I heard that there are 3000 gifts in this giant blind box, we went to the scene to grab them…

Blind Box, a treasure trove for young people today.

The little box is full of human emotions and desires. At the moment of opening the box, you never know whether the next second is the ecstasy of expecting to finally come true, or the loss of passion that fades in an instant.

But now, there is a "giant blind box" that is happy when you open it.

In the vast commercial center of Guangzhou University Town, a 180-square-meter creative blind box has risen on the ground today. There are 3000 mysterious gifts inside. The blind box itself is also a "game breakthrough space". After you experience the game in it, you can complete the task. Get the blind box gift for free.

Giant blind box + secret room breakthrough?

Upon hearing this news, as a blind box fanatic, my heart had already broken through time and space and flew to Guangzhou University City overnight, and my body arrived at the scene immediately after it "opened the box" the next morning.

When a giant blind box appeared on the Guangzhou campus…

Before entering the giant creative blind box, let's briefly understand how it came from.

This is actually a special opening ceremony that GAC Trumpchi will bring to Guangqi University during the 2020 GAC Trumpchi National College Student Advertising Creative Challenge (hereinafter referred to as "GAC Trumpchi Creative Challenge") in conjunction with major brands.

While spreading the competition to attract students to sign up, this giant blind box can also break the circle of creativity, allowing more creative students to come to this place to experience the immediate birth of inspiration and feel the charm of creative construction.

So in this blind box, we will see countless creative-related gameplay all over it.

It is also a pop-up event. The first stop was Guangzhou, and then it will go to other cities across the country to "tour" in major universities.

When I walked to the blind box scene, I could see the bright and bold "building" in front of me from a distance.

Red, green, blue, yellow, and purple are intertwined and collage. It is like a freely designed hotel along California highways, and it is like coming to Morocco with diverse colors. At first glance, it is unscrupulous creativity.

Before entering, I risked losing my surprise and secretly inquired with the staff about the contents of the more than 3,000 blind boxes inside.

The truth is, even if they spoiled it in advance, I would never guess what new stuff would be opened in my next box.

For example, some trendy objects that are close to young people include Pokémon’s animation trendy play figures, health-care soaking bags, ex-trash bags, green hats, "100 million yuan deposit" souvenir bags, toilet paper printed with English words…

Some commonly used digital objects include retro portable speakers, otaku lazy bracket, cool mobile phone lens, dual-head fast charging data cable, exclusive chicken artifact…

Some interesting things in life include trendy backpacks, cute baby bottle humidifiers, sonic electric toothbrushes, cute night lights…

Some original and personalized objects include "sand sculpture" glasses, foldable canvas bag, delicate ice fog fan, mosquito repellent stickers, black deer perfume…

There are also some exclusive cultural and creative objects, such as salted fish pencil case, pill hand ledger, life book notebook, sleeping headgear, eye mask, airplane pillow…

Not much to say, just enter the game. After all 3,000 blind box gifts, I shouldn’t finish writing 3,000 words.

What's more, what's in the blind box doesn't matter, what I removed is more important.

As a result, I immediately discovered that it didn't matter what was removed, the fun was still to come.

This is not blind box opening, this is a "Blind Box Adventure"

The first stop of the giant blind box is the "Inspiration Station" at the door.

Here you can first receive an "inspiration check-in guide" to tell you how to play inside. Simply put, check in at different locations in the entire giant blind box, get a seal, collect 5 seals, and you can summon the dragon… , Take out the blind box.

The first level is to enter the "tunnel of inspiration."

This tunnel should be a master of blind box style.

Walking into a space full of neon, irregular tiles, scrolling text, and mixed color aesthetics fill it. The name "Long Tunnel of Inspiration" is quite appropriate. It is a wonderful feeling of flying fragments of inspiration.

Similarly, it is also a suitable place for "net celebrity blockbusters." Put a pose here, take a photo and check in, and then you can pick up a stamp from the staff.

The second level is "Inspiration Museum".

The road leading to each level is called the "Inspiration Street". At this time, the trendy men and women on the "Street" are already bustling.

Turning a corner, you arrive at the "Inspiration Museum", which is a place where you need to work hard. Of course, it's not that everyone should write a new concept composition on the spot.

The previously mentioned GAC Trumpchi Creative Challenge has three propositions, based on "Trumpchi GS4: Driving every journey of life", "Trumpchi GS4 COUPE: The trend that can drive away CLUB", and "Trumpchi GS3 POWER: For young people. Add the three propositions of "Jin", brainstorm on the spot, write down a message, and drop it into the mailbox to get a seal.

Although I couldn't see what the people in front of me wrote and threw it in, I was full of thoughts in an instant, and with a big stroke, I wrote: "No matter which one, just send me."

The third level is "Inspiration Graffiti Wall".

After experiencing the last "Museum of Inspiration", I have been slightly inspired to create desire. This level is to let people completely release their specialties in visual art.

Although I have no special expertise, it is fortunate that it does not have too strict requirements. As long as you freely use your imagination based on GAC Trumpchi's "GAC" graphics, use graffiti tools to draw the "GAC" in your mind, you can get a seal.

The fourth level is "Inspiration Cinema".

This level is a bit interesting. You need to stick your head into a hole to see the movie playing in the hole. It has the feeling of "a winding path leads to a secluded place, and there is no heaven."

What is shown in the movie is the promotional film of this competition, but it is not a promotional film in the traditional sense, but three short films that pay tribute to Journey to the West, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and Jiang Taigong Fishing to explain what creativity is.

During the viewing period, the partner outside the cave helped to take a photo, and then the fourth seal was obtained.

The last level is the "Inspiration Parking Lot".

In retrospect, the previous levels were all set around creativity.

The first level is to enter the creative situation, the second level is to complete the text creative, the third level is to complete the image creative, the fourth level is to complete the video creative, and the last level is to leave a Happy Ending to the story.

Walk to the "Inspiration Parking Lot", where a GAC ​​Trumpchi GS4 COUPE has been parked.

This car is the representative model of GAC Trumpchi's "younger" model. From the appearance of the publicity design and the inner intelligent technology, it can be seen that it is different from other models in vitality.

Pretend to be a car model here, take a group photo, and get the last seal.

At this point, the 5 stamps have been collected, and finally sent to Moments, you can go to the gashapon machine next to the last blind box to twist an inspiration ball.

This inspiration ball is about to tell me the final answer drawn along the way.

It is: a long, long roll of toilet paper printed with English vocabulary level four and six.

Very good, won my heart, maybe God knows that I am a schoolmaster, so I can not relax in the bathroom.

When I received my blind box, I saw that everyone next to me was also unpacking the blind box. This was the most shocking scene in the entire giant blind box parade-the scene of the biggest blind box fanatic in history.

I saw the university students present taking out various gifts of different sizes from the blind box, accompanied by Yu Shuxin's "wow". They took out the foldable canvas bag, and when rolled up, it turned into a glasses case; they took out a large-framed glasses that covered half of the face, and An could distinguish him as a male and female after wearing it; there was also a retro look A rechargeable portable speaker; a pacifier humidifier that is already spraying mist; a salted fish pencil case that is very suitable for fishing in class; a small dark green fan…

And, after a college student, after hahahahaha, his smile gradually disappeared from his back, maybe he got a "green hat".

The gift was drawn, and the blind box adventure was over, but many people were invisibly attracted by the creative challenge behind it and began to ask for information about the contest.

Maybe this is what makes this blind box activity really meaningful for college students.

In fact, the competition behind the blind box is more noteworthy

The giant blind box is one of the important links during the GAC Trumpchi Creative Challenge.

This competition is a national creativity competition for full-time undergraduates and graduate students in various colleges and universities across the country. It lasts from October 10 to December 21. The schedule is divided into audition period, promotion competition and finals. The works will be reviewed in groups of graphic design, video, and copywriting. It is now in the audition stage.

Contest benefits are more worthy of attention than blind box gifts:

50 "Famous Enterprise Internship Direct Offer", 200,000 "Hot Shop Startup Funds", 9 "Creative Partners" qualifications, 9 "Creative Hot Shops" incubation support, and N prizes accompanying each stage of the competition.

We help you to clarify the connection between these rewards.

First of all, in this competition, GAC Trumpchi proposed a new contemporary work model called "creative partner".

The top three in the three categories of the competition will become the "creative partners" of GAC Trumpchi. They will support a total of 100 "creative partners" in the future. These people will use their own expertise to remotely participate in GAC Trumpchi's brand co-branding. Construction, brand activities, etc.

While in school, they can participate in corporate internships and enter the society. They can also join all walks of life freely and seek common development with GAC Trumpchi in a flexible identity.

The point is that "creative partners" can also open their own "creative hot shops."

In this competition, GAC Trumpchi will support 9 “creative partners” incubating and supporting 9 “hot shops” and provide them with 200,000 “hot shop startup funds”.

Students who want to start their own businesses and be their own passions, don’t have to worry about funding now, let alone whether their own shops can be opened.

This is because the organizing committee of the GAC Trumpchi Innovation Challenge will personally provide project support, training and empowerment, etc., to promote the improvement of personal entrepreneurial skills, and also accelerate the commercialization of "Creative Hot Shops".

In the future, GAC Trumpchi will continue to carry out the incubation program of 100 “Creative Hot Stores” to help each creative person increase their creative output and allow them to grow rapidly through project experience.

The 50 "internship offers from famous companies" mentioned earlier are the extra benefits of the competition for the winners.

GAC Trumpchi teamed up with famous companies such as Aifaner, Youbixuan, Shengguang, Wanglaoji, etc., to provide a group of outstanding creative students with internship positions directly connected to major factories.

Don't worry about not finding an internship opportunity at a big factory, your college resume can add a lot of splendor.

There is another interesting place. In the final finals, the players will compete for the top three in the form of a "talent fair."

The "Talent Fair" has also subverted the traditional competition scene. Instead, all finalists will have their own booth. They will freely design and express creatively on the spot, and give speeches and demonstrations at the finals, and then let the audience live Vote according to your own feelings. It is simply the Freestyle of the creative world. Be bold and dare to play.

Okay, so much, not for the talented you to not miss this creative contest.

Finally, the registration address is below. If you are interested, click here to register directly: https://gac-creative.ifanrusercontent.com/ .

▲ Save the picture above and open the scan code on WeChat or register directly

Looking forward to hearing your inspiration. Looking forward to your creative explosion.

I also look forward to your winning the prize, getting soft, and embarking on the creative path of your dreams.

Follow-up offline blind box flash events will also be stationed in other cities, where do you want to reach, let us know in the message area!

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