I’m wearing an Apple Watch while hiking in the rainforests of China, but my exercise record is the least “hearted” thing for me

Although it is said that the Lantern Festival is over, do you remember the flag you set at the beginning of the year?

On the first day of March, Aifaner, together with SUPERMONKEY and Apple Watch, jointly launched the "Make Time for Health" sports challenge, inviting you to pick up your sports goals for this year!

Through the Challenges application, Apple Watch users can pull up friends to team up for sports, calculate scores based on the three dimensions of standing time, active calories and exercise time recorded by Apple Watch, and conduct PK between teams.

As internal personnel, we have experienced this application in advance last week that allows everyone of our colleagues to rush to "get into exercise".

It is said that some people also drove the "indoor walking" exercise mode of Apple Watch to walk in circles at home in order to complete tasks; others sprinted at 11 o'clock in the evening to run in situ at home to quickly get the body heart rate into exercise state, just for the sake of harmony. Board activity and thermal ring.

And myself, when I was invited to form a team, I was in Yunnan and I was going to take part in a hike to the tropical rainforest of Xishuangbanna. I thought that closing the ring would be no problem.

Unexpectedly, when the trip was over, I found that using Apple Watch to record exercise data and closing the ring turned into the least "hearted" thing in this trip.

I'm coming to the rainforest

As a person obsessed with "freeing hands"-try not to bring the ones that you can not bring, choose the small ones if you can choose the small ones, and definitely not good at the ones that can be put in the bag-I still pack as light as possible this time. , The electronic device only brought the iPhone 12 mini which can be easily put in a small bag and the Apple Watch Series 6 which is worn on the hand.

I can't deny that I was both scared and excited on the way to the tropical rainforest.

The tropical rainforest place I went hiking this time is located in Sidi District, Jinghong City, Xishuangbanna, at an altitude of more than one thousand meters. It is a tropical rainforest reserve that is rarely open to the outside world (this also means that it has not been fully developed).

My fear is naturally because I am worried that I usually lack exercise and cannot keep up with my physical fitness. This is why since I arrived at the starting point of the trek, I listened to the team leader's explanation of the precautions.

For example, when going downhill, you must walk sideways. Even if you slip and fall, you will only fall to your hips instead of falling back and hurt your head.

It was also at this time that I, who had already been stimulated with a strong sensitivity to survival, wittily turned on the fall detection function on the Apple Watch.

Although people often think of this function as designed for the elderly, it is still useful to turn it on during mountain climbing or other strenuous exercise-in case I really slip and fall fainted, and my watch is calling the world for help Ah (counseling).

At the same time, I also checked the emergency contact information on my iPhone again. In case I really have to use the "SOS emergency contact" of the watch, the emergency contact phone number is wrong, and the location and help text messages are sent to strangers. Up.

▲ Long press the side button of the watch to call up the "SOS Emergency" function. After being turned on, the watch will automatically dial the local emergency service number and contact the emergency contact set in the iPhone via SMS, and synchronize the user's current location with them.

However, looking back at that time, I was indeed a bit dazzled by fear, because when the team leader took everyone to warm up, I actually forgot to turn on the exercise mode of the Apple Watch and missed the opportunity to actively calculate the amount of exercise.

Fortunately, when I set off to go up the mountain, my eagerness emerged and reminded me to quickly turn on the "Hiking Mode" on the Apple Watch.

At the same time, I also opened the "Voice Memo" on the Apple Watch.

I often think that sound is a very intimate memory carrier. At the same time, recording it has very low interference with the current experience and occupies less memory than visual images.

Therefore, during this hike, I also drove a "voice memo" on my watch, mainly to record the BGM of the rainforest-the rich and diverse bird song at the beginning, and the cicada song dominated by the background sound after halfway through. The wind passed by accidentally, setting off the rustle of the branches and leaves in the forest one after another like waves.

With the peace of mind of voice memory "priming", I put my mobile phone in my small bag, and most of the time, I opened my hands to find the borrowing points for climbing uphill. By the way, I also touched and felt the texture of different plants in the rain forest. Basically, there was only I can’t help taking out my phone to take pictures when I encounter something particularly interesting.

For example, out of caring for the players, he took the initiative to help the team leader of the backpack. He can't help but sigh that the camouflage suits really go well with LV.

For another example, I don’t know when I secretly collected an earthworm. I turned around and gave us the "Rainforest Survival 101" course, another leader who eats earthworms.

▲ "Rainforest Survival 101" eats earthworms

Another example is this cute mountain crab in my hand.

▲ Mountain crab in portrait mode

In this way, although I did not see the colorful and strange animals and plants in the documentary, I didn't even see the bees in Guangzhou every day. This time I saw crabs living in the mountains with long and thin legs. The spiders (the leader said that they can be eaten), and the bees and flies that stayed in my hand for a long time (I didn't see them flying away after taking a lot of photos). The whole is very satisfied and unforgettable.

It was also because I was forgotten to play, and there was no discomfort during the period, so I started to eat at noon, and I realized that the "hiking mode" that I had turned on was not turned off. During the hike, the watch also reminded me once or twice that I had an unfamiliar phone call (it looks like an advertisement) and a few new messages that were not important, so I just pressed it away.

Throughout the process, the "sense of existence" of the Apple Watch is actually intangible.

The ring introduces the door, telling you that sports are actually everywhere

This "insensual" outdoor experience also made me realize that the best part of Apple Watch is that it does not require too much attention from you, but instead invites you to pay more attention to yourself and the outside world.

I personally think that the Apple Watch’s sports ring is just an “introduction”, because when you embark on the road where you want to close the ring every day, you will unconsciously become more concerned about your physical and mental state.

In the days when I was a tourist in Yunnan in the next few days, I was not only visiting the city to see scenic spots on a daily basis, but also drove the "outdoor walking" mode, doing exercises with an "average heart rate of 110 beats per minute". The same thing will change based on our knowledge and available information.

Gradually, you will start to take the initiative to pay attention to how you feel in different exercise states, from simply looking at the physical data on the watch, to asking yourself more inwardly: "Do you like this state now?"

At the same time, because you started to pay more attention to yourself, you have changed from exercising for sports to gradually choosing some sports that make you feel good about yourself and can enjoy.

▲ Picture from Chen Dexin

After a week, closing the ring gradually becomes a "by-product" of life, because sports are inherently hidden in all small aspects of life. Because recording data has become a kind of "senseless" operation, more of our attention is freed to better manage our energy and pay more attention to things that make us feel happy.

This is why, this time we will jointly launch the "Make Time for Health" campaign with SUPERMONKEY and Apple Watch, and conduct a two-week health challenge from March 8th to March 21st.

After downloading the Challenges app, you can invite 3 friends to form a team to participate in the challenge, complete three tasks every day to earn points, and you can view your team's ranking on the app in real time.

The 14-day period is neither long nor short. Get a friend to accompany you through the initial habit-forming period, use the circle to get started, to understand yourself more deeply, and to explore your own happiness.

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