Huawei WATCH GT 2 Porsche design experience: both texture and intelligence, the flagship CP of Mate40

Since the beginning of the Huawei Mate9 series, the annual Huawei Mate series conference, Huawei will always bring the latest results of its cooperation with Porsche Design, which seems to have become a rule.

At the 2020 Huawei Annual Flagship New Product Launch Ceremony on October 30, Huawei smart watches released Huawei WATCH GT2 Pro, Huawei WATCH GT2 Pro ECG models, and Huawei WATCH GT2 Porsche Design Edition. And what I got is the Huawei WATCH GT2 Porsche Design Edition. This is the second time that Huawei and Porsche Design have cooperated in the field of smart watches.

Compared with the last time watch cooperation, this joint name can be said to be more mature. The high-level sense of product design language and the texture of the product are much better than the WATCH 2 Pro Porsche Design Edition three years ago.

▲ The previous generation of joint watches

The packaging box is designed in all black, and the conspicuous "PORSCHE DESIGN" on the front distinguishes it from the normal version of WATCH GT 2.

Open the package, this 46mm dial still has a visual impact. The screen is no different from the regular version, both are 1.39-inch AMOLED displays with a pixel density of 326PPI. The maximum brightness can reach 1000 nits, and the dial can be seen clearly under strong light.

As the most high-end product of the WATCH GT 2 series, Porsche Design still put a lot of effort into materials.

For example, the mirror surface of the dial is made of sapphire glass, which ensures the scratch resistance, so there is no need to worry about scratches in daily use.

The titanium metal titanium integrated watch body and strap, combined with the sandblasting process, looks like a matte matte texture. At the same time, the characteristics of titanium also allow it to maintain a relatively light "weight".

It is worth talking about this titanium watchband in detail. For traditional metal watchbands, we probably need some tools to adjust the length of the watchband when disassembling. And this strap is designed with bamboo sections, each section has a quick-release buckle, which can be removed and adjusted with a fingernail.

This bamboo design does not increase the thickness of the strap, the strap is still relatively thin. The thickness of the buckle part is the same as that of the strap, and it can be kept without protrusion when buckled, which is more beautiful.

▲ There is a slight scratch on the top of the Porsche Logo

On the back of the dial, the Porsche Design Edition uses precision ceramic materials. The feeling of ceramics is "warm and moist", and there will be no obvious changes in skin feel with changes in temperature. When the weather is cold, you won't feel too cold when wearing it.

The sensor part also uses sapphire glass. With 6-in-1 lens LED, it can make the heart rate monitor better and more accurate.

Looking closely at the watch body, you can see the classic red elements of Porsche. The red ring on the crown and the red pointer on the outer ring of the dial play a very good embellishment effect.

In addition, the outer ring of the dial and the outer ring of the crown are chamfered and polished, which is more visually shiny. With the matte texture of the main body, it looks very delicate.

However, the edge treatment of the dial is not smooth, but the same as the titanium strap, with a certain sharpness. If you want to wear it to monitor your sleep, this may not be a good idea, it may scratch your partner.

Of course, if you don’t like this titanium strap, you can also use the attached rubber strap. More skin-friendly, lighter, and sportier. But the visual integration is discounted.

For me, the "Appearance Association", whether the dial design is good-looking is an important reference factor for me to choose a smart watch. The Porsche Design version of the track series dial is worthy of recognition for its aesthetics and practicality, and it blends well with the texture of the watch.

At the press conference, Huawei emphasized that this watch is equipped with its new Truseen™ 4.0+ heart rate monitoring technology. This means that heart rate and pressure can be monitored around the clock, power consumption is lower, and the test results are more accurate than the previous generation.

It is also worth noting that the Porsche Design Edition supports all-weather automatic blood oxygen detection. This is Huawei's first watch to support this function.

Other functions such as pressure monitoring, sleep monitoring, exercise monitoring, etc., are basically the same as the normal version of WATCH GT 2. We have introduced them in detail in previous articles , so I won’t repeat them here.

However, compared to the regular version, the Porsche Design version has expanded to more than 100 types of sports monitoring, including mountaineering, skiing, surfing, tennis, rock climbing, etc., and even seagull fishing and kite flying. It also supports golf driving range mode to analyze swing posture, speed, rhythm, etc., which is very "Porsche".

In terms of battery life that everyone cares about, this watch can reach two weeks of moderate use. It can last a week for heavy use, and it won't make you worry about battery. In terms of charging, the Huawei WATCH GT2 Porsche Design has added a wireless charging function and supports reverse wireless charging for the first time. It only needs to charge for 5 minutes, and it can be used for 10 hours in a typical usage scenario. It is basically not afraid of running out.

▲ The included wireless charger

In addition, it supports two operating systems, Andrid and iOS. No matter which mobile phone you use, just download the "Huawei Sports Health" app to connect to the watch. On non-Huawei Android phones, you need to download Huawei HMS before you can open its app.

In terms of price, the Huawei WATCH GT2 Pro sports model is priced at 2,188 yuan, and the fashion model is priced at 2,388 yuan. It will be officially launched on Huawei Mall and major e-commerce authorized platforms at 00:00 on November 1, and enjoy a 100 yuan discount on the same day; Huawei WATCH GT2 Porsche Design is priced at 4688 yuan and will be officially launched on November 1st; Huawei WATCH GT2 Pro ECG is priced at 2688 yuan and will be officially launched in December.

In general, if you are an Android user with ample budget, then this watch has reason to be your first consideration. Apart from helping you cultivate healthy living habits, I believe its appearance will also become the highlight of your gestures.

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