Icons8 Smart Upscaler and AI: allies for the world of photography

AI supports us humans in numerous areas from medicine, construction, finance and social media. Lately we are constantly witnessing the emergence of different tools that use Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to enhance low-resolution photos and videos . One example is Icons8 Smart Upscaler.

Can the quality and resolution of the photos be improved?

There are several photo editing programs that use AI to edit and enhance photos. This is the main purpose of Icons8 Smart Upscaler : starting from a low resolution image it instantly improves it by reconstructing the details thanks to artificial intelligence . This interface has a unique face processing and enhancement feature; in addition, it can magnify images up to 64 megapixels and can reach 8000px on both sides.

Upscaler ai photo Icons8 Smart Upscaler
Examples of use of Smart Upscaler – Credits: icons8.com

What is Icons8 Smart Upscaler?

Perfect for keeping the colors and details of your photos, Smart Upscaler is the best image upscaler tool. Its use gives more fascinating colors and more accurate details to photos . One thing that amazes and that distinguishes it from other software of this type is the processing speed and ease of use.

Icons8 has created an algorithm that recognizes faces in photos and handles them with particular care. All thanks to a team of 40 people who produce content from scratch with the aim of making all the most repetitive operations easier for the user. In fact, as they themselves affirm: " Everyone is full of creativity until they get bored and distracted ". This mission is carried out with the help of predictive analytics and machine learning for a better user experience.

How does Icons8 Smart Upscaler work?

It is a very simple technology to use and requires very few steps:

  1. First you select the image of interest you want to enhance and zoom up to 4x;
  2. The chosen image is loaded , to do so simply drag it into the appropriate box or click on 'browse';
  3. For a few seconds you let the Smart Upscaler work ;
  4. At the end of the process you get the optimized photo quickly and easily.

What are the perspectives of AI in photo editing?

When it comes to photo editing, the uses of AI are many and in various fields of work. In this sense, Icons8 Smart Upscaler uses this tool to improve shots , portraits, images immortalized with smartphones, photos taken before the digital age, in short, any image you want to rejuvenate. This software is able to satisfy specific needs based on the characteristics of each form of photography.

Upscale AI photo Icons8 Smart Upscaler
Example of restoring historical photos using Smart Upscaler – Credits: icons8.com

How will it impact the professionals who work with photos?

Some people's concern about the rise of artificial intelligence is tangible. As with any industry, some fear it could replace human skills. Some photography professionals fear that artificially edited or generated images will harm their work – far from it! When it comes to photography, Smart Upscaler proves to be a great resource for all people, it can elevate existing talents and accelerate the work of professionals , helping them to reach new creative heights thanks to this excellent quality software.

So are AI and photography rivals or can they be allies?

Artificial intelligence is reshaping everyone's workflow and enabling them to move faster and more creatively . By embracing these new technologies, such as Icons8 Smart Upscaler, and incorporating them into future software creations, the photo editing industry will continue to grow in terms of audience and sophistication. This makes AI a good ally for photography and opens up numerous possibilities for improvement and expansion in this field.

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