Ideal’s new high-speed supercharger station is online, for pure electric vehicles “grain and grass first”

Ideal recently officially announced that six 4C super charging stations have been officially launched. The six super charging stations are located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, Dongguan, Guangdong, and Jinan, Shandong, three prefecture-level cities. Up to now, Ideal has completed the layout of 13 super charging stations across the country.

Detailed layout of 6 new super charging stations:

-West Lake Service Area, Hangzhou, Zhejiang: West Lake Service Area of ​​Ring Expressway (West Lake, Xiaoshan both directions)
– Zhangqiu service area in Jinan, Shandong: Zhangqiu service area of ​​Beijing-Shanghai Expressway (both directions from Beijing and Shanghai)
-Mahong service area, Dongguan, Guangdong: Machong service area of ​​Guangzhou-Shenzhen Yanjiang Expressway (both directions from Guangzhou and Shenzhen)

May wish to review the super charging station plan announced by Ideal. After Ideal officially launched the trial operation of super charging stations in April this year, a total of 25 super charging stations are in trial operation. The super charging stations are equipped with 2C and 4C fast charging piles, which can provide 250 kW and 480 kW respectively. maximum charging power.

With Li's new 6 super charging stations officially put into operation, the layout of Li Li's super charging stations is progressing rapidly. Of the 25 super charging stations in trial operation, 13 of them have entered the formal operation stage.

In the next three years, Ideal will continue to invest in the construction of its supercharging network. By the end of this year, Ideal will complete the laying of more than 300+ high-speed super charging stations, covering the four major economic belts of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, the Yangtze River Delta, the Greater Bay Area, and Chengdu-Chongqing; More than 3,000 charging stations will be built, covering 90% of the national highway mileage and major cities.

some intriguing moves

Interestingly, although Ideal maintains an open attitude on super charging stations, allowing super charging piles to be open to all electric car owners, the actions of Ideal APP are still somewhat intriguing.

Some users found that NIO's charging pile information could not be found in the Lixiang APP charging search. In this regard, the customer service of the ideal APP responded that due to the adjustment of the charging service provider's business, the current ideal APP will not display the charging pile points of NIO.

Although ideal cars can still identify and use third-party service provider charging piles, as ideal no longer provides NIO's charging point information in the APP, ideal car owners cannot scan codes to charge at NIO's points.

Therefore, a rather funny phenomenon has also appeared at present. Ideal car owners can still use NIO charging piles to replenish energy, but they cannot charge through the scanning method of Ideal APP.

As for whether the change occurred unilaterally initiated by Ideal or Weilai, or whether the two parties reached a consensus, the official customer service did not explain this.

▲ The picture is from Weibo @ No. 42 Garage

NIO’s charging point information is no longer provided in the Ideal APP, which is not good news for the co-construction and sharing of supercharged networks.

In fact, the current supercharger stations do not have the conditions for large-scale promotion. The difficulty of profitability and high investment costs of branded supercharger stations have become the key factors hindering the large-scale promotion of supercharger stations today.

In order to meet the energy replenishment needs of electric car owners, the number of supercharging stations in the future will show an absolute growth trend. The actual problem is that the cost of building a supercharger station is too high, and the return on investment of car companies is not as expected.

The cost of supercharging stations is high. A person in charge of a charging pile operator once revealed the high cost of supercharging stations in an interview with the media. Taking a single 180 kW fast charging pile as an example, the average market price has reached The cost of 50,000 to 70,000 yuan, if the cost of the site and grid infrastructure is added, the investment of a single fast charging pile is close to 100,000 yuan, while the cost of a supercharger station with higher power is only a lot more.

Secondly, building a supercharger station is a "thankless" project. In addition to the high construction costs of super charging stations, car companies also need to face the problem of low utilization of high-speed super charging piles. A fact is in front of us. Except for May 1st, National Day, Spring Festival and other small and long holidays, the idle rate of high-speed supercharger stations is extremely high, which makes the payback period of the already expensive supercharger piles longer.

Citing a set of interesting data, Everbright Securities once calculated the payback cycle of a 60kW DC charging pile. If the cost of a single pile is 60,000 yuan and the cost of 0.6 yuan per kilowatt-hour is calculated, if the utilization rate of a single supercharged pile is 5%, The payback period faced by car companies will be 3.8 years.

The payback time of 3.8 years is "terrible" when the competition for new energy vehicles is so fierce. Under the whirlpool of competition, 3 years is enough to eliminate a large number of new energy vehicle companies. This payback cycle is in the rapidly changing new energy industry. unacceptable.

Open charging piles to achieve co-construction and sharing is the optimal solution. Opening overcharging to third parties not only creates a profit point, but also allows all brands to share the risk of low overcharging return rate, and also speeds up the technical collaboration between overcharging technologies. Co-construction and sharing is definitely a good thing that "benefits oneself and others".

I hope that the disappearance of NIO charging points in the Ideal APP is just an "oolong".

Ideal W01 pure electric model ready to launch

While the layout of the ideal super charging station is so rapid, some "people who eat melons" may be confused. Aren't ideal's best-selling L series all extended-range cars? Under the tandem structure, oil is used in most cases, and the spread of supercharged piles does not seem to be so important to the ideal.

This reminds us once again that during the May Day holiday this year, the scene of Yishui ideal car owners queuing up for charging also triggered a round of "complaints" among new energy car owners. Many pure electric car owners think that their own charging is urgent. It is unreasonable for Ideal to "occupy" high-speed charging piles.

Leaving aside the question of the rationality of plug-in hybrid charging, the ideal brand's own high-speed charging piles have begun to gradually solve the slightly "embarrassed" situation of ideal car owners.

Of course, the use of high-speed charging piles is just an "episode", and more importantly, the ideal pure electric layout. In the ideal product blueprint, by 2025, ideal will realize the renewal of the energy structure. The product matrix consists of 5 models of extended-range electric vehicles, 5 models of high-voltage pure electric vehicles and 1 model of super flagship.

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In the second half of 2023, Ideal's first pure electric MPV model code-named W01 will take the lead. Today's ideal high-speed super charging stations and the introduction of 800V super charging technology are also confirming the old saying.

"Soldiers and horses have not moved, food and grass go first."

The rapid layout of the ideal high-speed super charging pile is another warm-up for the pure electric model W01. After taking the lead in breaking through with the range-extending model L series, can the pure electric ideal create another miracle and bring ideal sales to a higher level?

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