I bought a famous painting for US$95,000 and burned it, and auctioned the digital version at 4 times the price. What do you want to do with blockchain art?

What would the average person do if he bought a painting at a high price?

Of course it is a collection.

Air, humidity, light, photo frames, etc. are all very particular about it. It is not an exaggeration to say that this painting is offered.

But some people do the opposite.

"Idiot" was burned

This painting is called "Idiot", created by British painter and famous street graffiti artist Banksy in 2016. The painting depicts an art auction and satirizes the record sales history of Van Gogh's Sunflower in 1987. , The painting says "I can't believe you idiots would really buy this", mocking those collectors who spend huge sums of money on art.

▲ "Morons"

I had to admire, the artist became so cruel that he even scolded himself and his fans.

After fierce competition, "Idiot" was finally bought by Injective Protocol Blockchain Company for US$95,000 (approximately RMB 610,000), and then they opened a live broadcast, lit a fire, and burned completely during the live broadcast. it.

Just as people were dumbfounded, the Injective Protocol blockchain company announced that after the painting was finished, they would digitally save the painting through SuperFarm blockchain technology, sell it in the form of NFT (Non-Fungible Token), and auction the electronic version of "Idiot" Ownership of the version and donate the proceeds to charitable organizations.

This virtual painting with a unique identifier after being processed by blockchain technology. Whoever owns the key is equivalent to owning the painting.

There are many "idiots" chasers for the electronic version of "Idiots", and the highest bidder spent 380,000 US dollars (approximately RMB 2.47 million) to get it.

Performance Art?

To be honest, after reading it through, I think it may matter the artist, auctioneer, bidders are in fact not "idiot", the real in the side Chigua we are the – what is better than "US $ 95,000 a modern The painting was burned by a blockchain company live broadcast, and then the unique digital prints were sold at 4 times the price." What about blockchain marketing that attracts the public's attention ?

Now many people can't help but look up what NFT is.

NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a special type of encrypted token that represents something unique. Therefore, NFTs are irreplaceable with each other, which makes it compatible with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (such as Bitcoin) And many actually replaceable network or utility tokens in contrast.

Genius marketing, but so.

There have been many discussions surrounding this matter, with mixed reviews. From the perspective of traditional collections, paintings are one of the carriers of human civilization. Burning the carrier will undoubtedly turn the civilization information into ashes. But from the perspective of human civilization inheritance, using blockchain technology, Digitizing the paintings and labeling them with the only label, and then burning the paintings, is exploring the possibility of human civilization inheritance. Unlike general performance art, it challenges the traditional inheritance of human civilization. It is very likely to be in humans. Become one of the landmark events in history .

▲ The work of encryption artist Beeple

Executive Officer Mirza Uddin said: “We regard this burning incident as an expression of art itself. In addition, we deliberately chose Banksy’s works because he tore himself up at an auction. A piece of work".

NFT artwork has reached scale

"Idiot" is not the first NFT artwork to be traded.

On March 11th, Christie auctioned "Everydays: The First 5000 Days" by encryption artist Beeple in the form of NFT for 60.25 million US dollars (approximately RMB 450 million), creating NFT art New record.

"Everydays: The First 5000 Days (every day: the first 5000 days)"

In February, Beeple's other work "CrossRoad" shocked the world. It was sold for US$6.6 million through Nifty Gateway, an online cryptocurrency market for digital art, which was the most expensive digital work in auction history at that time. Because a certain image in the painting has its own topical attributes, in addition to the price, the painting itself has also aroused heated discussion.


Creating a blowout, NFT art trading platforms have also sprung up.

OpenSea is known as Taobao in the NFT world. SuperRare is a highly demanding art trading platform in the circle. Rarible is a bit similar to "xianyu". Known Origin is regarded as a distribution center for artists, similar to Beijing 798.

▲ The rainbow cat Nyan Cat emoticon pack that has been popular for many years, its original creator Chris Torres will auction the remastered version through the encrypted art platform Foundation, and finally sell it for 300 ether, which equals approximately US$590,000

In China, NFT is also continuously merging with the art world.

"The world's first large-scale NFT art exhibition" is expected to open in Shanghai on March 26. It will exhibit Beeple, Robert Alice, Mario Klingeman, Robbie Barratt, Parker, Nonosi , Mad Dog Jones and more than 60 artists.

Different from the above-mentioned works created by NFT artists on computers, "Idiot" is a physical painting first, then an NFT version, and finally the physical painting is burned, leaving only the virtual digital version, which means that the east wind of NFT has blown into the entity. The art field has broken the boundaries between physical art and NFT art .

I don't know if the "Mona Lisa" at the Louvre in Paris will shiver after learning this news.

What is the difference between NFT artwork

Compared with physical artwork, the biggest difference between NFT artwork is that it breaks the constraints of money, time and space and other factors, allowing everyone to appreciate authentic artwork anytime and anywhere at almost no cost.

If you want to appreciate the authentic "Mona Lisa", you can only fly to Paris and go to the Louvre to see its beauty. Someone might say that there are many "Mona Lisa" shots on the Internet. Isn't it the same?

Different. The photos taken in JPEG/PNG and other formats are not "genuine". For example, the light, angle and other factors at the time of shooting will affect the authenticity of "Mona Lisa". The circulation cannot be traced, and it may be compressed and lose information. NFT works of art It is the digitalization of the authentic artwork itself on the blockchain, and its circulation and transactions are public. As long as it is not modified, the information it carries will not be damaged.

▲ NFT artwork is a unique token on the blockchain, which looks like a painting, but is actually a string of codes and keys

Song Ting, the holder of the highest domestic auction price of NFT, said in an interview with "Global Knowledge Lei Feng" that the difference between NFT art and traditional art is:

  1. From physical storage to digital currency wallet storage
  2. All collections start around transfers
  3. Collecting groups changed from nobles to information technology citizens

Artists can use NFT technology to encrypt paintings, photos, songs, videos and other works, and sell official versions to those who want to buy and collect them.

The collector owns the ownership of the corresponding collection on the blockchain, and can also sell it to the next person in any form. Anyone can download and watch this artwork for free, but the person who holds the key of this artwork is it The owner.

To give an improper example, if the "Mona Lisa" is NFTized, then in theory everyone can use the screen to display a genuine "Mona Lisa" at home, but the Louvre in Paris is the "Mona Lisa". The real owner of Lisa.

▲ Even if the same person takes two photos of "Mona Lisa" with the same camera and the same parameters at the same angle, these two photos are different, and they are not the real "Mona Lisa"

The emergence of NFT artworks is undoubtedly a challenge to the traditional collection and auction system. The two central nodes of museums and auction houses will decline, and it will be good for creators. Not only do they no longer have to worry about paintings being forged, but also No need to rely too much on the platform to promote your paintings.

The rebellion and inheritance of NFT artworks

Song Ting analyzed the rebellious power of encryption culture and believed that it came from the United States in the last world:

In the 1950s and 1960s of the last world, the lives of young Americans were not so happy. After the war, they saw the fragility of human nature… and they found that after the war, big capitalist craftsmanship developed and the economy seemed to become more prosperous. , But did I really become happier and more free? No, so they have a strong impulse to oppose the over-rationalized comfort and central authority… The prosperous information technology building we have today, the bottom is also It is buried in the shadow of the magical social reform program proposed by young subcultures… When it comes to encryption art, it is inseparable from the collaborative spirit of open source culture.

But Song Ting believes that this anti-power and anti-centered thinking is not in opposition to the real world:

We are in this era where human intelligence, artificial intelligence, the digital world and the physical world are quaternary side by side. This concentration will change, but this structure will no longer change. Therefore, in my lifetime, the physical school (entity) and The digital (virtual) will tear each other and create space, some will be very fierce, some will be very conservative, so as to give those realistic idealists, those who may have a speculative mentality but objectively promote innovation to a certain extent. , Give them the space to create consensus and create opportunities.

The core is the NFT artwork of the rebel forces, and at the same time bears the responsibility of exploring inheritance.

There is a classic line in the novel "Three-Body" that the best way to continue civilization is to "engrave it on a stone." It will last longer than any other way of continuation of civilization. Back to the real world, "Mona Lisa" will always be wiped out. Perhaps NFTization will be the best destination for these human civilization carriers.

Third-rate plan planner, second-rate mirror host, first-rate prodigal swingman

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