Huawei’s spring conference is officially scheduled/Zhiji Auto apologizes again Xiaomi: has no intention to challenge the “sky-breaking traffic”/Microsoft is confident of defeating the M3 MacBook Air on Arm


Huawei Hongmeng Ecological Spring Communication Conference is officially announced to be held on April 11

Microsoft confident of beating M3 MacBook Air on Arm

Zhiji once again apologizes to Xiaomi Motors: It has no intention to challenge the "big traffic"

Former Tesla CEO: It’s regrettable that Musk delayed low-cost electric car plan


Ji Krypton refutes rumors of group buying price reduction

Alipay customer service responded "It crashed"

Musk: AI may surpass human intelligence next year

Google launches upgraded version of Find My Device


Nubia launches three new mobile phones

Apple Watch Series 10 battery life may be improved

MediaTek launches generative AI service platform

WPS 365 upgrades one-stop AI office

Huawei Smart Screen S5 and Smart Door Lock Plus released

NetEase Ding Lei met with Blizzard CEO, Blizzard national server may officially announce its return today


Huawei Hongmeng Ecological Spring Communication Conference is officially announced to be held on April 11

Huawei officially announced that the Hongmeng Eco Spring Communication Conference will be held at 14:30 on April 11.

According to reports, this communication will focus on the Zhijie S7 car and the new Huawei MateBook notebook computer, which is in line with previous speculations by outsiders.

It is still unknown whether the Huawei P70 mobile phone will be unveiled at this conference. Yesterday, another Huawei store revealed to the media that the P70 series can already accept "blind ordering", no deposit is required, and consumers can register information in advance. As for whether P70 will join the "Pioneer Project", we have not received any notification yet.

big company

Microsoft confident of beating M3 MacBook Air on Arm

Sources revealed to The Verge that Microsoft is very confident in the newly launched Arm Windows device and believes that it will beat the M3 MacBook Air in terms of CPU performance and AI acceleration tasks.

It is reported that Microsoft has great confidence in Qualcomm's upcoming Snapdragon X Elite processor. It believes that this chip will be able to provide the performance it has been pursuing and can more actively promote the development of Windows on Arm.

Microsoft is about to hold an "AI PC" event next month, and may launch consumer versions of Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 6 equipped with Snapdragon X Elite processors at this event. Microsoft has previously launched commercial versions of these two devices. , equipped with Intel Core Ultra processor.

Zhiji once again apologizes to Xiaomi Motors: It has no intention to challenge the "big traffic"

After apologizing for mislabeling Xiaomi Motors SU7 parameters at the press conference early yesterday morning, Zhiji Auto apologized to Xiaomi Motors again yesterday afternoon.

Zhiji further explained the occurrence of the error, saying that he had conducted an expert survey on the specific types of Xiaomi motor power modules. Unfortunately, the survey results were inconsistent with the actual situation claimed by Xiaomi Motors officials.

Zhiji Auto also responded to Xiaomi's spokesperson's "three responses", believing that his words were "intense". Zhiji Auto subjectively had no intention of deliberately smearing, and had "no intention and no ability to challenge Xiaomi's overwhelming traffic." It hopes that Xiaomi's spokesperson "Speak with mercy."

Former Tesla CEO: It’s regrettable that Musk delayed low-cost electric car plan

Former Tesla CEO Martin Eberhard said that Tesla may have given up on cheap cars and that lowering the price of electric vehicles is the key to popularization.

Eberhard said in an interview that he recently read that Tesla is no longer producing the low-end Model 2 because they feel they can't compete with China's low-end cars.

"It's such a shame," Eberhard said. "They need to rethink this. This seems to be a better market than the monster trucks they make."

Last week, Reuters reported that Tesla had canceled plans for a low-priced car, which was vaguely denied by current Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Ji Krypton refutes rumors of group buying price reduction

Yesterday, @ji氪 Legal Department responded on Weibo that the rumors of "Ji氪 price reduction" were untrue, and there was no official price adjustment.

Recently, an account on the Internet posted "promotional" information about "group purchases" and "promotional offers" of Jikrypton Automobile, in an attempt to influence users to think that Jikrypton has official price adjustments.

JK Auto’s investigation found that the intermediaries who issued such “discounts” were malicious in promoting bank loan products and cashing out high-interest rebates, and packaged some of the rebates into “discounts” for users. The users were likely to suffer property losses due to the inability to settle the transactions normally in the later period. loss.

Jikrypton Auto stated that the price and car purchase rights of Jikrypton Auto will be subject to the following scheduled display on Jikrypton App.

Alipay customer service responded "It crashed"

Yesterday, many netizens reported that Alipay could not be used and functions such as ant energy collection could not be used. The topic #AlipayBreaking# became a hot search topic on Weibo.

Alipay customer service staff responded that there was indeed a system exception and the staff was handling it urgently and would recover soon. The security of users' funds and information will not be affected.

Late yesterday afternoon, Alipay had basically returned to normal.

 Musk: AI may surpass human intelligence next year

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and X, talked about AI and AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) in a recent interview.

When asked about the development timetable of AGI, Musk said that if AGI is defined as being smarter than the smartest human being, he thinks it may be available next year, that is, within these two years.

He added that the shortage of chips is a major factor restricting the development of AI, but power supply will be critical in the next year or two.

Musk also said that his AI company xAI is training the 2.0 version of its AI model Grok. It currently lacks enough advanced chips and is expected to complete the relevant work in May.

New product

Google launches upgraded version of Find My Device

Yesterday, Google officially launched an enhanced version of the "Find My Device" network for Android.

According to reports, this "Find My Device" network is similar to the iOS "Find" network and will use a crowdsourcing network to help Android users find their items.

With the update, your phone can be found with the help of other Android devices even if it's offline.

Starting in May, the network will also support Chipolo and Pebblebee Bluetooth tracking tags, allowing Android users to find wallets or keys.

The lookup network will also support sending alerts to victims of potential abuse of the feature, with even iPhone users receiving notifications.

It is reported that JBL and Sony headphones will also be updated to support this tracking network.

Nubia launches three new mobile phones

Yesterday, Nubia held a 2024 spring new product launch conference and released three new products: Nubia Z60 Ultra Photographer's Edition, Nubia Flip and Nubia Mavericks. According to reports, the three new products all incorporate AI technology.

The Nubia Z60 Ultra Photographer Edition integrates AI large models and upgrades in aspects such as starry sky, portraits, night scenes, colors, super resolution, noise reduction, focus tracking, etc. It also provides AI magic elimination, AI lightning capture, and AI voice assistant. New AI features such as snapshot suggestions.

Nubia Flip is Nubia's first small foldable phone. It is equipped with a 1.43-inch circular OLED external screen. It supports operations such as taking pictures, listening to music, checking the weather, and directly displays notifications for incoming calls. Nubia Flip is only 7 mm thick when unfolded, making it the thinnest domestic small folding phone on the market.

Nubia Mavericks is a 100-yuan mobile phone that integrates 100 million pixels, AI, 5G and other experiences, and its appearance replicates the design of a flagship phone.

Nubia Z60 Ultra is now on sale, priced at 3,999 yuan for 12 GB + 512 GB. Nubia Flip will go on sale through all channels on April 16, with 8 GB + 256 GB priced at 2,999 yuan; Nubia Mavericks will go on sale through all channels on April 12, with 6 GB + 256 GB priced at 799 yuan Yuan.

Apple Watch Series 10 battery life may be improved

Supply chain sources revealed to The Elec that the Apple Watch Series 10 to be released this year will use an upgraded OLED display using low-temperature polycrystalline oxide (LTPO) thin film transistor (TFT) technology.

Currently, the Apple Watch screen only uses LTPO TFT as two switching transistors, and the rest uses less efficient low-temperature polysilicon (LTPS) technology.

Apple Watch Series 10 may expand the use of LTPO to more transistors, which is expected to improve the display energy efficiency of this product and extend battery life.

MediaTek launches generative AI service platform

Yesterday, MediaTek held a generative AI forum and launched its generative AI service platform MediaTek DaVinci, also known as "MediaTek DaVinci". Currently, more than 40 manufacturers have joined the ecosystem.

According to reports, this tool was originally a generative AI tool within MediaTek Group and is widely used in various departments of the group, with a group penetration rate of 96%.

MediaTek Innovation Base also released the latest Traditional Chinese large model of the platform, MediaTek Research BreeXe, which is developed based on Mixtral 8x7B and has the advantages of saving computing resources and increasing speed. According to reports, the model surpassed GPT-3.5 in Traditional Chinese test projects (TMMLU+, MT Bench TW).

WPS 365 upgrades one-stop AI office

Yesterday, the Kingsoft Office Productivity Conference was held, where WPS 365, a new office productivity platform for organizations and enterprises, was released, including the upgraded WPS Office, the newly released WPS AI Enterprise Edition and WPS collaboration.

WPS 365 will be able to cover an organization's basic daily office needs, from document creation to instant messaging to AI applications, upgrading from a document processing suite to a "one-stop AI" office.

WPS collaboration provides collaboration capabilities between users and seamlessly connects email and OA systems.

WPS Office has a built-in AI application WPS AI with large language model capabilities, providing users with functions such as expansion, abbreviation, summary, and formula generation.

WPS AI Enterprise Edition will focus on building enterprise brains for customers. It is divided into three parts: AI Hub, AI Docs, and Copilot Pro. It integrates such as MiniMax, Zhipu AI, Wenxinyiyan, Shangtang Ririxin, Tongyi Qianwen, etc. The domestic mainstream AI model supports intelligent document libraries and can also help companies use natural language to drive product analysis.

Huawei Smart Screen S5 and Smart Door Lock Plus released

Yesterday, Huawei released the smart screen S5 series and smart door lock Plus, which are already available for pre-sale on and Huawei Mall.

Huawei Smart Screen S5 supports 4K screen projection, 100% sRGB high color gamut, 144 Hz high refresh mode, equipped with Hongmeng 4 system, equipped with a new AI camera, and 3 GB + 64 GB storage. There are three versions available: 55-inch, 65-inch, and 75-inch, priced at 3699, 4599, and 6299 yuan respectively. There is also an 85-inch version that is not on the shelves.

Huawei Smart Door Lock Plus has built-in AI 3D face recognition 2.0, is equipped with fully automatic noise reduction lock body 2.0, is equipped with Hongmeng 4 system, and is priced at 2,899 yuan.

new consumption

NetEase Ding Lei met with Blizzard CEO, Blizzard national server may officially announce its return today

Negative reviews from public accounts revealed exclusively that Blizzard’s national server may officially announce its return today.

The negative review also published a photo. According to the photo, NetEase CEO Ding Lei and Blizzard CEO Johanna Faries were in the photo. The group was discussing Blizzard's return to China.

According to previous news, the team operating Blizzard’s national server will be NetEase’s Thunder Fire Business Group and will operate in Guangzhou.

It is reported that Blizzard’s return to the national server will be announced for a period of time, and the launch time of the game has not yet been determined.

ZARA refutes rumors to withdraw from Chinese market

Recently, news that Spanish clothing brand ZARA has closed stores in many domestic cities has been circulating on the Internet. It is reported that ZARA will gradually withdraw from the Chinese market.

ZARA responded to the Beijing News yesterday that the news about its withdrawal from China was untrue, and the news about "large-scale store closures" was also wrong. ZARA had closed three stores in Huizhou, Dongguan, and Shanghai Baoshan in the past two months.

ZARA also stated that it is constantly optimizing and upgrading its stores, and by opening larger stores and equipping them with efficient digital innovation technology, it will bring a more integrated digital experience to Chinese consumers.

Under Armor Urban Outdoor series is officially on sale

UNDER ARMOR Under Armor launches the new Urban Outdoor urban wild fun series to help outdoor enthusiasts open up the "urban wild fun" perspective when going out.

The Urban Outdoor outdoor functional jacket is designed with details such as Velcro cuffs and a drawstring hood to implement urban functional style. Its water-repellent technology allows water droplets to slide off automatically.

The Urban Outdoor functional vest has a multi-pocket design to keep your hands free.

The Urban Outdoor pocket short-sleeved T-shirt takes into account the comfortable and dry feeling brought by Coolmax® MIXED high-performance technology, and uses outdoor-style design and color matching to provide new ideas for daily wear combinations, adapting to diverse urban outdoor scenes.

At present, UA Urban Outdoor's urban wild fun series products have been officially launched and are available online and offline simultaneously.


Trailer for Scarlett's new film "Moonshot" revealed

The AppleTV+ movie "Moonshot" has been officially released.

This comedy film will focus on the most tense stage of the American moon landing in 1969. The government arranged for a team to record a fake moon landing in case the moon landing was unsuccessful.

Scarlett Johansson plays a NASA publicist, and Channing Tatum plays a moon landing executive. The film will hit North American theaters on July 12.

20th Century Pictures picks up American rock godfather biopic

20th Century Pictures has won the production and distribution rights to the biopic "Deliver Me From Nowhere" about famous American rock singer Bruce Springsteen, defeating A24, which was also interested.

The film will star Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor Jeremy Allen White and will focus on the rock king's story during the making of his landmark album "Nebraska" in 1982.

Taiwanese film "Fairy Tale·World" is scheduled to be released in Mainland China

Following the phenomenal film "The Three Evils", another Taiwanese film has been introduced to the mainland: "Fairy Tale·World" is officially announced to be released in mainland China on April 19.

The film is directed by Tang Furui and stars Zhang Xiaoquan, Li Kangsheng, Jiang Yirong, and Yin Xin. It tells the story of lawyer Zhang Zhengxu who discovers that Tang Shicheng, the suspect in the cram school sexual assault case, was actually his client when he first entered the industry. He was seriously injured after accepting instructions from his boss to defend the suspect. A story about a victim who is determined to pursue justice at all costs in order to make up for her mistakes.​​​

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