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Cutting-edge, crazy, bold, presumptuous, vigorous, and diverse.

If someone can gather all the above vocabulary, the creative person may rank first.

In order to "save" the unpleasant 2020 with creativity, there was a competition to 234 universities and 82 cities across the country, even covering the United States, South Korea, and Canada. It attracted 1,416 young people and created 1,416 fresh ideas. It set off a spark at the end of the year.

This competition is the "2020 GAC Trumpchi National College Student Advertising Creative Challenge".

You may be a little curious when you see this, car companies + colleges = creativity contest?

Yes, GAC Trumpchi, who has always been with young people, is holding hands with the trendy technology brand Aifaner. It wants to use this competition to select the coolest group of young people in the country, and also create a new employment model for them in the future. Shine and shine too.

Last weekend, this 500,000 onlookers held the finals.

To see what the most creative young people in the country are thinking, we found all the champions of the competition.

From their voices, we can hear what new cool ideas and uniqueness this new generation has.

They defeated 1,000 people with "creative"

Participants in this competition came from all corners of the country, breaking through the judging and voting, and finally the top 3 in the video category, graphic category, and copywriting category were born.

It is not a simple matter to create ideas in the automotive field that college students are not so familiar with. But from the perspective of discovering new perspectives, it may be another good thing.

So, what kind of work can make three teams (individuals) stand out and win the championship?

First of all, the team that won the first prize in the video category was the "DOB Production Drying" team.

This is a four-person team, all of whom can sing and dance, each have their own strengths-Deng Song is responsible for shooting, Lu Haizhou is in charge of breaking, Jiao Ruiyuan is in charge of reviewing, and Su Shuoqi is in charge of choreography and post-production as the team leader. A band and direct a movie.

The first prize in the video category "GS3 POWER: Power": Click here to enter the article to watch the video .

1. How did the initial inspiration come from?

DOB production-Su Shuoqi: The original inspiration actually came from my own life. During that time, I had a lot of homework and a lot of work in the art troupe. I had to participate in competitions. It was really tiring and tiring. I did homework one after another, over and over again. The line dance, video editing time after time, sometimes really decadent, but I never thought of giving up.

So, I combined my own story with the story of the GS3POWER car, so I got the idea of ​​a young "jin" and the rap in the video. The video content also changed from the psychedelic decadence at the beginning to the car. The latter’s passion is aggressive, and the inspiration for the lyrics comes from what I wanted to say to myself when I was most confused, "Even if I fall, I won’t get lost easily."

2. Cars are not close to college life. How do you integrate your ideas with cars?

Su: At the beginning, I was also very puzzled. Students rarely own cars in universities, but seeing that the brand tone of GS3POWER is "jin", I can connect this car with the personality of college students. The strength of not admitting defeat, not admitting defeat, daring to think and doing, and having the attitude of doing everything well.

3. This competition is very focused on reshaping the unique ideas. Where did you break the routine?

Su: It is not a rare thing to use music to advertise. It is just a question of whether it is appropriate or not. The feeling that BGM brings to consumers and whether the connotation of the lyrics can really be combined with the brand tone, creators need to understand the brand first Thorough, in order to create intriguing works. In this way, new and unique ideas continue to emerge.

The contestant who won the first prize in the copywriting category is Wang Huiyi. She called herself a "Bed Lai Contest Gold Medal" or "Internet Surfing First-Class Practitioner". Even if she writes stories in junior high school, she has to refuse template routines and make up every time. a new one.

Then, she wrote the "Trumpchi People's Versailles Performance Award" in the entries:

First prize in copywriting category "Every Kilometer is Worth": Click here to view the work

1. How did you come up with this creative direction?

I had no idea at the beginning, so I read the model information several times and locked the word "value". Then I looked through a lot of classic car cases, but they were all over and over again, so I went to other fields, and finally saw the sentence, "There is no way to go in vain in life, every step counts." I was inspired immediately.

2. Do you have any tips to share when creating copy?

In order to integrate my ideas with the car, I will first list some of the characteristics of the car, but the point is actually to start from the life experience, to feel the daily life, and to integrate the hot topics on the Internet. When creating copywriting, you must relax your mind and focus on your actions.

The first prize in the graphic category is from Wang Xinrui's work.

She started doing internships in companies in her freshman year, so she has more solid skills and more proficient in how to create. Asked what she thinks is the coolest part of her, her answer is also sincere and honest: "You can do something that interests you and finish it well."

First prize in the graphic category "You are my COOL accessory":

1. The vision and concept of the design of this work seem to be unique, can you introduce it?

Its initial inspiration actually came from my classmates, including my own daily wear. The model I made is characterized by the "Club that can drive away", so I started with the accessories graphics and combined it ingeniously with the car, showing the three key points of the model's cutting-edge styling, driving fun performance, and fun technology .

It’s not easy to combine accessories graphics with cars. It took about three weeks to create. Through collecting creative cases, determining sketches, and making posters, I tried many methods, and finally used the dot, line, surface outline and accessory graphics of GAC Trumpchi models. The key entry point was found through combined application and the final design was completed.

When innovative young people run into an innovative competition

A group of interesting young people cannot do without an open platform.

When I look back on their game history, I found that this game itself is also a source of creativity.

For example, inviting top creative celebrities to hold "private classes" in colleges and universities in 10 cities; for example, setting up "giant creative blind boxes" in multiple downtowns and sending out 3000 mysterious surprises in them…

Their last "creative big move" was placed in the finals.

I asked three groups of players, what is the freshest experience for you in this competition? They unanimously answered: the finals.

The finals directly became a "talent fair" carnival. The top 30 contestants all have a booth. They directly displayed the final works on the booth, and they also produced various peripheral "touting" talents. The audience can browse the booth and vote freely.

At the same time, there are hip-hop, rap, bands, games, and trendy games running through the audience. As Wang Xinrui said: "This is not like a game, but a carnival for young people."

However, the biggest highlight of this competition is that the final selected top 3 in the country will become a new workplace species-"creative partners."

1. Let's adjust the time to the moment when the award is announced. How do you feel?

Wang Huiyi: Very happy! very excited!
Wang Xinrui: There is an incredible feeling that fantasy comes true.
DOB Dryness-Su Shuoqi: I am very excited and feel my body trembling.
DOB Zhizao-Deng Song: I feel like tears have been spinning, and I am proud of ourselves in the audience.

2. Creative competitions combining "enterprise + university" are not common. Do you think there is any "chemical reaction" in the collision of the two?

Wang Xinrui: For colleges and universities, more college students are given opportunities to show themselves, and for enterprises, fresh blood is injected. This is a win-win situation. I am very happy to have such a creative event. This is a very precious opportunity for us college students.

DOB production-Su Shuoqi, Deng Song: Hahaha, the final scene gave me the feeling that if you want to successfully manage a brand, you must always be young, such as the bosses and directors of GAC Trumpchi and Aifaner.

Wang Huiyi: I feel the combination of theory and practical application. Teachers in the classroom have also taught many creative methods and cases, etc., and the creative competition of enterprises + colleges is a very good way to practice. I think of the previous article "Ogilvy summarized 52 creative tools, the advertising bosses are inspired by this! ", introduced many creative methods. More importantly, it should be what Long Jieqi, a senior creative person, said: Learn 52 sets of boxing techniques, and then forget it.

3. "Creative Partners" will create a new type of work mode: you can practice remotely at school, and you can work freely after graduation, and seek common development with GAC Trumpchi. What do you think of this cooperation method?

DOB Dryness-Su Shuoqi: Completely ok.

Wang Xinrui: I think it's pretty good. I can not only increase my work experience, but also continue to learn and explore myself.

Wang Huiyi: It sounds good, but I feel that the specific operation needs to be improved. How to balance but achieve mutual benefit is still a bit difficult.

4. In addition, "Creative Partners" can use the start-up money awarded by the competition to open their favorite "Creative Hot Shops". Have you ever thought about starting a business? What kind of shop do you imagine this will be?

DOB Production-Su Shuoqi: A shop that can provide creative exchanges for other young people in the school. Everyone can play music together, talk about movies, and relax in their leisure time.

Wang Xinrui: I have thought about starting a business. I imagined it is a unique shop with the vitality of young people.

Wang Huiyi: I have thought about starting a business, but I think I have a certain work experience and a deeper understanding of the creative industry. The creative hot store in my imagination is born for creativity, not following the rules, and creating many cases with first-class communication, first-class insight, and first-class creativity.

5. What do you think of "creative partners" as a new workplace species?

Wang Xinrui: I think this is not only an opportunity for our college students, but also a new workplace species that adds vitality to the company.

Wang Huiyi: It feels very interesting and mutually beneficial. Enterprises can keep their freshness and vitality through creative partners, and creative partners can also use the platform to let their creativity and whimsical ideas land.

DOB production team: young people are responsible for providing vitality and creativity, and BOSS helps you realize your creativity, and both achieve a win-win situation.

N quick questions and answers about creativity

This is an era of diversity, and it is also an era in which young people's creativity is increasingly valued.

After the competition, they all felt more confident in themselves.

As for the black hole of creativity, which is full of mysterious imagination, they still have confusion and jerky, as well as crazy brain and inspiration.

1. What do you think is a good idea?

Wang Xinrui: Good creativity can make people shine.
DOB Dryness-Su Shuoqi: A creative idea is a good idea.
Wang Huiyi: Accuracy, deep emotion, thorough insight, good communication and malleability, and it can bring goods.

▲ Wang Xinrui

2. Where do you usually collect "creatives"?

Wang Xinrui: Photos taken by myself in life, works of designers on the website.
Wang Huiyi: The usual accumulation and go directly to the Internet to see classic/excellent cases.
DOB Production-Deng Song: Life is full of creativity, games, shops, movies and various advertisements.

3. Do you think there is a future for creativity?

Wang Xinrui, DOB Dryness: Yes.
Wang Huiyi: I always think creativity is very promising. Engaging in creative-related work means continuous learning, keeping an eye on social dynamics and responding quickly, constantly updating one's own cognition, and being at the forefront of the times.

4. Have you ever thought about making money with creativity? And how to make money from interest?

DOB Dryness-Su Shuoqi: I have thought about it but they are not very practical.

Wang Xinrui: I have thought about making some visual graphic patterns into the periphery, but I haven't tried it yet.

Wang Huiyi: I have thought about it, but I feel that theoretical knowledge is the cornerstone, as well as the accumulation of knowledge and life experience, and the understanding of creative tools. Creativity is not a floating cloud, behind it is insight and logic. Relying on interest to make money is probably full of enthusiasm, study hard, practice bravely, and keep updating.

▲ DOB Drying-Su Shuoqi

5. If you are a superhero who can save the planet by creativity, what do you think is this creativity?

Wang Huiyi: Creativity is the hardest weapon.
Wang Xinrui: Superman's underwear that can make garbage disappear.

6. What book/movie/music can make you feel inspired?

Wang Xinrui: "Painting Heart", "Budapest Hotel", "Sunshine and Palm Tree".
Wang Huiyi: A book by Keigo Higashino; movies with aspirations or suspense; classic songs, especially Cantonese, with really good lyrics.
DOB Production-Su Shuoqi: Yu Hua's works; Taiwanese bands listen more, Deca joins and keyL Liu Cong!

▲ Wang Huiyi on the right

In this creative competition, we also interviewed a special contestant-Gong Yu.

She is the only foreign contestant to enter the final. During the epidemic, as far away as the University of Georgia in the United States, she still learned the news of the competition through a group of fellow villagers at Beijing University of Chemical Technology, and then signed up for the "cloud competition" with the mentality of a try.

She did not expect that she would advance all the way to the final, and her work would become the top five in the national copywriting category. Because she couldn't make it to the scene in the finals, she and her boyfriend remotely "cooperated with China and the West", completing a transnational "innovation."

Gong Yu's work "You have longing, I have momentum": Click here to view the work

1. Do you think American college students and Chinese college students have different views on "creative"?

I don’t think there is a big difference in ideas about creativity. It may be mostly due to language factors. For copywriting, Chinese and Western college students may have points that the other party can’t "get", but I believe that after a deeper understanding, creativity will still luminescent.

2. What do you think of creativity and "creative partners"?

Creativity is the basic, but partnership is the most important thing in my heart. It is difficult to have a creative idea that can reach a consensus. It requires constant running-in and communication between the two parties. So I think a creative partner must not only have a mind that is constantly inspired, but also learn to accept other people's different ideas and constantly adjust and adapt.

3. If you really become a boy as you assume in your work, you can only change back by doing the "most creative thing". What can you think of?

Take a nude photo and post it on the Internet, and then turn it back into a girl. No one knows who the naked man is!

▲ Gong Yu

At last

How should the "new youth" of this era be defined?

Their answer is: vigor, vigor, vitality, personality, angularity, novel ideas, dare to think and dare to do.

They pay more attention to their own space, but also to business issues, as well as their connection with others and society. Their voices are being amplified, louder, and spread farther in this open, diverse and free creative environment.

At the same time, they are also facing greater employment pressure and an unknowable future.

GAC Trumpchi tried a breakthrough that kept pace with the times, and also provided an opportunity for the new generation to explore. They opened the door of opportunity, opening the space to young people who really have ideas and courage.

It is foreseeable that the employment environment in the future will also break the old ideological trend of the past and try more two-way openness.

GAC Trumpchi has taken the first step, and more companies will surely follow.

This is a challenge for the society, a challenge for the enterprise, and a challenge for every new young man.

Su Shuoqi and Deng Song from the DOB production team specially created an original song for this competition. This is also his "first man" ( click to enter the article to listen to the work ):

I am waiting for this day Waiting is raining
Lost at the starting line Remind (sigh) I have to work hard
Never thought of giving up I still have to keep climbing up  
The meaning of youth is to create a legend (Qi)
we are like litte bird
I flew to the branch and said to my heart that I must always cheer
Even if it is the baptism of heavy rain, complaining will make you feel lost
Moments show car and beauty show found a new job by themselves
Young people don't give up showing your good ideas
Show off your own strength and realize your dream tonight in Guangzhou Automobile
Waiting for dawn every day just to be able to pick up the paintbrush
Painting Shenbing and Tianjiang even if you are unknown ants

Su Shuoqi said:

This song is for every young person who participates in the competition or has a dream. Everyone has prepared a lot for this competition and paid a lot. I deeply feel it. I want to tell myself and everyone that this competition is just It’s just a starting point for us, and we will continue to work hard in the future. In addition, I’m really grateful to GAC Trumpchi for giving us a chance to show our talents and creativity. Life will inevitably be a bit unsuccessful, which may be caused by family members’ misunderstandings. It is a series of failures and falls. Even if you lose at the starting line, you still have to keep working hard.

Tomorrow is unpredictable, but as he sings, youth means unlimited possibilities .

Every unique creativity, new breakthrough, and brave change can show the power of youth and create a future for the public.

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