biggest reasons that made me decide to switch to Alibaba Cloud Network Disk is because it helps me maintain customers in a sense. Many design draft source files started at 100 megabytes. I remember that once a giant screen outdoor poster was more than 300 megabytes. I passed it to the customer. The customer registered to download a certain network disk client. It took a long time to download the file. The download speed is only It was about 100 kb/s. Finally, the client put his anger on me, saying that it’s not good here, and it’s not right. I could only put the files on the USB flash drive and take a taxi to send them. It took a lot of effort to appease the client. Angry and wronged.

I think the Alibaba Cloud network disk is a "hypertensive medicine" for me and my customers. When the tools are used smoothly, everyone's mood will be much better.

Original painting network disk + project space = work artifact

Prince Jing | 29 years old | 3 people in charge of the sideline team of Party B

I work in Shenzhen. The year before last, I started doing sideline business with two small partners for Party B, mainly doing offline activities, such as art exhibitions and pop-up shops. The other two friends are in Longhua District and Luohu District. I am in Nanshan District. Many things need to be communicated online. In the past, IM tools were used to advance the work, the topic of the chat group was not focused, and the files passed to customers occasionally got the wrong version. We were not satisfied with the efficiency.

We launched Teambition a year ago. Recently Teambition has been greatly upgraded. We have also set up our own project space, which consists of three sections: project promotion, project statistics and review summary. At the same time, we will also use the new network disk function .

Our team is not as rigorous as a formal company, so we have made some small innovations in template customization. We have set up a "controversy pool" and put some controversial work in first, such as "Do you want to introduce fried food vendors? Enter the event site" and so on. After the discussion, decide whether to do it or not.

The biggest highlight of Teambition's upgrade this time, we think it is the network disk function . After the experience , we feel that it has many advantages:

  • The upload and download speed is quite fast, and the download is free of login
  • You can comment on pictures and videos at the coil point
  • When the video is previewed online, it is the original quality

The speed of uploading and downloading will not be discussed. Those who are already qualified for internal testing should understand that as long as there is no other device to grab the Internet speed, it can basically run at full speed.

What we value most is the second and third points. We have always had a pain point before, that is, to make a document, such as a video, where everyone discusses what needs to be modified, and only three people can take a taxi to gather for review.

Now that you have a network disk, you can click comments online, just like you usually select after taking a screenshot, a colored box will appear when you drag the mouse with one click, and then everyone can comment on their own suggestions on the right side of the network disk file. The Teambition network disk will be automatically summarized in a list, and who’s comments will also be displayed. When the video is played to that screen, the frame will automatically appear .

▲ As easy as a screenshot

This seemingly simple function helps us save valuable time and taxi costs.

Unexpectedly, when the above 300MB+ video was played online, it turned out to be the original image quality, without compression, which effectively avoided the details of the video, and there was no lag in the playback. It will be loaded immediately where it is dragged. Where, it is really a big factory, and cover bandwidth cost should be so easy.

Teambition Document Contract Class Notes

Li Xianming | 20 years old | University student

I am very happy to receive the invitation from Appso to share my Teambition beta experience, haha~

I really like to use Teambition's documents, a real class notes artifact. How powerful is this document? There are a series of functions such as Markdown, Todolist, mind map, tables, formulas, attachments, etc. , which can basically cover all my notes needs.

▲ Rich document formats and plug-ins

Every time the teacher talks about a key point, I use the Markdown grammar of "# + space" to list the key points of knowledge. The document will automatically generate an outline on the right side, and you can jump to the corresponding knowledge point with one click. Convenient.

Speaking of some places, I will find some relevant web pages on the Internet and insert them into the document. The magical thing happens, the link will automatically generate a card bookmark, and the notes look much more beautiful.

By the way, the network disk in Teambition, who knows who uses it, can save the learning materials on the network disk and don’t need to download it to take up space . I think my 32G iPad can be used for another three years, but I heard recently People who are waiting in line for the internal test code are all queued to the French (fà) country. I suggest you apply first. It may take two or three minutes to use it in advance someday, great.

Teambition recommendation index? We give 9.5 points

Teambition has been upgraded from a project management tool to an office suite , which includes rich applications such as projects, network disks, to- dos , documents, calendars, etc., and is completely free for personal use. There is no limit on the number of people to collaborate. It also launched Alibaba Cloud, which accurately hits the pain points of users. Netdisk, Teambition's "ambition" is not small.

On the whole, Teambition has demonstrated the level of software required by major manufacturers. The product design is mature, smooth to use, and rich in functional applications. The most important thing is that Teambition is produced by Ali. We don’t have to worry about the day it stops maintenance . As an office suite, a lot of precious information will be deposited. Once the software support ends, the loss will be great for both individuals and teams. This factor must be considered.

If you are still looking for an office suite that integrates projects, to- dos , web disks, documents, calendars and other applications, Teambition is definitely a product that cannot be missed for efficiency control. Click here to use it immediately .

And don’t forget the Teambition network disk in the closed beta, visit to apply for the closed beta .

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