I, who have not seen snow in 23 years, crossed half of China to go skiing in Northeast China

How would you describe a southerner who saw snow for the first time?

Eating snowflakes, rolling snow, the common symptoms of these southerners watching snow, it is no accident that it was reproduced in me. After all, I have lived in Guangdong for 8 months a year for 23 years, and I have had enough!

Although it was the first time I saw snow, I not only learned to ski, but also left such a video record of Cantonese early taming the snow track.

And behind the handsome ski resort, there are 7 days from worry and panic to openness and enjoyment.

Set off, raise your wrist to break through the predicament at any time

To cross half of China from southeast to northeast, my anxiety exceeded my expectations before I even traveled, because the things to consider were far beyond my imagination. For example, how do you count your ski equipment? How to organize double luggage? And how to keep warm with various equipment at tens of degrees below zero?

Unexpectedly, a word from a colleague before departure unintentionally triggered the switch to break these predicaments.

Smart watch editor, go skiing without wearing a watch?

Although it was my colleagues who complained about the functions of their smart watches that I used to keep Amway, it is not unreasonable to think about it.

The watch has a unique advantage. Once worn, it is bound to the body, allowing hands to be completely freed. In particular, smart watches can provide a wide variety of quick services, thereby simplifying steps when dealing with most matters.

In order to travel smoothly, I will set up reminders on the mobile phone calendar, from buying ski gloves, preparing quick-drying clothes to hotel checks, everything is fine. But sometimes it's easy to miss reminders when your phone isn't with you.

On this OPPO Watch 3 Pro, the schedule reminder is more intuitive and pure.

Its always-on screen display will show "to-do list today", which can be seen by raising my wrist, allowing me to wind up my memory again.

When the preset working time came, the wrist was vibrated to remind him again.

Compared to a phone, the watch doesn't need to find the steps to pick up and put down, and there are no piles of app notifications to distract you. In this way, following the reminders and preparing step by step, it also solved my worry about checking and missing in my dream.

In addition to organizing luggage, this watch actually streamlined my luggage.

The first is cards and keys. I have three access control cards in my house, plus subway cards and bank cards, which make the wallet that does not have enough space even more overwhelmed.

The NFC function of OPPO Watch 3 Pro is very practical on the road.

As a result, a watch replaces a pile of cards and reduces the risk of being lost on the road. Secondly, with the temperature in the Northeast, it is self-evident that it is more convenient to swipe the card with the wrist or to pick the card while wearing gloves.

In addition, it is enough to bring a charging pad. In the past, there were a lot of equipment for travel, and the wires in the bag were easily entangled into a ball, which was annoying to watch and annoying to solve.

In line with the principle of one less wire, one less trouble. For this trip, I only brought a charging board the same size as an SD card, and the Type-C interface on the charging board supports fast charging, which can share a fast charging line with the mobile phone.

On the journey, the luggage you carry is enough to occupy your hands. When you enter the airport, you cannot avoid a series of frantic processes of getting your ID card, swiping your boarding pass, and looking for your mobile phone. And OPPO Watch 3 Pro can customize the app shortcut service, so that the problem of "not enough hands" on the road has also been solved.

I put Air Travel in the express service, and I only need to lift a finger when boarding the plane to take out the electronic boarding pass.

There are also commonly used apps such as NetEase Cloud Music, WeChat, and phone calls. As a result, this time, I pushed the suitcase with one hand, and raised my wrist with the other hand to get through gates, read news, make calls, and many other things.

Prepare, want to be safe but don't want to lose contact

It is said that the end of the snow trail is orthopedics. It is the first time I set foot on the snow field, and I still play more dangerous veneer. Safety is my primary concern.

As a person who exercises regularly, I have the habit of always turning on the exercise monitoring function and recording exercise with a watch. For example, pay attention to heart rate when running to avoid excessive heart load; pay attention to blood oxygen when hiking, and check the status of high-altitude mountaineering; and fall detection is always on…

In skiing, a must-have sport, the role of watches is not only to record sports and monitor physical indicators, but also closely related to safety.

Before the official skiing, I checked several settings:

  • emergency contact
  • fall detection
  • Exercise heart rate warning

In fact, my emergency contact has already been registered. Considering that it is my first time skiing, there must be a "Snow Rescue" number in the emergency contact.

However, this time I don’t need to manually enter the phone number of the ski resort. OPPO Watch 3 Pro directly helped me find it and remember it.

After turning on the emergency contact setting for outdoor skiing, the watch can automatically locate the Songhua Lake ski resort and directly display the rescue call of the ski resort. Once there is a fall and the watch finds that I am not responding, it will automatically call for rescue.

Regarding fall detection, I was once worried about whether the detection would be frequently falsely touched in the high-frequency fall scene of the snow field.

In fact, during the skiing process, because I learned the technique of lowering the center of gravity, the fall is not very large every time, and the OPPO Watch 3 Pro does not call out the fall detection every time. The only time the alarm was triggered was when I took a big tumble.

As for the exercise heart rate warning, I exercise at least four times a week, and the heart rate is much lower than that of people who do not exercise very much. According to my experience of running marathons often, the warning value is set at 175 times/min.

If the value is exceeded, the watch will vibrate to remind me, and I will also take a short rest to adjust my state.

The reason why I feel relieved to hand over the rescue call to OPPO Watch 3 Pro is that it is a fully smart watch that supports independent eSIM, which means it can be used as an independent smart terminal for networking and calling.

Outdoors at tens of degrees below zero in Northeast China, it is very troublesome to pick up a mobile phone while wearing gloves. In addition, the mobile phone powers down much faster than usual, and sometimes it will freeze and shut down without knowing it, and it will take a while to start up.

If you use a watch that is close to your wrist, the above situation can be avoided, and it will be more timely to call for rescue.

So, besides security, are there other uses for a standalone eSIM?

When there are important things to deal with, when you take the ski lift up the mountain, you can make a phone call by raising your wrist. I believe most of the workers can use it, after all, who hasn't answered the work phone while traveling.

In addition to contacting by phone, OPPO Watch 3 Pro also launched a WeChat watch version, which can send and receive WeChat, and supports voice and text.

But for me, the more practical scenario of WeChat is to contact peers in the ski resort.

When meeting snow friends at the end of the snow trail or taking pictures on the top of the mountain, we will send messages on WeChat. The watch can be directly converted from voice to text, and can be operated with one finger while wearing gloves.

I originally planned to use the walkie-talkie to keep in touch at the ski resort, but because it was heavy and easy to cross-frequency, it was abandoned and left idle.

Skiing, a ceremonial first experience

After dispelling the fear of safety, I was prepared to fall and suffer, but I had to make up for the regrets of 23 years. The process of learning to ski is actually a bit boring, but this watch magnifies the ritual sense of my first skiing experience.

Warming up is essential before any exercise. I can't bear to be lazy sometimes, the 5-minute warm-up in OPPO Watch 3 Pro is like an alarm bell to remind me: If you don't warm up before exercising, you will strain yourself during exercise.

So almost every morning before skiing, I followed the guidance in the watch and completed the warm-up in a regular manner.

After I started skiing, my need was to know how long I took each trip, how far I skied, and how steep the slope was.
These data can quantify the difficulty and progress I have overcome in this trip. Of course, the data recorded after skating will also become the material for my Moments. Sometimes skiing is recorded once in the morning and once in the afternoon, so you can merge the two records when sharing, and display the skiing data of the whole day in the circle of friends.
​Although it doesn't look very good, it also commemorates my first skiing.

Sometimes when I fall into doubts about my life, and the veneer is stuck in the bottleneck period when changing the blade, I look at the recorded data of my previous trip, and I feel a burst of courage in my heart: such a steep slope has come down, how can such a slow position not be able to change the blade? success.

When I am not sure about the skiing status, I will also look at the records of the previous few trips. First understand the intensity of today, and then plan to slide to 12:00 or 13:00 today before intermission. During a break, recording is paused by pressing the side crown.

The data recorded at the end of skiing can be used as a reference for me to review my learning progress that day, and more importantly, it allows me to clearly see my progress.

From the first day of hard training for nearly 3 hours, skating 6.4 kilometers, each trip was only 700 meters in length, to the last day, 1 hour of gliding 8.1 kilometers, and the result of a single trip of 3 kilometers, now I look at it. The sense of conquest of the snow track: Who said that Cantonese can't play in the snow? Not skiing is not the same as not skiing well.

When I reached 10 kilometers, I also pushed a medal. The "electronic card" that I didn't feel before gave me a little sense of accomplishment at that moment.

Recording data is something that almost every smart watch can do, but OPPO Watch 3 Pro adds a lot of joy to skiing in addition to sports records.

When I first mastered the essentials of snowboarding, I must keep some memories. A colleague told me that the OPPO watch can also be linked with the Insta360 X2 to shoot.

I happen to have an Insta360 X2 in my hand, and I can switch the shooting mode on my wrist. I just hold the lever with one hand and tap the watch to set it up. This saves me the trouble of repeatedly adjusting the selfie stick and operating it on the machine, and also left me with the precious "Video Records of Cantonese Early Taming Snow Tracks".

During the break, I wanted to eat some snacks to replenish my energy. I used the WeChat payment on the watch to raise my wrist to complete the payment at the food stall, which also attracted a compliment from the Northeast sister:

brother! Your ze thing is quite capable, and it is very good.

The sunset in the Northeast is very early, and it begins to enter dusk at about 15:00. The ski lifts at the matinee were also out of service around 15:30. In order to grasp the time, I set the alarm clock around 15:00.

Outdoors in the ski resort, the ringtone of the mobile phone is not very clear, but the wrist vibration reminder is very strong. When the alarm clock rings at the end of each day, my skiing ceremony is coming to an end.

I can enjoy skiing in the ski resort and stay for a week without worry, not only because the OPPO Watch 3 Pro has comprehensive functions as a full smart watch, but also because this watch is very worry-free: this is a smart watch that does not need to worry about power .

Especially what makes me feel at ease is the power consumption at night. On the first day of travel, due to the need to take pictures, the watch repeatedly turned on the screen and switched applications, and the power consumption reached 85%. After a whole night, only 4% of the battery was consumed.

The next day, the ski record was nearly 3 hours, and the battery was still 46% by 6:30 pm because of the repeated switching of the application.

In short, OPPO Watch 3 Pro can record more than 3 hours of skiing every day, and use apps such as WeChat, payment, and photography, which can be charged once for three days. This battery life performance is really excellent.

If the power is exhausted, the charging speed is also extremely fast, and the watch can be fully charged after 3 hours of playing mobile phones, watching dramas, and taking a bath at night, enough time to move the charging position to the mobile phone before going to bed.

What has changed in OPPO Watch during a journey?

From slamming somersaults to changing blades, this journey made up for my 23 years of regrets, and it also opened up a more convenient and relaxing way for me to travel.

Before I started traveling, I thought about whether this watch would use the recorded data of the watch to help me improve the efficiency of breaststroke like I used to learn to swim.

After the experience, OPPO Watch 3 Pro can do more than that on this journey. Sports recording is only one aspect. It has safe communication guarantee and adds joy to sports, which are the differences between it and pure sports watches.

When you need to contact your partner on the ski field, the watch can connect to the Internet and talk independently, making it very convenient to make a call or send a WeChat message. In terms of safety protection, in case of accidental injury, the watch's fall detection and heart rate warning functions can also help me call emergency contacts in time.

Even if it is my first time to try skiing, I can let go of my worries and open my heart to enjoy this skiing journey.

The smart devices needed for outdoor sports must not only be easy to use, but also be worry-free and powerful enough. The battery life of OPPO Watch 3 Pro is long enough that it will not shut down due to cold weather. I can put aside all anxiety and focus on learning to ski.

Do not disturb while wearing, and provide convenience by raising the wrist. This is exactly the beauty that a smartwatch should bring.

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