I watch the official account every day. Do you know that some official accounts are operated by blind people?

If one day your world loses its light, what will you do?

On October 15th, International Day for the Blind, I took this question that most people had never thought of and asked the editors and operations colleagues around me.

They also gave me different answers.

If you can't see, what will they do?

S: Podcasting maybe? I usually listen to other podcasts and share the knowledge I have learned during this time.

If you really can't see it, it feels like I've seen the bright world for more than 20 years, and at the same time, people who are likely to be invisible in the future can be regarded as a linker, and there should be many things to share.

But this may not support me. I can only share it as an amateur. I still need to find a job and I don’t know what I can find. But I don't want to be a masseur, I am so weak. Although I can type blindly (without looking at the keyboard while typing), it still feels very difficult to continue doing today's work.

▲ Typing with eyes closed is a challenge for most people

0: Unexpectedly, I feel that there is no need to make this kind of assumption, because you are a person who can see. If you really can't see it one day, you might think differently.

Z: I never thought about it, I really can't think of it.

Additional question: Have you thought about continuing to do this work?

Z: How do I use TNT for office work? Don't talk, everyone, it makes me use TNT (laugh).

W: May continue to do content work! It's just a different angle, to make sound content, go to the radio to communicate through sound, that doesn't need to watch, just listen and speak.

But I think Zhou Yunpeng's (blind poet, folk singer) writing and posting on Weibo are actually normal, no different from ours. When the work of the radio station is mature, maybe I will continue to do content editing.

▲ Zhou Yunpeng

The blind walks along, the voice spreads everywhere

Unlike colleagues who imagined "If there is no light in my world", this problem is a problem that many blind people have to face, but the objective fact before them is that the jobs they can choose are really limited.

Feel free to find ten people and ask about the jobs that blind people can do. Nine out of ten people may answer the blind masseur, and one cannot answer. However, with the aid of new technical means, blind people can actually do a lot of diverse jobs. They are not limited to blind masseurs and piano tuning lawyers. They can also become lawyers, act as editors, and be responsible for operations.

Zhou Tong, who is born blind, is a blind person who is looking for more job opportunities. She doesn't want to do the traditional "work that can only be done by blind people," so she chose Bei Piao to find more opportunities in a larger city. As a result, Zhou Tong has more work experience with a clear goal. She has worked in NGOs, startups, and Braille libraries, and has not stopped her own exploration.

▲ Zhou Tong

Today Zhou Tong is our colleague, she is also a new media operator. Zhou Tong's job needs to be responsible for the editing and operation of the company's official account and Weibo. The company that Zhou Tong works for is a company that specializes in mobile games and entertainment platforms for the blind, so her work is also related to it. She needs to write some product-related information and content, and will also discuss with readers about the visually impaired. topic.

As the visually impaired, the main part of this job is something we can complete, so I want to try it.

Contrary to what most people think, Zhou Tong did not hinder him in completing his work. It's just that unlike most people, blind users need to use the auxiliary functions of their phones to work. " Ordinary people are watching and operating mobile phones, while we are listening to the operation. "

This introductory process is much smoother than others imagined. Zhou Tong, who is interested in the operation of official accounts, also collects some articles summarizing the operation skills of official accounts. At the same time, Zhou Tong will also teach herself an introductory course on new media management through the narration function. She has taken a similar course in the official account of the operation guidance category. The explanation from the operation to the writing content is very helpful to her work today.

After learning new media related courses, Zhou Tong began to officially operate the audio martial arts mobile game public account-Tingyou Jianghu. This is a game official account that "allows you to dominate the martial arts with your eyes closed". It not only has game-related stories and prize-winning guessing activities, but also has a lot of tips for blind people to share, such as how the visually impaired people should distinguish Clothes color, how to remove blackheads, how to remove stubborn gum such as chewing gum?

▲ Official account operated by Zhou Tong

Through the cooperation of ears and hands, Zhou Tong can listen to the voice to edit documents in Pages and get feedback on content creation. She will also browse the web in Safari browser and operate the WeChat official account. Through the voice, she can determine what she has made. Whether the content has appeared in the right place.

Using "narration" to speak online, she has her own goals

We once introduced the Internet life of blind people in the article "After going to massage for blind people N times, I saw their 3 times speed Internet life ", among them, a blind masseur Li Shu once told us that in terms of accessibility Apple, which started earlier, is more well-known in their circle, "80% of the visually impaired in the circle use iPhone."

And Zhou Tong is one of the ordinary Apple users.

Before going to work, Zhou Tong uses her iPhone to search for detailed commute routes including subway exit information. During her commute, she used AirPods Pro's noise reduction mode to answer calls and use Siri. Another advantage of using wireless earphones is that both hands are free, and the wireless earphones will not be entangled with the towing rope of Zhou Tong's guide dog Xiaojie.

But for the visually impaired, isn’t sound important? Visually impaired people can also use noise-canceling headphones. Will it not cause safety problems?

With this question, we further asked Zhou Tong about the usage of more specific smart devices, and got a better understanding of the smart life of blind people.

I only turn on the noise reduction mode when I don't need to walk, and when I walk, I turn on the transparent mode. The transparent mode of this headset is very good. Unlike some other headphones that use a transparent mode similar to dual listening, the transparent mode of AirPods Pro restores the surrounding sound very well and is very real, so it will not affect me .

▲ Zhou Tong uses maps and AirPods Pro in commuting

Using Apple's ecological tools to assist work and life, Zhou Tong uses iPhone and Macbook to coordinate work, and uses Apple system functions for services. At the same time, she is also actively exploring Apple's new features. The new narration recognition function added in iOS 14 is regarded by her as a "revolutionary update for the blind".

Zhou Tong explained to us that in the past, she felt a little helpless when she encountered long text pictures and movies and TV dramas. Even if OCR tools were later used to help them perform picture and text recognition, it would require multiple steps, which was too cumbersome. With the narration function, as long as you make a gesture, the narration will read the content on the phone screen for her and let her hear it.

For Zhou Tong, the appearance of the narration fulfilled her long ago wish. Now, she will use this feature to track foreign film and television dramas, hear the embedded subtitles, and enjoy her customized services in apps that were previously incompatible.

▲ Accessibility shortcuts on iPhone

The narration function not only helped Zhou Tong's daily work go smoothly, but also made Zhou Tong one step closer to his goal. Zhou Tong has always hoped that he can do more for the visually impaired: "For example, positive publicity, let the public know more about us, make my voice, and hope to have enough experience and conditions to do this in the future."

Today, in addition to operating the company’s official account, Zhou Tong is also operating her own official account, Weibo, and Douyin accounts. She will share the story of her guide dog Xiaojie on these accounts, and make more changes through the cuteness of the guide dog. Many people understand the daily lives of real guide dogs and blind people.

▲ Zhou Tong's Douyin account also has many fans

Zhou Tong used his mobile phone to take photos and videos by himself. Although the shooting often overturned, there were still many photos and videos for sharing in the end. She also took care of the editing work alone. She once produced audio and radio dramas. After discovering a software that can edit both audio and video, she can listen to sound editing today.

What Zhou Tong can do is not something blind people can do in the eyes of most people. However, through appropriate tools and his own efforts, Zhou Tong not only did it, but also set a bigger goal for himself-online Make your own voice on the Internet, share your video on the Internet, and let more people see the real life of the visually impaired on the Internet.

▲ Official account operated by Zhou Tong

Not too interesting, not too optimistic.

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