I can finally unlock the iPhone by wearing a mask, but we discovered these problems after experiencing it

The past year has been a year when iPhone users missed Touch ID so much.

There are friends around me who are still using the iPhone 8 series or even earlier models. The main reason is that Touch ID is much more convenient than face unlocking in the current epidemic. When you are away, you can easily open the phone without removing the mask or entering the 6-digit password.

However, the developer beta of iOS 14.5 and watchOS 7.4 released by Apple today makes it easier to unlock the face.

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The new heavyweight feature is to allow users to unlock the iPhone without entering a password when wearing a mask. But the premise is that the user must wear an unlocked Apple Watch.

What is the actual experience of this "extremely advanced" function? We upgraded the iPhone 12 Pro Max and the sixth-generation Apple Watch to the above beta system and used it for a day.

Much more convenient, but not perfect

After upgrading the system of mobile phones and watches, you need to manually turn on the relevant options. The specific path is "Settings"-"Face ID and Password"-"Unlock with Apple Watch".

Click Turn on, and you can use your Apple Watch to unlock your phone while wearing a mask.

In the actual experience, I feel that using Apple Watch to unlock the iPhone is slightly slower than using Face ID without wearing a mask , but the perception is not strong .

This is because the iPhone must first determine whether you are wearing a mask. If you find that your mouth and nose are covered, it will enable Apple Watch to unlock it.

In this process, the role of Apple Watch is like a spare key, and the security of the "key" is undoubtedly very important. Therefore, Apple also has several requirements for this key:

  • Apple Watch requires a password
  • Apple Watch worn on your hand and unlocked
  • Apple Watch and iPhone are close

The first condition is nothing to say. In order to test the strictness of the second condition, we tried to unlock the Apple Watch, but did not wear it on the wrist, and found that the iPhone could not be unlocked in this case.

What we are more curious about is the third condition, how far away the watch and the phone will fail.

In the test, we tried a variety of postures, even if we put our hands in our trouser pockets, or did some drastic exaggerated movements, it would not exceed the safe distance of Apple Watch to unlock iPhone. Explain that you don't have to worry about distance in daily use .

▲Put your hand into the trouser pocket, it will not affect the unlocking

It should be noted that when the mobile phone determines that the user wears a mask and enables the Apple Watch to unlock, Face ID will no longer participate in the unlocking process, but will directly use the Apple Watch as the key to unlock the phone.

In other words, the person next to you puts on a mask and picks up your iPhone. As long as your Apple Watch is within a certain distance from him, the phone can be unlocked.

In the actual test, these details are worth paying attention to:

  1. The safe distance for Apple Watch to unlock iPhone is about 3 meters, beyond this range it is difficult to unlock.
  2. When the Apple Watch is close to the iPhone, it may occasionally fail to unlock. At this time, the phone will remind you to "enter your password" or "Move your Apple Watch closer and swipe up to try again."
  3. If continuous unlocking fails, you need to manually enter the password to unlock the phone and enable Face ID.

▲ Tips for Apple Watch unlock failure

On the whole, the function of Apple Watch to unlock iPhone is perfect in terms of security. "No one loves masks," he only recognizes Apple Watch. After turning on this feature, you have to place your phone within sight.

In order to enhance security, when Apple Watch unlocks iPhone, the watch interface will automatically pop up a reminder page and give vibration feedback.

If the action of unlocking the phone is not approved by the owner, the owner can click "Lock Phone" on the Apple Watch to avoid privacy leakage.

At present, Apple Watch can only unlock iPhone. If you want to use Face ID when paying, you still have to take off the mask to reveal your full face.

After a day of experience, I feel that although this function is not perfect, it is still very convenient. For example, when I go to a restaurant to line up to buy lunch, I can unlock my phone to pay without having to pull down my mask. In places where people gather, this function undoubtedly reduces the chance of exposure.

Although you can manually enter the password in a public place, after being "spoiled" by a creature, I have become very resistant to manually entering it. In a hurry, the iPhone’s 6-digit password is easy to enter incorrectly repeatedly, making people even more maddened.

Therefore, the upgrade of this function is really good news for my "lazy cancer patient".

How to upgrade?

If you have both Apple Watch and iPhone X and above (except iPhone SE2), if you want to experience this feature right away, the easiest way is to install the description file required for system upgrade, and you can receive the version after restarting the phone The update is pushed.

This method does not require a computer, as long as there is WiFi can be completed. But please remember: make sure to back up your data before updating.

The description file and other upgrade methods can be obtained on the search engine.

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Of course, the stability of the beta system may not be as good as the official version. Friends who are worried about bugs should wait for the official version of iOS 14.5 to arrive.

Today’s release is Beta 1, and there may be Beta 2, RC versions in the future. After one to two weeks of testing, the official version of iOS 14.5 should be able to meet you all.

Without Apple Watch, you can also wear a mask to unlock

I have to say that Apple is really smart. It temporarily grafted the just need to wear a mask to unlock the iPhone to the Apple Watch.

Some iPhone owners who are troubled by Face ID may now be even more annoyed by not having an Apple Watch. But don’t worry, even if you don’t have an Apple Watch, you can use the following tips to achieve similar results.

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We have previously explained in an article that the increasingly powerful NPU of mobile phones makes the face recognition technology of mobile phones more and more advanced, allowing you to learn and recognize you in different states.

The A-series bionic chip of iPhone has strong learning ability. Some friends reported that since the epidemic came, because they would wear a mask every day when they go out, their iPhone has gradually recognized themselves wearing a mask, and they can successfully unlock their face even with a mask.

However, just like "children of other people's families," smart phones are often "other people's children." As far as my personal iPhone is concerned, I still don't know me wearing a mask. At best, pull the mask under the nose to barely pass the recognition.

This may be related to Apple's security algorithm. After all, my vivo X60 Pro+ can recognize me wearing a mask within a few days of using it.

▲ Picture from: idropnews

In order to make iPhone users "stand up", we collected and summarized the methods used by netizens to train iPhone to be smart. The first method is mainly divided into the following steps:

  • Prepare a mask (the style you usually use)
  • Change the phone password to a number that is easy to enter
  • Find a free time

When you are ready, put on the mask and start repeating the following actions:

  1. Light up the phone
  2. Perform face recognition
  3. Enter password after identification failure
  4. Lock your phone

Repeating the above steps continuously will help the iPhone to deepen the memory information of your characteristic location, thereby identifying you wearing a mask.

▲ Successfully trained iPhone. Picture from: Farhad Usmanoff

The most important thing for this method is patience. Some netizens said that after about half an hour, the iPhone can successfully identify. However, some netizens said that they were unsuccessful after trying it for an hour.

"Xuanwu Lab" also gave another solution, which is easier to operate, but the success rate also varies from person to person:

When entering the replacement face, fold the mask to cover half of the face, and enter the facial information alternately from left to right. After the entry is completed, it is possible to unlock successfully while wearing a mask.

▲Image from: Tencent Security

Some netizens say this method is very easy to use, but I have tried it several times without success. I don't know if it is related to the system version. Interested friends can try it.

The taste of compromise

In fact, unlocking the phone with a watch is not technically difficult. After all, Apple Watch can unlock the Mac long ago.

Android next door has launched similar functions in the 5.0 era. Users can set their own unlocking preferences in "Smart Lock Screen".

Android provides three unlocking scenarios, namely Bluetooth, WiFi, and location. In short, users can add scenes they trust and combine the scenes to determine whether the phone is locked.

▲The setting page of Smart Lock Screen. Picture from: lifewire

For example, I set the company's WiFi and location combination as a trust scenario. Then after I go to the company and connect to WiFi, the phone can automatically cancel the lock screen password.

In the same way, if the watch is set to trust the Bluetooth device, when the phone is connected to the watch, the watch can be used to unlock the phone. In a way, this is similar to unlocking iPhone with Apple Watch.

The reason why Apple has not introduced the function of unlocking the phone with the watch before this is probably for safety reasons. After all, mobile phones are not like computers. They are highly mobile and require higher security to a certain extent.

At present, using the Apple Watch to unlock the iPhone’s function will encourage some people to buy Apple Watch and make Apple Watch users more motivated to wear the watch, but it still has a strong taste of "compromise", which seems to be to reduce people’s It is a function decided to introduce the opportunity of exposure in public places to reduce the spread of the epidemic.

If you use Apple Watch to unlock the iPhone, Face ID can read the unobstructed facial area, and the combination of the two to unlock the phone may have greater security. Looking forward to subsequent versions can be improved in this direction.

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Some netizens said that after the launch of the Apple Watch's unlocking iPhone function, the legendary under-screen fingerprint recognition function of the next-generation iPhone may be castrated.

However, it is difficult to find sufficient evidence to support this view. In terms of security and unlocking experience, the fingerprint recognition technology under the screen is much better than the combination of a watch and a mobile phone. We can still expect to see this technology on the next iPhone.

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