Iliad does not stop: as it aims for success also for optical fiber

The telecommunications market has always been very complex and difficult to deal with. The enormity of fixed costs to be incurred, especially in the initial stages, discourage companies from entering into what is a full-fledged oligopoly. The advantages of first movers are evident in such a strong market where Vodafone, Wind 3 and TIM are the masters.

As always, there is an exception. Iliad represents the benchmarking for those who want to venture into this sector . Starting temporally late compared to its historical competitors , it has managed to penetrate the market and carve out a well-marked positioning also in the eyes of consumers.

The "Iliad method"

The company has managed to overturn users' distrust of new telephone offers by focusing on two characterizing aspects: quality at a good price and dynamism. Even having a good service, the customer feels "betrayed" by their telephone company if the most annoying unilateral modification of their contract is implemented: the reshaping. The continuous remodeling implemented by Vodafone are now famous, but it is not the only one.

Iliad has so far placed itself on the other side: it has not implemented remodulations, acquiring a considerable virtuosity. It is no coincidence, in fact, that the most recent rumors speak of an Iliad-Vodafone merger that could bring together the advantages of the two companies under a single "roof". To validate the image of the French company there is the dynamism that has always distinguished it. If already "taking the risk" of entering telecommunications and not failing is considered a good goal for many, doing it as Iliad did is certainly a triumph.

Within a year of its debut on the Italian market (29 May 2018), Iliad already had 3 million users . According to the latest survey of November 2021, it has already reached 8 million with revenues over 200 million . But the numbers are only the final result. An output that is the result of a dynamic process of always new and sometimes even innovative proposals. The latest could be yet another success: the Iliad fiber.

Iliad's approach to optical fiber

Iliad has no intention of stopping. The company has also been working on optical fiber for some time and has now landed its offers in this market segment. The company philosophy will certainly prove useful and, on the strength of recent successes, Iliad faces the challenge with many expectations, but above all it is betting on some strengths.


Iliad guarantees up to 5 Gbit / s overall in download and 700 Mbit / s in overall upload , considering all connected devices. These maximum speeds, however, are so far only guaranteed in Milan, Turin and Bologna. Otherwise, you have to "settle" for a maximum of 1 Gbit / s in download and up to 300 Mbit / s in upload.

The official Iliad website , however, before activating the offer offers the possibility to check the coverage and the maximum browsing speed of your home. For those who subscribe to the Iliadbox (FTTH) offer, together with the proprietary router, they will have unlimited minutes to landlines and mobile phones in Italy and unlimited minutes to more than 60 international destinations, in addition to the canonical answering machine service.

Iliad optical fiber: proprietary router

The French company has developed a new router that releases on free loan upon activation of the offer. The goal is to make energy consumption more efficient , while maintaining high performance and speed of connection to the network. The refined and unmistakable design further strengthens the brand identity, almost in Apple style.

One of its innovations is the small display that allows you to show the QR Code to connect . Goodbye long passwords, alphanumeric, lowercase and uppercase letters. Also forget about all failed attempts because you forgot a character or put the caps lock on at the wrong time. Time no one will ever give you back. Time that Iliad does not want to take you away: you frame it, you connect. On the other hand, it would have been a paradox to offer and guarantee super-speed and then waste all that time typing on the keyboard.

Iliad also gives the possibility to renounce Iliadbox if you already have a router with certain technical requirements that guarantee its operation, but not assuming responsibility in the event of worse performance.

iliad optical fiber

Iliad optical fiber: Wifi extender

But that's not all. The offer can be integrated by including the Wifi extender in the package. With € 1.99 / month more you can expand the Wi-Fi signal in any area of ​​your home. You can add up to a maximum of four Iliad Wifi extenders to your offer.

If you have a very large house on the surface or even if, for technical reasons, the modem in your house was mounted exactly in the farthest point from where you need the connection, you cannot at least not consider buying one.

Iliadbox connect

A dedicated app allows you to easily manage your network from your smartphone. It will be possible to manage your devices, check who uses the most bandwidth, plan the Wi-Fi access times for the various devices, check the correct functioning of the network and create different profiles for each member of the family. Just so as not to miss anything, Iliadbox connect also allows you to share your Wifi network by sending the access QR Code. Iliad does not want you to waste any more time, neither you nor your guests.

Iliadbox and Iliad wifi extender for optical fiber. Source: Iliad
Iliadbox and Iliad wifi extender for optical fiber. Source: Iliad

Affordable prices

Finally, when it comes to Iliad, one cannot fail to mention savings. The basic Iliadbox offer has been set at € 23.99 / month for new customers , while it settles at € 15.99 / month for Iliad mobile users. The proposed payment method is automatic: simple withdrawal from a card or current account.

In practice, those who are already Iliad customers for the mobile offer save € 8 / month on the price of fiber, net of the installation cost (€ 39.99 / month), to be incurred for old and new customers.

But Iliadbox is convenient compared to the competition?

Like all well-sponsored offers, it's always hard to spot the weaknesses. Marketers can sell for good even what isn't . But it is above all in the telecommunications market that one must be careful before signing a contract. The sector is influenced by every little detail and is also dependent on the use one intends to make of the connection. But the known and delicate aspect concerns precisely that of offers. They all always seem advantageous, certainly better than your current situation.

There are many offers that give you promotional rates, with a real advantage and probably also with zero installation costs. All these aspects the companies place them in plain sight, well distributed on a promotional carpet. As always, there is always more under the carpet.

Each company has indulged itself and has given ample space to its "creative" side. Some use promotional rates and any router installments to bind the customer for 12/24 or more months . Indirectly, they are telling you that if you accept, you will never want to change before this time frame. Sometimes it is required to pay a penalty, other times to pay all the differences perceived up to now between the discounted rate and the standard rate. On balance, all these aspects push you not to change.

From an analysis that also considers the details of the offers of the other operators, it is clear that the Iliad residential and mobile subscription combo is much cheaper than the competition . The future can only be based on ever-increasing speed of connections, in light of the ever-increasing demand due to an increase in smart working and distance learning.

The battle will be very difficult. All operators are certainly keeping an eye on Elon Musk's Starlink , which however uses a profoundly different approach, with decidedly different funds, even going beyond space. For Terra Iliad has already launched the challenge to other "human" competitors and the conditions for victory over the optical fiber are all there.

Article by Nicolò Bonaccorso

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