If new forces want to achieve a sense of ritual, they must learn from century-old car companies.

There is not enough darkness in the world to extinguish the light of even a small candle. ——Robert Alden

As a light source, candles can not only be used for illumination, but the warm and soft candlelight is also an extension of friendship and hospitality.

In Ireland, the flickering candlelight on the hotel window sill is an ancient signal, indicating that the hotel still has rooms available to accommodate travelers. This humane tradition later spread to many hotels and countless families.

In the context of fast pace and high efficiency becoming the mainstream of today's society, many people are longing for a sense of ritual of "window sill candlelight". Cars, with their unique space and status, have become an important carrier for the realization of this sense of ritual. , people hope to obtain spiritual satisfaction beyond functionality from this product. In view of this, major brands are also working hard to create products that can provide a sense of ritual.

Welcome lights are a good example.

In 2019, the seventh-generation BMW 3 Series (G20) was launched. From the current perspective, the G20 3 Series has undoubtedly set a new luxury benchmark for sports cars in this price range. Among them, the one that best creates a luxurious atmosphere , it belongs to the arrangement of ambient lights.

On the G20, the BMW 3 Series has for the first time the 7 Series' iconic welcome light mat, and for the first time it has introduced intelligent sensor ambient lights, which can automatically adjust in dynamic situations such as welcome, farewell, door opening, and incoming calls.

Welcome lights on BMW 7 Series

Welcome lights and ambient lights are just one of the ways to create a sense of ceremony and luxury. With the development of technology, vehicle lighting control has become more sophisticated and flexible, and the front and rear light groups have naturally become the focus of car companies.

At the 2021 Guangzhou Auto Show, Lincoln Motors, which once again entered the Chinese market, brought a new sedan Lincoln Z. The new generation Quiet Flight design language brings a new visual experience to the increasingly mediocre luxury sedan market.

The more refined dot-matrix grille makes Lincoln Z lose the sense of power of an American car and add a bit of elegance to European models. The addition of flying-wing LED daytime running lights also makes Lincoln, a slightly old-fashioned century-old brand, re-evaluate. Glow modern urban temperament.

The following year, the Lincoln Z was mass-produced. However, many SUVs such as the Navigator, Aviator, Navigator, and Adventurer still maintained the old-school design and refused to let go of the word "luxury." The Lincoln Z naturally became The Lincoln brand will be responsible for the annual appearance in 2022.

But things are different this year, and the Lincoln Z is no longer a standout.

Luxury comes from the heart

Lincoln chose to bring its mid-term refresh model in the third year of the Adventurer's birth. This time, the Adventurer finally kept up with the times.

The new Lincoln Adventurer incorporates Lincoln's latest Quiet Flight 2.0 design language. The light strips extending from the headlights run through the front face, lighting up the Lincoln star in the middle. The grille is filled with stars, with the Lincoln star as the center, distributed in a radial pattern of particles.

Corresponding to the flying-wing headlights are the taillights that slowly fall across the rear of the car. Its name is very simple and crude, it is called "Super Red", which means "super red". The entire taillight is composed of 353 LED lamp beads. Lincoln said that if you put the Adventurer on the road, it must be the one with the reddest taillight.

The two slender light groups at the front and rear of the Adventurer also provide three kinds of welcome animations: dynamic, passionate and elegant. The lights are projected from the side of the car to match the welcome light blanket. Yes, it plays the ceremonial card.

The candlelight in the winter night leads travelers into the warmth, and the starlight in the basement leads you into the carriage. What? Can the headlights of Mercedes-Benz's new E-Class cast three-pointed stars on the wall? Okay, how much does it cost to sell it to adventurers?

*A note for readers who don’t know much about the Adventurer: The starting price of the Lincoln Adventurer is 245,800 yuan, but only the four-wheel drive premium version priced at 345,800 yuan is equipped with the above welcome features.

For some models that also have the welcome light function, the sense of ritual they provide often only stops at turning on the welcome light. After getting in the car, you just turn it on. But Adventurer is different. Its sense of ritual is not only reflected in the moment of welcoming guests, but also throughout the entire driving process .

Step on the welcome light blanket and open the door. The starlight ambient lights in the car will gradually light up. The 12.3-inch full LCD instrument will immediately start playing the welcome animation. The 27-inch penetrating panoramic screen next to it will also show the default Nebula theme, no lag at all.

After taking your seat, the Lincoln star on the Adventurer's newly equipped Lincoln Touch intelligent control panel gradually lights up, and the screen in front of the passenger's seat also displays the welcome message you set in advance. At this time, surrounded by the fragrance, you lightly apply the brakes, press the piano-painted shift button, the symphony prompt sounds, and your journey begins.

At the end of the journey, the adventurer will see warm light and shadow to bring the journey to a successful conclusion, creating a luxurious sense of ceremony.

Some may say that the cost of implementing these functions is not high, and it is indeed true. But the presence or absence of a sense of ritual has never been measured by money. Similarly, the candle on the window sill of the hotel does not cost a few dollars, but it brings people the expectation of warmth and comfort, which is a kind of emotional communication and self-satisfaction.

Lincoln Adventurer knows how to use these small details to light up a unique sense of ritual, allowing users to feel the warmth of humanity while enjoying the convenience brought by technology.

The foundation and extension of the sense of ritual

Of course, just having a sense of ritual is definitely not enough. You still need to have some strength to be worthy of the name "Adventurer".

The new Lincoln Adventurer comes standard with a new generation 2.0T high-power engine. At a time when all luxury brands are reducing power, the Adventurer's engine has been improved, with a peak power of 190kW and a torque of 395N·m, matching 8 It adopts a high-speed automatic transmission and has a 0-100 acceleration time of 7.2 seconds.

*For comparison, the BMW X1's zero to zero time is 8.1 seconds, the Audi Q3's is 7.6 seconds, and the Mercedes-Benz GLB's is 8.7 seconds.

At the same time, at the RMB 200,000 level, the Adventurer provides a unique CCD adaptive suspension system in its class, which uses 12 high-precision sensors throughout the vehicle to monitor body dynamics and road conditions in real time to ensure driving quality.

In some extremely bad road conditions, the four-wheel drive version of the Adventurer can intelligently allocate required torque to the front and rear wheels in real time based on the driver's intentions and vehicle status, enhancing the vehicle's body stability under various road conditions. stability.

What is "extremely bad road conditions"? For example, this:

Cross axis test

Also, this:

Simulate front wheel slip

However, during the test drive of the Lincoln Adventurer, what impressed me most was not its power or its four-wheel drive, but an unremarkable function-automatic parking.

Yes, in today's era when smart driving has become standard equipment, automatic parking is no longer a big selling point that will appear at press conferences, but has become an ordinary "small function" that everyone has. But Lincoln Adventurer has played its own tricks on this "small function".

In the past, when we performed automatic parking, we usually pressed the one-touch parking button, released the brake, and waited for the vehicle to park into the parking space. The catch is that during this process, our right foot needs to be hanging above the brake pedal at all times, ready to take over.

In contrast, Lincoln Adventurer's approach is much more elegant. During the parking process, your finger needs to keep pressing the automatic parking button on the passenger console. If anything goes wrong, just release your finger.

You can get things done with your fingers, just stay at your fingertips.

This may also be a sense of ritual.

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