Human deceptive behavior: let paper players draft, listen to virtual idols

Do you think there are more and more unknown names on Weibo hot search? Do you think your friends like stars have never heard of them? Do you think that more and more faces on TV are missing?

If your three answers are "yes," then you probably won't watch the draft or chase idols. After all, these years, fans of star chasers have one, two, three, four, five or six wall posts. It's not that they are too carefree, but that more and more star-making programs make them "change their hearts." Artists, rappers, men's groups, and talent shows are emerging one after another. It's too easy for fans to become an artist. If this development continues, a fan may need to fan 10 idols to ensure the smooth operation of the entertainment starmaking system.

The fight between idols has become increasingly fierce. Not only are real people robbing each other for resources, even the "paperman" also wants to catch up with this trend and harvest a lot of fans.

▲"Cross-Dimensional Rising Star" promotional poster

Virtual idol draft, embarrassing to "head off"

IQiyi recently launched a new variety show "Cross-Dimensional Rising Stars", a talent show for virtual characters. Because of this program, the magical year of 2020 has added an adjective of "virtual idol audition first year". Since the virtual idol audition is indeed an "unprecedented" variety show, I chose it to "have dinner" when I was eating at noon.

As a cross-dimensional draft variety show, the appearance of two-dimensional players is very different. The big guys in a row seem to have a toolbox for mysterious transactions, and the virtual idols were brought to the scene by programmers in the box. As a person who creates and controls virtual idols, the performance of programmers largely determines the performance of players. Therefore, many people jokingly call this program "Programmer 101".

When every move of the contestant is controlled by the programmer, the effect is a bit awkward.

The first player, Qiu Di, fell first and then sang. As an audience with a God's perspective, you know that this is not an accident, it is just a script. This script intended to create a "queen of topic" does not shock you.

▲ In addition to wrestling and broken sound, the players' walking posture is also a bit strange

When the players are under control, another kind of embarrassment is caused, that is, there is no communication, only process. After the first performance of the show, the "expansion division (guest)" in the show wanted to interact with the contestants, but the contestants had already entered the second stage.

There are many similar plots in the later period. For example, when the expander asks the players to show more talents, the players can only answer "No today" because the programmer father did not prepare so much. With many such clips, it is difficult for the audience to immerse themselves in the original draft plot of the variety show, which becomes a funny variety show.

▲ Interaction must greet in advance, and there will be no response if it is not in the script

Of course, the problem with the script flow is acceptable, and what is more serious is that the virtual idol is "stuck". Data errors and troubleshooting are common in the digital age, but on the stage of performances, this is not so common. Just like watching a movie and encountering a black screen, Windows computer suddenly blue screen, no one likes similar accidents.

▲ Virtual idol "downtime"

Faced with the "downtime" of the virtual idol, the programmer's ultimate solution is to restart.

Another awkward point is the specific difference between player modeling and poster image. If the virtual idol on the poster can make many people shout "I can", the actual modeling of the virtual idol makes people want to say "I escaped." The difference between the modeling and the poster is like the difference between the refinement and the original image. The four-pack abdominal muscles become one piece, the flowing hair is stuck together like a hair sleeve, and the boy with Qingjun glasses himself has become a green-eyed fox.

The contrast between "photo trick" and the photo is so fierce that the artist may want to be a modeler.

▲ After watching the modeling, the fans ran away overnight

The virtual idol’s singing mouth does not move, the clarity is three levels worse than the surrounding environment, and the walking posture is strange, unable to support more than three people to appear in a space at the same time. It is not prepared in the early stage and faces technical constraints. Up.

▲ The technical difficulty is high, and there is almost no player lounge

If you want to treat this show as a variety show for talent show, it is not real enough; if you want to treat it as a variety show for watching beautiful two-dimensional characters, almost all modeling may not meet the requirements; but if you treat it as Funny variety shows, maybe you can still harvest "cyberpunk" happiness.

Today’s virtual idols are not selected

There are many problems with this variety show, but the core problem may be that these virtual idols are not attractive. Although it is a cross-dimensional variety show, don't ignore the aesthetics and pickiness of the two-dimensional enthusiasts. The two-dimensional can not be popular with any character.

What are the hottest virtual idols? Hatsune, Luo Tianyi, Lingyuan Yousa, Hezi, if you count the idols derived from the game, it may also include Infinite Kings, Seraphine, Nuannuan…

▲ Seraphine, the new hero of the League of Legends, is also a virtual idol

It may be difficult for people who don’t catch a cold to understand similar feelings. Why do they like virtual idols? Are real idols not popular?

I've seen people say that virtual idols are not worthy of liking:

A: I will always like the Infinite Kings Group.

B: What do you like? Isn't it all a bunch of data?

A: Then you are just a bunch of cells.

▲ The cover of the men's team derived from King of Glory, composed of Zhao Yun, Baili Shouyue, Zhuge Liang, Han Xin, and Li Bai

These virtual idols stand out, either by feelings and IP, or by long-term company. If there is a virtual singer singing to you every day and talking with you, then you are likely to have a good impression of her. If you play the game for a few years and choose a few highly popular characters to create an idol group, then you will pay more attention to them.

Looking at the currently more popular virtual idols, few are popular because of the idol itself. Some of them are backed by big IPs, some have a long debut time, some have good operations, and some do not lack gimmick labels on their heads. There are very few cases of crazy fans relying on a stage or a song. From the perspective of "Cross-Dimensional Rising Stars", the current number and quality of virtual idols may not be able to do this, nor can they support a draft.

▲ The start-up animation of Glory of Kings is the singing stage of Infinite Kings

At present, the virtual idols in the big fire rely on years of operating advantages and well-known IPs, which makes it difficult for other virtual idols to reproduce. However, the commercial value created by these virtual idols cannot be ignored. This may be the reason why iQiyi took a seat in advance to test the virtual character selection.

As the most famous virtual idol, Hatsune opened a concert ten years ago to sell out the tickets instantly; Luo Tianyi continued to work hard, and has many endorsements and cooperation with well-known brands such as KFC, Guangming and Pechoin; "Glory of the King" The Infinite Kings Group derived from IP is like ordinary male stars, endorsing makeup and emptying the wallets of female players.

▲ The King of Glory spin-off men's team has cooperation with Givenchy and Mac

Virtual idol draft is far from time

There are indeed more virtual idols today.

At the 2020 World Artificial Intelligence Conference Cloud Summit, several major AI groups will appear. Microsoft Xiaoice, Baidu Xiaodu, Xiaomi Xiaoai, and B station Lingyuan Yousa will make their debut together. Although their appearance and the direction they are good at are different. But as the "virtual idols" of Internet giants, their collective debut is more representative.

The well-known restaurant brand KFC previously changed its spokesperson from a grandfather to a muscular man. Colonel KFC has also attracted a lot of attention to the brand. The colonel is actually a virtual idol. This idol also has its own love development game, attracting customers to fall in love with the brand's new virtual image and interact.

But these two examples don't have more reference value. After all, Internet companies are virtual idols to show their technological progress and heritage. This is to show muscles, while KFC Meimei Colonel is more doing brand marketing. In these cases, either the company does not care whether it can make money, or the company uses it for marketing, but for the virtual idol operating company, monetization is far more important than muscle show and marketing.

But there are also problems with monetization, because the public's attention to virtual idols cannot support such a large market. In the program "Cross-Dimensional New Stars", the factors that attract the most viewers are traffic stars such as Yu Shuxin, Angelababy, and Xiaogui, rather than the virtual idol selection itself.

▲ At present, most of the fans who follow this variety show are fans of three traffic stars

While not paying enough attention, these virtual idols also lack surprises. When people know that behind each idol is a team of dozens or hundreds of people, they are likely to regard virtual idols as commodities, and it is difficult for people to be impressed by commodities.

If the audience thinks this is likely to be false, you need to convince him that it is true. The new problem facing virtual idols is how to make the character and story of this character more credible? This puts more demands on the modeling of characters and the layout of scripts, and the staff will face the test of multiple abilities such as technology and screenwriting. If the script is mediocre and the virtual idol does not have the ability to create new things, it will be difficult for the audience to be impressed.

▲ Virtual idols put forward more requirements for modeling and script layout

Judging from the current one and a half episodes, there are almost no players who can surprise the audience. When idols are running smoothly in the data, the surprises and sparks that the audience wants may never come. The only thing that can be gained is embarrassment and downtime.

Fans who follow stars really want a guaranteed idol. The other party does not fall in love, does not cheat, does not engage in pornography, gambling, and drugs, without any negative aspects, and exists in an ideal state that fans want. But before fans have any demands on idols, they must first like these attractive idols.

Compared with the "Koi", "Small Craftsmanship", and "Big Devil" in the reality show, the charismatic images of the paperman players are not enough.

Now when virtual idols are not so good and fan acceptance is not so high, virtual idol talent shows appear too early. Idols and audiences are not ready yet.

Not too interesting, not too optimistic.

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