Immersive bird watching, like a bird living in a tree

In daily life, all kinds of birds can be seen everywhere, and there are various ways of bird watching. You can use mobile phones to take pictures of people passing by in front of telephone poles or on treetops. Professionals with "long guns and short guns" capture every detail of birds in nature.

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In Lappland in northern Sweden, there is a more unique way of bird watching – "immersive bird watching" in a tree house.

The Swedish treehouse hotel Treehotel has collaborated with ornithologist Ulf Öhman and Danish architecture firm BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) to create a treehouse "surrounded" by birdhouses – Biosphere, which will be opened from May 2022. Start accepting reservations.

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There are a total of 340 wooden rooms, all of which are similar in shape to an aviary, and each room is about 34 square meters in size. In the guest room, there is no shortage of basic facilities such as beds and bathrooms. Not only that, but each room is also a unique "observation point".

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In the part of the room facing the forest, many places are designed with large pieces of glass. Through these glass, you can observe a variety of birds in the forest outside the window. Of course, there are other animals in the forest. If you want to get closer to the forest, you can also go to the roof terrace near the treetops for a 360-degree view.

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Different from the common tree house form, Biosphere is more like a huge collection of birdhouses floating in the forest, plus the only way to enter and exit the tree house is a suspension bridge that slopes from the ground to the top of the tree, the whole tree house looks like a natural forest part of it.

▲ Picture from: Bjarke Ingels Group

With such a design, people seem to live in aviaries high in the forest like birds, "wrapped" by nature. It will not affect the birds and other creatures living in the forest, but also allow for immersive close-up observations, and perhaps attract birds to nest near the treehouse.

The reason for designing such a tree house can be guessed from its name Biosphere. Nowadays, many bird populations are declining, and the development of forestry has also reduced the range of tree breeding bird nests, so artificial bird nest installation has become an important measure.

▲ Picture from: Bjarke Ingels Group

The Biosphere Treehouse was built in the hope of reducing the downward spiral of bird populations in Sweden's forests, as well as strengthening the biosphere and habitat. It is hoped that people can observe birds up close and that they can have a better natural experience in tree houses located in ecological habitats. It is also hoped that more and more people are willing to install bird nests near their homes.

▲ Picture from: Bjarke Ingels Group

It is worth mentioning that, in addition to the special Biosphere tree house, Treehotel also has many buildings of various shapes, including UFO-like ones, bird nests with branches extending in all directions, and a futuristic "Mirror Cube"…

▲ Picture from: Bjarke Ingels Group

Wake up from sleep with the sunlight coming through the glass and the sound of birds chirping, go to the window and look into the lush forest, maybe you can see the birds printed on the picture book, maybe you can also see other animals . Such an "immersive bird watching experience" must have a different flavor.

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