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London in 1890 was in the Victorian era of burning oil and flowers. In this era, people do not need to worry about food and clothing, and science and art find a fertile soil.

Especially opera, an art that was born in Italy in the 17th century, has become one of the most beloved art forms of the British under the word of mouth from the European aristocracy.

So that the nobles at that time, without the company of opera for a day, had trouble sleeping and eating.

So in 1890, the first pair of headphones in history was born. This was first launched by a company called Electrophone in the United Kingdom. It serves those customers who are extremely obsessed with opera. They will set up a line for these customers directly to the London theatre and the opera. The customer holds this huge headset connected by a long pole. Put it between your ears and you can hear the live performance in the opera house at this time.

At this time, the headset is a tool for transmitting sound and a bridge connecting art.

After the end of the Victorian era, the British lost the dividends brought about by the Industrial Revolution and headed for sunset. Earphones, a tool that can be used to transmit sound, have also been evolving in the war years, with smaller volumes and new sounding materials.

Today, headphones have become extremely small and exquisite, and their role has returned to the medium of art. People use headphones to enjoy various types of music and listen to various types of podcasts. The function is no longer limited to communication. On the contrary, people are Earphones have a more comprehensive pursuit, pursuing the "meaning of sound" brought by earphones.

In the era when true wireless headsets are prevalent, most of the headsets people wear every day sacrifice sound quality for convenience. We didn’t have a choice before, but with the increasing innovation of sensors, chips and other technologies, it may be time to reject this. Compromised.

Vivo has seized the opportunity of this era and wants to call on humans to become "hearing animals" through the ultimate sound quality adjustment.

Come, let's take a look at vivo TWS 2 first.

The surface of the earphone box uses a gradual blue color scheme, which is not only in line with the vivo brand color, but also behind the deep blue, there is a sense of mystery, which attracts me to open it and find out.

The vivo TWS 2 series has structured and innovated the entire link that affects the sound quality of the earphone. The body of the earphone is not big or small, and the only thing you can feel when you plug it into your ear is comfort, without falling or oppressive feeling.

Long press the headphone handle to turn on the automatic noise reduction function, and the noise around you no longer, the headphones will adaptively reduce noise according to the surrounding environment and user experience, achieving a quiet and comfortable balance.

It is not so much a friendly consideration of the auditory senses, but also a deep comfort to the user's spiritual feelings. According to the individual's desires and needs, he actively chooses whether to accept external information.

In addition to the appearance, we also want you to experience its highlight-sound quality, so we would like to invite you to listen to vivo TWS 2.

Vivo and Aifaner will hold a "Taste Good Sound Quality" salon event in Guangzhou Future News Agency on June 1st (Tuesday) . Click to register and have the opportunity to come to the scene to hear good sounds!

In this sugar meeting, we will discuss the "sound significance" brought to people by the technological development of headphones from a humanistic perspective.

Headphones have become a communication tool from the original "art bridge". It is precisely because of this attribute that related technologies have developed rapidly.

Today, vivo TWS 2 is adhering to the concept of "Technology is another kind of art", trying to return the headset to its original starting point, find the ideal sound of art, and once again build a bridge between technology and art.

Do you want to witness this moment with us?

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