Huawei sells 1.6 million Mate60 Pro units in six weeks/Nike China will trial 4+1 hybrid work system/Zhong Xuegao responds to rumors of wage arrears | Future Weekly Report

Sources say Apple will launch generative AI features on iOS 18

Huawei sells 1.6 million Mate60 Pro units in six weeks


Musk: X will add two new premium subscription services

Su Hua resigns as chairman of Kuaishou Technology, and CEO Cheng Yixiao serves concurrently

Nike China will trial 4+1 hybrid work system

The latest progress in Xiaopeng’s anti-corruption campaign: Liu Yongjie takes over the purchasing department

Zhong Xuegao responded to wage arrears: The company is actively resolving relevant disputes

Lei Jun announced: Xiaomi Mi 14 will be equipped with Leica Summilux lens for the first time

Tencent may fight for XR again

WM Motor responds to bankruptcy crisis

Tesla’s stock price plummeted, and Musk’s net worth evaporated by $16.1 billion overnight

OPPO Find N3 released

"Supernova Era" movie official announcement: adapted from Liu Cixin's work

One Fun Thing | Study finds Mona Lisa is poisonous

What to watch on the weekend | All Creatures Season 4

Game recommendation | "The Evil Within"

✏ A look at this week's big news

Sources say Apple will launch generative AI features on iOS 18

According to MacRumors, Haitong International Securities analyst Jeff Pu said that Apple plans to start using generative AI technology on iPhone and iPad as early as the end of 2024.

Jeff Pu said in a research note that his supply chain surveys indicate that Apple will deploy hundreds of artificial intelligence servers over the next two years to enable the application of this technology.

He believes that Apple will use a combination of cloud and device to use generative artificial intelligence technology.

He added that Apple's rollout of generative AI will still take some time as the company considers how it uses and processes personal data in line with its commitment to customer privacy.

If the plan comes to fruition, generative AI features are expected to be used for the first time in iOS 18 and iPadOS 18, but it is unclear how Apple will use this technology.

The Information previously reported that Apple plans to integrate large-scale language models into Siri to automatically perform complex tasks. This feature will involve deeper integration with the Shortcuts app.

According to reports, the feature is expected to be released in next year's iPhone software update, so it may become part of iOS 18.

Huawei sold 1.6 million Mate60 Pro units in six weeks? Channel people: sales will be higher if supply is sufficient

According to Reuters, research firm Counterpoint said Huawei sold 1.6 million Mate60 Pro phones in six weeks, of which more than 400,000 were sold in the past two weeks.

A person familiar with Huawei's mobile phone channels responded to the Jiemian News reporter that he did not know the online situation yet, but based on the current offline research, this data is basically consistent with the facts.

He commented: In terms of the current mediocre terminal market, 1.6 million units of a mobile phone sold within six weeks of its release are already at the top level in the industry.

"Moreover, Mate60 Pro is currently out of stock. If supply is sufficient, sales may be higher."

Musk: X will add two new premium subscription services

Musk said on Friday that Platform X will soon launch two new levels of premium subscription services:

"One is a lower-priced version that has all membership features but does not reduce ads; the other is a higher-priced version without ads." Musk did not release further details about the subscription plan.

Earlier this week, the company started charging new users in New Zealand and the Philippines $1 to access the platform as a test case.

New accounts are required to verify their phone number and then pay a $1 fee to create posts, reply, retweet, quote posts, and favorites. New users who have not paid can only read posts, watch videos, and follow accounts.

The company claims that the "Not A Bot" program is designed to reduce spam, platform manipulation and bot activity.

Su Hua resigns as chairman of Kuaishou Technology, and CEO Cheng Yixiao serves concurrently

Kuaishou Technology announced on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange that Su Hua will resign as chairman and CEO Cheng Yixiao will serve concurrently. This adjustment will take effect on October 29, 2023.

The announcement shows that due to the need to focus on other matters, Su Hua will no longer serve as chairman of the board of directors from October 29, 2023, and will continue to serve as executive director and member of the remuneration committee, and his differential voting rights will not change.

Su Hua said that he will continue to be committed to creating long-term value for the group and believes that the group has a solid foundation to achieve its strategic goals.

After Cheng Yixiao becomes chairman, his differential voting rights will not change.

Nike China will trial 4+1 hybrid work system

According to an internal email from Nike Greater China, Nike will launch a new hybrid working model, working in the company four days a week from Monday to Thursday, and working from home on Fridays.

The new working model will be officially implemented on January 8, 2024, and will be limited to office employees.

Nike said that the change in working mode is not only to enhance the connection and cooperation between employees, but also to better serve consumers.

The latest progress in Xiaopeng’s anti-corruption campaign: Liu Yongjie takes over the purchasing department

According to "Late Auto", after Li Feng, vice president of Xpeng Motors and head of the purchasing department, was suspended for investigation, Xpeng's purchasing department is currently taken over by Liu Yongjie.

Liu Yongjie is currently the director of supply chain management of Xpeng Motors and reports to He Xiaopeng, CEO of Xpeng Motors.

Previously, Xpeng Motors reported at an internal meeting that Li Feng was suspended, and many employees were named and retained to cooperate with the investigation.

Xpeng Motors responded by saying that this is a normal anti-corruption act and it will never tolerate corruption once it is discovered and corrected. The incident was small and did not affect business and production.

Zhong Xuegao responded to the unpaid wages: The company is actively resolving relevant disputes and everything is currently operating normally.

According to the Qianjiang Evening News, many netizens have recently called out Zhong Xuegao on social platforms, demanding "repayment."

Another person claiming to be an insider broke the news: "The salary for August was said to be delayed, and it was not paid at the agreed time. There was no explanation and no one could be found."

Under his official Xiaohongshu account, messages saying "pay back the money" and "demand compensation" also appeared.

Zhong Xuegao, who was once known for his "Internet celebrity effect" and viral marketing, has not updated his official WeChat account and Weibo account in the past two months.

Subsequently, according to Jiemian News, Zhong Xuegao responded that the company was actively resolving relevant disputes and that everything was operating normally.

Lei Jun announced: Xiaomi Mi 14 will be equipped with Leica Summilux lens for the first time

Lei Jun and Xiaomi officially issued a statement stating that Leica Summilux lenses will be used in Xiaomi Mi 14 series mobile phones for the first time.

According to reports, Xiaomi and Leica jointly bring a new generation optical system solution jointly built by Leica's Summilux lens, which is the most perfect so far in the field of mobile imaging, and a new professional high-dynamic image sensor for mobile optics.

This solution allows mobile devices to "truly have the ability to accurately capture moments in all times and in all scenarios." Xiaomi Mi 14 will be released this month.

In addition, Lei Jun officially announced Xiaomi's new operating system, Xiaomi HyperOS, on Wednesday, and the official version has been packaged.

The Xiaomi Mi 14 series will be the first mobile phone equipped with the new system. It has been delivered to the factory and production has officially started. From this moment on, Xiaomi ThePaper OS will gradually succeed MIUI.

Lei Jun said: "For Xiaomi, this is an epoch-making milestone and a key leap towards a "full ecology of people, cars and homes".

Tencent may be fighting for XR again and plans to be an agent for Meta’s VR headset Oculus Quest

According to Jiemian News, a video recently released by Station B blogger "Dianwan Technology AK" has caused a reaction in the VR circle.

The blogger said that Tencent had originally disbanded its self-developed XR team, but due to the impact of the release of Apple’s Vision Pro, it began to reorganize its XR team in August this year and plans to act as an agent for Meta’s VR headset Oculus Quest. Refer to Tencent and Nintendo’s cooperation method.

Recently, reporters confirmed the news from multiple people familiar with the matter. In early September, Tencent sent an internal email stating:

The XR business department of IEG's interactive entertainment business group has established an XR equipment and content business department offline, which is responsible for the research and development, sales, and marketing of Tencent's own brand of XR equipment and the construction of the surrounding content ecosystem.

The first person in charge of this department is Qian Geng, who reports to Senior Vice President Ma Xiaoyi. He also serves as IEG Global Head of Jupiter Publishing and reports to IEG Global CEO Liu Ming.

WM Motor responds to bankruptcy crisis

WM Motor clarified on Weibo: WM Motor has not filed for bankruptcy and is currently in the pre-reorganization stage.

WM Motor said, "Pre-reorganization is different from bankruptcy reorganization. It is a self-rescue behavior carried out in the early stages of a company facing difficulties. It aims to introduce strategic investors through debt restructuring and avoid bankruptcy."

At present, the company's core positions are operating normally. The company's focus includes after-sales service, resumption of work and production, export business, overseas cooperation, international financing, and the introduction of strategic investors. Certain progress has been made.

The announcement also mentioned that the company’s founder Shen Hui went to the United States to study in 1991 and worked and lived in many places in Europe and the United States for many years. His recent work focus has been on overseas matters, so there is no situation where the company’s founder went overseas.

Tesla’s stock price plummeted, and Musk’s net worth evaporated by $16.1 billion overnight

Tesla's third-quarter financial report shows that its financial performance has declined to a certain extent compared with the same period last year.

Specifically, Tesla's revenue and profit indicators have declined due to pressure from falling vehicle sales prices and rising costs.

Total revenue fell 9% year-on-year to US$23.4 billion; gross profit was US$4.18 billion, a year-on-year decrease of 22%; GAAP net profit was US$1.85 billion, a year-on-year decrease of more than 40%.

According to Sina Finance, Tesla's stock price fell 9.3% on Thursday. CEO Musk said he would continue to focus on reducing costs and warned that Cybertruck faces huge challenges in mass production and achieving positive cash flow.

As Tesla's stock price fell, Musk's net worth evaporated by $16.1 billion overnight to $209.6 billion. The CEO owns 13% of Tesla, from which he makes most of his wealth.

Despite the recent deterioration in fundamentals, Musk's wealth has increased by more than US$70 billion so far this year due to the sharp rebound in Tesla's stock price in the first half of the year, and he still remains at the top of the world's richest list.

OPPO Find N3 released

At the OPPO Find N3 global conference, the OPPO Find N3 folding screen new phone was officially released, claiming to "open a new era of mobile imaging". The new phone is priced from 9,999 yuan.

In terms of appearance, OPPO Find N3 has tough body lines and a classic circular lens module design. The unfolded thickness of the body is only 5.8mm and the folded thickness is 11.7mm. It is available in three colors: Qianshan Green, Log Gold and Submariner Black.

In terms of hinges, it uses aviation-grade high-strength steel and integrated zirconium alloy liquid metal. In tests at the TÜV Rheinland laboratory in Germany, Find N3 led the folding phone to exceed one million folds for the first time.

In terms of performance, OPPO Find N3 is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 mobile processing platform, supplemented by LPDDR5X memory, UFS 4.0 flash memory, and supports dual-axis graphite heat dissipation.

In terms of imaging, Find N3’s ultra-light and shadow folding pixel triple cameras have the strongest imaging performance among folding screens.

Among them, the wide-angle uses folded pixel sensor technology, which achieves a leap in pixel photon capacity through a larger-capacity double-layer transistor structure.

This means that OPPO has achieved image quality comparable to one-inch on a 1/1.43-inch sensor.

The periscope telephoto lens has the same sensor size as the ultra-wide-angle lens, which is 1/2 inch. One difference is that the ultra-wide angle is 48 million pixels and the telephoto is 64 million pixels.

OPPO Find N3 also brings the "File Opening" function, which supports more than 40 file types. Professional files such as Keynote, Numbers, CAD, etc. can be opened directly to achieve a breakthrough in the file ecology.

In addition, the "Portable Workbench" allows you to access documents and other data on your mobile phone on your Mac through cloud services.

"Supernova Era" movie official announcement: adapted from Liu Cixin's work

Liu Cixin's science fiction novel "Supernova Era" will be adapted into a movie, and the official recently released the first concept trailer.

The film, produced by Conqueror Entertainment, includes Chinese and English versions, as well as an English drama version.

The Chinese version of the movie will be adapted by Hollywood Chinese director Lu Lie, and the producers include Zheng Jing, Trisolaris CEO Zhao Jilong, and mainland writer and screenwriter Kong Ergou.

"The Age of Supernova" is a long science fiction novel published by Liu Cixin in 1991. It tells the story of the devastating disaster brought to mankind after the explosion of a supernova and the story of the autonomous gene repair function.

In addition, Liu Cixin's other works "Full Band Jamming" and "Micro Era" have also been approved for film and television production, and the science fiction series of the same name adapted from "Ball Lightning" has been completed and is ready to be released.

✨ It's the weekend!

One Fun Thing | Study finds Mona Lisa is poisonous

According to smart technology fans, French scientists recently analyzed the "micro-samples" that fell off from Leonardo da Vinci's famous paintings "Mona Lisa" and "The Last Supper" and found that these two famous paintings are poisonous and the pigments used contain Lead and oxygen poisons that can damage the human nervous system.

Nowadays, painters know that adding lead monoxide to paint makes it dry faster, but this was not well known in Leonardo's time.

This discovery further shows that Leonardo da Vinci's creativity not only made him a great painter, scientist, mathematician, and engineering expert, but also a great chemist.

Perhaps it was this toxic pigment that created the Mona Lisa.

What to watch on the weekend | All Creatures Season 4

In 2020, the first season of "All Creatures" was launched, which not only set off a viewing frenzy, but also received a very strong reputation. On Douban, the ratings of each season are above 9 points, and the fourth season that just came out has soared to 9.6 points.

This drama focuses on a young veterinarian's experience of going to the countryside. There are many funny, warm, and cute little things. The animals and people in the author's works are full of spirituality, giving people a feeling like the spring breeze blowing on their face.

Game recommendation | "The Evil Within"

This week's Epic limited-free game is "The Evil Within". Players will become Detective Sebastian and fight to survive using limited resources in a twisted nightmare world.

As you explore a tortured world in the game, tension and anxiety will rise dramatically as players face impending terrorist threats, avoid cruel traps, manage vital supplies, and struggle to survive in overwhelming predicaments.

Corridors, walls, doors, and even entire buildings change in real time, plunging players into a twisted reality where threats can appear from any direction at any time.

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