I asked 11 big questions of the hottest “Internet celebrity” abroad, and he said that I can buy 1 million yuan of Nike shoes

Today's tweet is a bit special because it's hardly written by a human.

Not scolding myself, but a compliment to this "Internet celebrity" who has recently become popular all over the Internet.

It is the recently hotly discussed new player in the field of artificial intelligence – ChatGPT.

This tool can not only talk, send code, and write scripts, even Musk couldn't help but sigh:

ChatGPT is very good. We are not far from a dangerously powerful AI!

So where exactly is ChatGPT?

We took a crazy on-site test for it, borrowing 10 big companies we pay special attention to: Uniqlo, Nike, IKEA, Starbucks, KFC, Dyson, Durex … to test the information, logic, emotion, ethics, and creation of ChatGPT Wait for various abilities to see how "smart" it is.

Without further ado, let's get to the point.

Note: The following content is all fictitious, and if there is any similarity, AI is to blame.

Question 1: Uniqlo/Test Three Views

Question 2: KFC/Test Calmness

Question 3: IKEA/Exam Resilience

Question 4: Lululemon/combat test

Question 5: Nintendo/Creativity test

Question 6: Durex / Endurance test

Question 7: Nike/Test of Judgment

Question 8: Starbucks / test insight

Question 9: Coca-Cola/Test Discrimination

Question 10: Dyson/Testing Courage

Question 11: Future Questions/Test Potential

Last: Additional Questions

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