I would rather “diarrhea” than double yellow and white lotus seed paste. What moon cakes are the young people eating this year? |The topic selection will open a small difference

Every year when the Mid-Autumn Festival approaches, Ai Faner’s big wooden table will hold a "Micro Food Creative Expo". Each company condenses its own brand creativity on small moon cakes. Only the most creative can win the diners’ attention. Favor.

Some focused on packaging and designed mooncake boxes with novel shapes such as aviation helmets and bookshelves. Some started with flavors and introduced "dark flavor" mooncakes such as beef flavor and spicy flavor.

But to everyone's surprise, the first to be robbed by colleagues was the Zhihu mooncake, which was likely to cause diarrhea due to excessive use of sugar alcohol.

In the past, moon cakes have always been complained of high sugar and high calories, so "sugar substitute moon cakes" represented by Zhihu moon cakes have become a new popular trend. Demand for healthy food.

However, moon cakes are not like rice dumplings. They can be simply divided into sweet and salty. There are 10,000 kinds of moon cakes in the eyes of 10,000 people.

In the topic selection meeting, the editors debated the topic of new moon cake consumption for a morning, whether to eat the main healthy sugar substitute moon cake or traditional moon cake, whether the moon cake consumption is social demand or custom etiquette, and whether the new moon cake packaging is creative competition or topic marketing …

From ingredients, flavors, packaging to consumption habits, everyone has their own different views on this "Mid-Autumn Limited" pastry. We would love to hear from you.

Childhood moon cakes are memories, and now moon cakes are snacks


When I was young, I never seemed to have seen my grandma eat moon cakes, but she always gave me moon cakes.

Grandma is a frugal person who never throws away the leftovers until she eats them all at the next meal. So every time my grandma handed me a mooncake with both hands, I felt that I was holding a rare treasure, and taking it over was like holding a handover ceremony.

At that time, the mooncakes were still wrapped in paper, and the outer layer of paper was always filled with oil, exuding bursts of greedy green onion, gently biting open, the meringue falling from the mouth, the filling of winter melon, peanuts, silk The silky sugar thread and the red and green unnamed mysterious delicacy bring thousands of tempting sweetness, so that after every big bite, I always feel that I have not eaten it, it is a glutton in my stomach. The worm rushed out to eat it.

▲ Mooncakes were similar to this when I was young

Grandma would often smile and say next to her, "Eat slowly, and it will be gone after eating."

I believe what grandma said is true, she should have only bought one.

As I grew up, all kinds of moon cakes came, including five-core moon cakes with richer fillings, colorful fruit-filled moon cakes, delicate and soft lotus paste and egg yolk moon cakes… Moon cakes are no longer a rare thing, I Can't remember the story of grandma and these moon cakes.

The current mooncakes are not only updated and diversified in packaging, they go up to the space and universe, down to the wild, with endless inspiration and creativity; concepts are also closely following the consumer trend, from low-sugar mooncakes, sugar substitute mooncakes, to plant-based mooncakes; the categories are even more numerous. There are countless, such as snail powder moon cakes, popo milk tea moon cakes, brown sugar ginger tea moon cakes, salmon mustard moon cakes…

Grandma should be very troubled-she hasn't read many books, can't recognize too many words, so many flavors, ingredients, and appearances. Which one is better? Which is cheap and delicious? What kind of kids like to eat?

Grandma has passed away for many years.
If she is still there, she shouldn't be too annoyed, because the moon cakes now are just one of the ordinary snacks, and are no longer rare treasures.

The warmhearted person above said he wanted to give me pet mooncakes, he lied to me


I haven't eaten moon cakes for two years, and I have received a lot of them, all of which were given to relatives and friends.

One reason why it is important not to eat moon cakes is the high calorie content of the food. The calories of the skin are already very high, and the skin is thin and there are many fillings. The calories of the fillings exceed the standard, which can satisfy people in difficult times, but it is too much for today's people. As a lazy person who doesn't like exercise, this kind of fat food is best to touch less.

Another reason is that they are not delicious. More and more new moon cakes have tried various fillings, but they are not delicious. The new moon cakes of most consumer brands should not even be called moon cakes, they should be called "moon cream." The bite is completely creamy, and I think Starbucks is the representative of it.

My favorite is the cloud-leg moon cakes from my hometown, but I will eat one during the Mid-Autumn Festival. The 20 my mother sent me were a heavy burden.

The only thing I am looking forward to now is pet mooncakes. My colleague Zhiqi packed up a ticket a week ago and said that he would give pet mooncakes to both my dog ​​and Lingge's cat. But today, he found that he had forgotten to place the order (the man’s mouth is really unreliable). In the end, I rushed to spend 44 yuan to buy a box of pet mooncakes for my dog, and I planned to spoil one for a friend who has a pet.

▲ The unit price of pet mooncakes may be more expensive than that of humans

For dogs who have been eating dog food, moon cakes are a rare delicacy. But for me, who has the continuous barbecue coconut chicken bullfrog, there are too many delicious things, I just want to "fork out" the mooncakes.

Is it necessary to buy moon cakes during the Mid-Autumn Festival?


Although I will reiterate the idea that "Yun-leg mooncakes are the best", I have lost my love for mooncakes of all flavors.

The company sends it, the customer sends it, the parents buy it, maybe it's because of the age that the material is rich, this Mid-Autumn Festival symbol is becoming less and less able to raise my interest-high oil and high sugar, eating a small piece to be full, the idea of ​​"It's time to eat" Far more than "want to eat".

A few years ago, some friends lamented the serious homogeneity of moon cakes. The innovations in taste and packaging in the past two years have made people overwhelmed. It can be said that "everything can be used as moon cakes." What remains unchanged is not a low price.

▲ Egg yolk cakes instead of moon cakes seem to be a good new choice

Since it is expensive and not tasty, is it necessary to buy it for a sense of festive ritual? This year my mother provided a new idea. The Xuan X egg yolk pastry she sent was also very delicious (not commercial).

High-sugar and high-calorie content is nothing, unpalatable is the original sin


The "Big V Elimination Project" based on Zhihu mooncakes was once aroused. Nutrition experts came to answer questions and answer questions. The "Little V" who was not eligible to receive mooncakes was sad, and people who suffered from constipation reached out to try. Little hands.

Simply put, this collective diarrhea incident is a pot of "sugar substitute." Knowing that in order to pursue low sugar, sugar substitutes are used instead of sucrose. This kind of sugar substitute is maltitol with low tolerance. When the consumption reaches the threshold, it will cause diarrhea, and the two cakes may "put down" one strong body. Big V.

In fact, I eat mooncakes on the premise of "accepting high sugar and high calories". Low sugar or no sugar is not a bonus item. Anyway, I eat it once a year, up to two at a time, and "share it" with family and friends.

Compared to sugar and calories, what I can't accept is that it tastes bad. After eating Zhihu mooncakes, two of my colleagues gave such comments-"It's not so delicious, it's true that the stomach keeps crying" and "No problem, it's just a bit unpalatable." This is one more reason why you can't tolerate knowing moon cakes.

▲ Who is in the mood again

When I was young, I liked to eat the cheapest fruit-flavored mooncakes in supermarkets. It was later popularized by science that the fillings of these fruit-flavored mooncakes are mostly made of winter melon, essence, and spices. In fact, there is no fruit.

When I was growing up, I walked through the retail area. Although I didn't buy them, I still had feelings for them. Well, it just feels delicious. I have this taste, don't learn it.

Will there be a day when Internet giants will also create a new year for the New Year’s Eve dinner


During the festive season, the conference table of the editorial department will become a stage for Internet manufacturers to compete with each other.

From the dumplings on the Dragon Boat Festival to the moon cakes on the Mid-Autumn Festival, weird flowers have become the norm. If someone sends a simple gift box, it will become a clear stream. If there is no moon cake inside, it will be more intimate.

This year’s Zhihu "diarrhea moon cakes" has long refocused people’s attention on moon cakes. It is said that this year’s moon cakes are also catering to the current low-sugar and low-fat consumption trend, but the taste of moon cakes is actually not important.

▲ My favorite this year is the Disney Mooncake Gift Box

According to statistics of more than 10,000 moon cake patent information, some media found that only 12.6% of them are related to taste, and nearly 80% of patents are related to design.

The ancients sighed under the empty courtyard and bright moon, "Small cakes are like chewing moon, with crisp and sweetmeat in it." In the Internet era, the packaging and surroundings of various moon cake gift boxes received in the circle of friends were exposed. The taste is not worth mentioning. Unless it is the kind of moon cake that makes people "spray".

"Laxative, I'm in the toilet, just got off the toilet," he properly praised the harvester.

Moon cakes have become a social currency, a continuation of China's thousands of years of human relations and society. It is a symbol used by Baudrillard to show the identity of a group, but it is just a cloak of the Internet.

I'm wondering whether the next big Internet companies will also consider creating a new year for the New Year's Eve dinner, bringing together artificial meat lion heads, sugar-free steamed rice cakes, and alcohol-free Moutai to create a new closed-loop consumption of mutual empowerment between online and offline .

I was drifting north back then, holding a pair of yellow lotus seed paste, and tears filled my eyes


If you have never been a wanderer, you will not understand the meaning of moon cakes.

Every time a friend asks me why I want to leave Guangdong to study and work in Beijing, I always answer: "Because the emperor is so far away, it's so cool that my parents can't control it!"

Chic is very chic, but there are always a few times a year when the taste buds will signal homesickness. For example, I suddenly wanted to drink watercress and Chenshen soup, want to eat hot ginger and milk, and even Lao Guang disliked the too traditional double yellow lotus paste mooncakes.

Life in Beidiao has definitely been "demonized", because every year my parents try to send me three or four or five boxes of moon cakes, saying that they are afraid that Beijing will not be able to buy them and that I will not be able to eat them. But in fact, I only need a double-yellow lotus seed paste moon cake-cut it open on the Mid-Autumn Festival, take a look at the moon, eat it, and some mysterious ritual will be completed.

It’s not that I haven’t been "seduce" by other new mooncakes, such as matcha egg yolk, spicy snail noodles, durian oatmeal ice cream, jade dragon well bird's nest… just to me, they are pastries that can be eaten at any time, not The kind of moon cakes you have to eat on Mid-Autumn Festival.

Sugar substitute mooncakes won't make you cry out for homesickness, but might make you feel like "everything is impermanent, you must live strong." After all, it would be embarrassing to let parents know that it would be embarrassing to be sent to the hospital because of mooncakes. Damn, hold on, don't let it happen!

Although he was far away, his soul was briefly teleported back to his home. Back then, my obsession with moon cakes was probably this kind of weird feeling.

Hi, I’m the one who spends money on moon cakes


Say I'm old school, I buy moon cakes every year.

I haven't returned home for the Mid-Autumn Festival for several years. Every year I choose mooncakes that I find delicious (nonsense), buy one for myself, and send another one back home. It can be regarded as a rather low-key expression of my concern for my family.

▲ I bought snowy moon cakes this year

I still have quite primitive romantic thoughts about festivals. Basically, no matter what the festival is, I regard it as a small opportunity to express my longing for relatives and friends, and a small start to be friendly to strangers.

For example, this year I prepared a Mid-Autumn Festival gift for a kid who went to Disneyland with us in the summer-Disney mooncakes, and pictures taken when they went to play.

▲ Mid-autumn small suit

In the past few years, another "Mid-Autumn Ceremony" of mine was "Intercept Rider".

On the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival, I usually don’t bother to cook and just order more delicious takeaways.

When the rider delivered the meal to my door, I would grab the opponent and let them pick a moon cake from my inventory, saying "Happy Mid-Autumn Festival."

It's a pity that I can't continue this year.

Because, this Mid-Autumn Festival I am going home, and I bring snowy mooncakes that I don’t want to receive by express delivery.

PS: I have noticed this year that many organizations have started to collect moon cakes very intimately and transfer them to people in difficult lives. If you have plenty of mooncakes in stock, you might as well try Searching if there are any such activities nearby.

PSS: Guangzhou friends can try to search "PDT Food Station"

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