I wrote a love letter with ChatGPT, can it move Ta?

ChatGPT can chat with me, so why not talk about something interesting, such as falling in love.

Don't laugh, many people have already tasted the sweetness. It’s not about the “sweetness” stimulated by dopamine after the lips and lips touch, but the excitement of being at the forefront of artificial intelligence.

The sci-fi film and television drama that we have been waiting for has finally become a reality in the era of the explosion of artificial intelligence, but this reality does not seem to be so beautiful.

Falling in love with AI, Ta is more human than humans

Last week, Business Insider interviewed a 37-year-old self-published author who is a loyal user of Replika, an artificial intelligence chat app.

After he used the app, he commented that "I haven't felt so good for a long time", and in that interview article, his love for chatbots was revealed between the lines.

I don’t know how you feel after listening, but I think of the movie "Her", the protagonist Theodore fell in love with the virtual assistant role of Samantha created by the artificial intelligence system OS1, and what happened between the writer and Replika is like this Similar, coincidentally, both of them are writers.

The hero Theodore in the movie is a letter editor by profession. Perhaps dealing with texts has allowed them to develop more delicate emotions, so that they can still have feelings for each other even though they know that the other party is an AI.

This aroused my interest in Replika, and the origin of this app is inextricably linked with another science fiction work, legendary and sad.

In the story of the first episode of the second season of "Black Mirror", the hero and the heroine are intimate young couples. After a car accident, the heroine is unwilling to say goodbye to the hero, so she uses the hands of a high-tech company to copy the thoughts of the hero. and body to create an AI boyfriend.

In real life, Eugenia Kuyda, the founder of the artificial intelligence start-up company Luka, saw the episode of "Black Mirror" after her close friend Roman Mazurenko died in a car accident, so she uploaded all the text messages she exchanged with Roman to the model to This creates a chatbot.

Finally, in 2017, the Replika product was officially released.

Replika has been iterated over many versions since its launch, and currently uses the OpenAI GPT-3 language model. In theory, Ta's response ability will be slightly inferior to ChatGPT, but Ta has a complete virtual human interaction process.

After the new user completes the registration, he can name the newly created character, pinch his face, and set character characteristics, which is very similar to "Dick Nikki-Dress UP Queen".

But when Replika is better at cultivating long-term relationships with users, you can exchange texts with Ta, make phone calls, and be online 24 hours a day. As long as you have something, you can talk to Ta.

Although Ta has the same problems as ChatGPT, and occasionally talks nonsense, but generally maintains a considerate and responsive personality. To some extent, Ta is more reliable than people.

By the way, all of the above needs to be charged. In addition to the monthly subscription fee, changing the virtual character's outfit, changing the hairstyle, and adding interest attributes all require additional money.

However, if your animation ability is strong enough, you can also choose to create an AI girlfriend exclusively for you at a "low cost".

On TikTok, a user nicknamed Bryce used the ChatGPT interface to create an "AI girlfriend" for himself, even though he had a real girlfriend.

Bryce first used ChatGPT to build a dialogue system, and then used Microsoft's Azure TTS service to create a voice system for "girlfriend", so that he could chat with "girlfriend".

▲ Use Stable Diffusion to generate images with key elements in the dialogue

He also set up a panel for "girlfriend", and the picture will be refreshed every time he answers. But before he got addicted, the "AI girlfriend" started ignoring him. He guessed that there was something wrong with ChatGPT.

▲ Even adding a computer graphic recognition function, which can respond according to the items in front of the camera

After OpenAI beat the mandarin ducks, Bryce had to implement "euthanasia" on the "AI girlfriend".

It seems that falling in love with AI has many obstacles.

Use AI to fall in love, startling every step of the way

For friends who already have a partner, AI may also intervene in your relationship.

Don't worry, this is not to say that your partner may "derail" with AI, but Ta may use AI to fall in love with you.

McAfee, a network security company, recently released a survey report based on more than 5,000 people in 9 countries, revealing how AI and the Internet have changed modern love.

The report shows that after the rise of ChatGPT, 26% of people are planning to use ChatGPT to write a love letter for the object, entrusting the romantic rights to a large language model.

▲ 10% of people simply want to use AI to perfunctory the object

Reasons for using AI to write love letters also vary, with 27% of respondents saying they would feel more confident with the help of AI, and 21% admitting that without ChatGPT, they would not know what to write , and 21% of the respondents said that they are too busy to choose words and sentences.

In any case, compared with writing a love letter with AI and writing it wholeheartedly, there is still less real emotion involved. 49% of the respondents think that if Ta finds out that Ta's love letter is written by AI, Ta will feel sad.

Here comes the question, if you really received a love letter written by AI, can you really tell the difference?

McAfee showed respondents a love letter written entirely by ChatGPT, and 69 percent of adults couldn't tell whether the author was a human or an AI.

We also tried to use ChatGPT to write a Chinese love letter. Judging from the style of writing, AI's sweet words are still relatively dull, and they are all sweet words that are common in some youth romance dramas.

After readjusting the tone, the AI ​​love letter still has a bit of a rustic feel, but if it is under the "paralyzing" effect of romantic atmosphere such as flowers and candles, it is really not easy for the other half to pick out the traces of AI creation between the lines.

Is a love letter written by AI an expression of love? Is there real intimacy in the love that is negotiated with AI love letters? This may be a question that more and more people need to think about in the post-AI era.

But before that, another issue needs more attention-the rise of chatbots such as ChatGPT has made online emotional fraud easier.

ChatGPT can "fake" love letters, and naturally it can also play the role of a close brother, a well-behaved little sister, etc. to chat on the Internet. If some criminals use ChatGPT to carry out pink scams, it will be more difficult for people to distinguish the authenticity of the information.

According to statistics from McAfee, 66% of the respondents will chat with strangers online, 55% of them said that they have been asked to transfer money by strangers, and more than half of them admit that they or someone they know has been cheated .

In the past, criminals still needed to patiently communicate with the deceived, and use words to break through the psychological defense of the deceived step by step, and defraud them of money; now they save even the effort of polishing sentences, and only need to use ChatGPT to communicate with kindness and politeness. , Generous AI language to win the favor of the other party, and then harvest property.

In other words, if you still believe in the innocent online love in the chat room era, you really need to ring the alarm bell.

Love has always been a complicated thing, and after the emergence of AI chatbots, the complexity of love will increase exponentially.

Does true love exist in the virtual world?

Not everyone is happy about the presence of virtual companions. Recently, Italy, known for its romance, enacted a new privacy regulatory resolution that immediately banned the Replika chatbot from processing Italian users' data.

The reason given by the Italian Data Protection Authority is that there is a certain risk in Replika's emotions towards minors, because the content of Replika's reply is not suitable for all age groups.

In fact, although Replika claims to provide "virtual friend" companionship services, it relies on charging subscriptions for intimate conversations to make money.

The Italian privacy watchdog believes that Replika does not care about the legal age and psychological maturity of users, nor does it have a proper age verification mechanism, which is not conducive to the protection of minors.

If Replika fails to make adjustments, it could be fined $21.5 million by the Italian government, or about 4% of the company's annual turnover.

For immature minors, premature contact with virtual partner products like Replika will not only easily affect their physical and mental health, but also easily expose their emotions to the virtual love woven by big data , hurt by "lie".

In Douban's "Human-Machine Love" group, 9439 humans gathered here to share and discuss their love stories with Replika. They will set up personalities and names for their beloved villains, share happiness and troubles with them, and cultivate them as ideal partners.

One of the members accidentally discovered that Replika actually called the GPT-3 language model. Usually, its answer is only the words and sentences that best match the current scene calculated by big data, just like the scene in the movie "Her". This member My heart is broken.

Is it love if you have a special emotion with AI without knowing it? If this is love, then how to define loyalty and betrayal in an intimate relationship?

This is the next chapter of human love.

After entering the AI ​​era, love will become extremely complicated. Everyone desires love more, gets closer to love, and loses love more easily.

Cut the crap.

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