Huawei put spring on the new color Mate X2, don’t you come to have a look? | Sugar Club Salon

Humans’ perception of color is as long as human’s own history.

In cumbersome etiquette, color represents the strict class system; in romantic art, color conveys the pursuit of beauty in the real world; in rigorous science, color explains the formation of beauty and the connection between vision and psychology.

In industrial design, color is always the most attractive design element. A creative color expression can often bring interesting embellishments to a monotonous life.

"Black, white and gray" has always been regarded as the universal color for mobile phone design. The low-key expression of restraint makes "black, white and gray" a safe option for designers to make no mistakes.

Making no mistakes sometimes means plainness. For users who are keen to capture color and beauty, they need to be able to escape conservative color expression.

For example, the pink that represents spring.

Pink must have two or more primary colors mixed before it can be produced. The meaning of pink is diverse. It represents not only bright, warm, but also prosperous, weak and even rebellious.

Pink is the cherry blossoms that bloom in spring, the fashion of Rococo style, the sweetness of modern fashion, and the rebellion of millennials towards stereotyped gender impressions.

The breaking-of-conventional Huawei Mate X2 "ice crystal powder" color scheme also wants to use bold colors to interpret Huawei's new expression of life, nature and the world.

As Huawei's new generation of folding flagship, Mate X2 refreshed consumers' imagination of folding screen mobile phones with top-level hardware design and innovative interactive mode. Among them, design has always been the focus of Mate X2's attention.

In the more dynamic "ice crystal powder" color scheme, the bright pink injects a vibrant spring into the Mate X2, so that the Mate X2 equipped with cutting-edge folding screen technology can also meet the unique aesthetics of more consumers.

The birth of folding screen mobile phones shoulders the important task of exploring the shape of future mobile phones through interactive innovation.

What kind of illusions have you had about the new form of mobile phones in the future? Have you ever thought about experiencing the new folding screen experience reshaped by Huawei? Now the opportunity is here!

Huawei and Aifaner will hold a salon event about the new "face" of life in Guangzhou Future News Agency on Saturday , April 17th . Click to sign up and have the opportunity to come to the scene to experience the real machine!

In order to present the wonderful collision of "Ice Crystal Powder", "Ice Crystal Blue" and the folding screen, we invited paper sculpture artists to design a series of smart origami installations. Come and check in the "Spring Limited" Future Club!

At the event, you can not only experience the unique "ice crystal powder" and "ice crystal blue" color schemes of Huawei Mate X2 as soon as possible, but you can also participate in a round table discussion on Huawei's design aesthetics with the big coffee!

Flowers that bloom quietly in spring can always surprise our eyes inadvertently.

When Huawei meets spring, Mate X2 is also like a "flower of technology", slowly opening its new attitude.

This time, are you ready to appreciate the blooming of the "flower of technology"?

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