If one day I leave quietly, please bury me in this “bread”

"It rains heavily during the Qingming Festival, and the pedestrians on the road want to die." We have all recited this poem. Every year, most people in the Qingming Festival go to the cemetery with their families to visit the graves. The tombstones are arranged neatly. Although the names of the carvings and the stone materials used are different, the differences seem to be limited. Therefore, it may take some time to find a place to sleep in the cemetery every year for the deceased relatives and friends.

Most of the urns are similar. Seriously use stone or wood to make elegant and generous boxes, and the luxurious ones are ceramic bottles with exquisite patterns. But in addition to these common methods, more and more people want some extraordinary designs, and some people have made them for them.

Butter Bread Coffin, Let Funeral Become Party

There is a company called " Death Art " in New Zealand, and the coffins they make are very unusual.

The coffin made by the founder of Death Art Hall for his cousin Phil is a huge butter bread. His coffin kept the shape of a long loaf, and it looked like it was cut in half, with a lot of cream in the middle, and red jam on top of the cream. When the coffin was carried into the church, relatives and friends who came to mourn the hall roared with laughter, diluting a lot of sadness.

▲ Butter Bread Coffin

Phil, the owner of the coffin, has always been obsessed with butter bread, and he has always considered himself an expert in butter bread. In his opinion, a good butter bread must be crunchy on the outside and fresh butter must be used in the middle. So after he was diagnosed with bowel cancer, he also wanted to use his favorite butter bread to say goodbye to his friends.

Surrounded by his favorite butter bread, outside is his close friend and lover, this is Phil's own choice. He even ordered 150 cream buns in advance from the cream bakery he thought was the best, as a funeral dessert. In the end, these 150 breads appeared at the funeral over a distance of more than 100 kilometers.

Phil's wife also liked the bread coffin: "This conceals the sad and difficult moments of the past few weeks. Everyone's last memory is the bread and Phil's sense of humor."

In the final cremation, this unique bread coffin will be replaced with an ordinary coffin. The butterbread coffin was retained by Phil's cousin, its maker Hall.

▲ Hall, the maker of the coffin, followed by the Lego coffin he made

Fifteen years ago, when Hall was writing his will, he discovered that all the coffins were similar. No matter what kind of wood is used as the raw material, the final coffin finished product is uniform and solemn. He didn't want those brown traditional coffins. After studying the coffin industry carefully, he decided to make coffins for those with special requirements.

In addition to the butter bread coffins he made for his cousin, he also made fire truck coffins, Lego coffins, sailing coffins… and many of the coffins were printed with scenic wonders from all over the world.

These coffins themselves are ordinary white coffins, which will later be designed by Hall using a latex digital printer, and then fiberboard and plywood will be used to add details. Specially there is a custom-made sailing coffin with a beautiful sailing boat on the coffin. In order to customize it, Hall also used more metal pulleys and sailing materials.

These custom-made coffins are biodegradable and can be buried or cremated with the dead. The only thing that doesn't support the burial is his cousin's bread coffin, because this colorful coffin also uses polystyrene and plastic foam, which is unfriendly to the environment when buried underground.

▲ The material of the sailing coffin will be more special

Although he has been a creative coffin for more than ten years, Hall decided to "return to the basics" when choosing his own coffin. He told his sons and daughters that in the end he just wanted to lie in a transparent coffin in a leopard-print thong, so that his relatives and friends would remember it forever.

Hall, who has worked in the funeral industry for more than a decade, has a major update on his impressions of death and funerals.

Everyone now thinks that this is a celebration of life, not a mourning for death.

▲The fire engine coffin made by "Death Art"

Don't say goodbye plainly, in the end you have to be unconventional

If you think this is a business unique to New Zealand, then you guessed it wrong. There is no shortage of people in this world who want to be special to the last moment. They put their last fun and humor on the original heavy coffins, tombstones, and funerals to make life interesting to the last moment.

Ghana has a unique coffin culture. The local painter Ataa Oko has pushed Ghana's coffin culture and art to a new level. The Kane Kwei workshop in Ghana is well-known all over the world. You can see the coffin in the Art Museum in Ghana, because many local coffin designs can be called art.

In the 1950s, Kane Kwei made the first creative coffin for his grandmother, which was an airplane. With it, his grandmother was able to see a wider world after death.

▲ Who would have thought that this was a coffin?

After that, he made coffins for chiefs and rich people. His success attracted more and more artists to join the ranks of coffin creation.

In 1990, creative coffin artist Paa Joe made a Nike coffin.

Many people are speculating on Nike sneakers today, but 30 years ahead, Africa has already begun to "burn shoes."

▲ Nike coffin

In 2011, he also made a coffin similar to Nikon F2. The "old mages" are relieved to see, because even if you die, no one can separate you from your beloved camera.

▲ Nikon coffin

The Coke coffin can also be buried with the deceased who loves Coke.

No matter how you change the Coke packaging, you will have the most classic one.

▲ Huge coke coffin

The specially shaped crab coffin was successfully exhibited at "Ik RIP". This is an exhibition focusing on death, identity and self-expression. The existence of this kind of creative coffin renews many people's impressions of death.

▲ Crab coffins on display

Cigarette boxes, beer bottles, Nokia phones …On the design of the coffin, only you can't think of it. I even began to imagine whether I could have a hamburger coffin in the future, and finally became the piece of meat wrapped in two slices of bread.

▲ Nokia Coffin

In addition to the coffin, the tombstone is also a good "canvas" for the deceased to reflect their creativity.

Make the tombstone a cradle , even if you die, there will still be love to surround you.

▲ Cradle tombstone is very different from everything around

If you are not as famous as Wu Zetian, it may be very dangerous for you to keep a wordless monument. Maybe the tombstone will be stolen.

But to choose to be an unfinished tombstone , both creativity and meaning are there.

▲ Unfinished tombstone

The tombstone of Charles Pigeon, the founder of the French Samaritaine department store, is a bed. The statues of him and his wife lie on the bed, chatting and recording thoughts. It looks a lot more expensive, but it will indeed be more memorable.

▲ Very distinctive tombstone

If the deceased was a "fruit fan", her parents might also choose Apple's flagship product, the iPhone, to customize a tombstone for her.

There is no shortage of creative coffins in the world, and the owners of these coffins don't want the same thing.

▲ iPhone tombstone has sparked discussion

Just want to limit the contrast and reject stereotypes

The coffin can be transformed into a colorful creative shape, and the tombstone can no longer be a monotonous stone monument. When creative design encounters an industry where people often have stereotypes, the effect can usually double. After all, everyone loves freshness.

In fact, we can often see similar patterns in our lives. The well-known brands you are already familiar with will create contrasts in products, packaging, joint names and even brand names to stimulate consumers and make consumers feel that the miss is ruined for half a year.

SK2 has limited packaging every year, Christmas, Mickey, Olympic Games, kimono, and its translucent and minimalist, but the bottle is in contrast. It can be sold more expensive and becomes a limited edition.

▲ The bottle of SK2 itself is elegant and elegant, and the limited bottle is cute

Uniqlo, a well-known cheap brand, will also find some expensive designer brands to cooperate, and the overall tone will be improved. The happiness of spending a small amount of expensive design makes consumers willing to pay.

Similar cooperation is also two-way. The cooperation between Budweiser and Moschino not only adds a "limited flame bottle" skin to the beer bottle. Moschino also launched design products for travel bags and bath towels. The beer brand enhances the tonality, and the audience of the luxury brand will find it absurd and creative.

▲ Moschino's Budweiser elements

Brands that create contrast directly from the name can also be the first to make a name for themselves, with a name that does not seem to match the product to impress consumers.

McDonald’s Golden Arch is an example. All Chinese people know that this is not a local Chinese brand, but the name is very Chinese. It is a bit rustic besides Geely. Netizens mocked the name at that time: "Infiltrated by KFC's undercover agent?"

But Zhang Yichen, chairman of CITIC Capital, who has joined McDonald’s, is very satisfied with this effect : "The news about this has been read 9 billion times on the Internet. On average, every Chinese person sees 6 articles about changing names. Can this kind of marketing effort be found elsewhere in the world? This shows that the potential for consumption is huge."

▲ Netizens ridicule the golden arches by drawing

The earthy taste of foreign brands is impressive, and the change of earth to foreign can be directly exchanged for real gold and silver.

What do you think of when you mention Shaxian snacks? Wonton, noodles, fried rice, soup… One brand captured this consumer's impression and named itself Shaxian instead of selling Chinese food or coffee.

Although it has a down-to-earth name, this brand is the representative of Hangzhou Art Coffee. Its real name is actually "SECTION&COFFEE", and its name is Shaxian . However, Shaxian directly saved most of the advertising costs with this brand name with the memory of the country, and the contrast made customers want to try it. It succeeded in achieving an impressive record of 400 cups in the sunrise.

Entrepreneurs who want to make coffee should probably consider the nicknames "Lanzhou Ramen", "Yang Guofu", "Huang Braised Chicken" and "Chongqing Small Noodles".

▲ The coffee in Shaxian County is not soiled and very trendy. Picture from: Interface

Most people's lives are very ordinary. In this case, small ideas with contrast can make people excited.

Whether it’s the creative coffin for the burial or the cosmetics and coffee that you usually buy, as long as it makes people feel interesting, you will succeed.

Hearing that I will be on a six-day shift in the future, now I just want to eat hot pot of Hey Tea, drink coffee from Haidilao, visit Anta's furniture, buy perfect diary clothes…In short, I just want something fresh.

Not too interesting, not too optimistic.

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