IBM announces Telum, the processor to prevent fraud

A new generation processor is coming: IBM has announced Telum, a chip designed to fight fraud in real time . The news came during Hotchips, the annual conference on microprocessors and integrated circuits. Among the chip makers was IBM, which took advantage of the event to announce its new processor. According to the company, the chip will be able to detect bank fraud in real time, allowing it to be dealt with before the transaction closes.

Telum from IBM, the processor that intercepts fraud

Detecting and blocking bank fraud is one of the most felt problems of recent years. The detection of this type of scam requires a very high computational capacity , as well as long execution times. This makes it difficult to detect fraud in real-time, and in most cases the attacker has already used the stolen data and credit cards to make purchases.

The IBM Telum processor can prevent fraud. Source: IBM
The IBM Telum processor can prevent fraud. Source: IBM

With Telum, IBM builds a processor optimized for artificial intelligence and fraud detection, credit processing, trading management, blocking money laundering and risk analysis. The "on-chip" acceleration will bring a significant increase in performance , allowing new systems to harness its power for AI computations.

According to the Consumer Sentinel Network Databook the Federal Trade Commission, consumers lost more than $ 3.3 billion due to fraud in 2020. Telum is able to change the 'identification of fraud prevention, […] without impacting service level agreements (service levels).

Elizabeth Banta, IBM

In detail, the microprocessor will have 8 cores with a clock frequency higher than 5Ghz, and each of them will have 32MB of cache. Additionally, there will be 256MB of level 3 cache and 2GB of virtual level 4 cache, both shared between cores. The increase in the amount of cache will allow a significant increase in per-thread performance, allowing to reduce the response time for complex transaction systems. IBM expects a 40% performance increase per socket .

The processor is made with EUV ( Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography ) technology at 7nm, and in collaboration with Samsung. The power provided by Telum will make it possible to prevent fraud by intercepting them before the transactions are concluded. The first system equipped with the chip should arrive in the first half of 2022.

IBM and artificial intelligence: Watson

That IBM is very active in the AI ​​sector is nothing new. The company has always been among the leaders of technological innovation (thedevelopment of a 2nm chip was news last May), and the field of artificial intelligence has always assumed a central role in the progress of the company. In this regard, it is impossible not to mention Watson , the AI ​​system capable of answering questions expressed in NLP ( Natural language processing ) and generating hypotheses.

Watson can be used for a large variety of applications where a decision support system is needed. Healthcare is one of the areas that benefit most from the AI ​​system : several American clinics have been collaborating with IBM since 2011, using Watson as a decision-making assistant to support doctors. By specifying the patient's symptoms and related factors to the system, Watson is able to process the subject's data by comparing it to relevant events in his or her medical history. The result is a list of recommendations available to the doctor, also obtained thanks to various types of medical materials and sources.

Watson against Jeopardy competitors. Source: Atomic Taco on Flickr
Watson against Jeopardy competitors. Source: Atomic Taco on Flickr

Another strong point of Watson is the ability to build great chatbot and customer support systems. Industries such as travel or retail are able to fully benefit from the conversations created by the AI ​​system, being able to engage customers more and gain new ones. In addition, Watson offers audience prediction capabilities, to understand user behavior and identify potential new ones; text-to-speech and speech-to-text services ; text classification; management of company resources, with monitoring and predictive maintenance.

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