Huawei P70 series preview: Art version design is unique, or it may focus on AI imaging

There is no official warm-up, no parameter leaks, and apart from the iPhone , Huawei seems to be the only mobile phone that has topped the Weibo search list based on its product popularity.

Last Thursday, a # HUAWEIP70 # entry ranked No. 1 in the hot search, causing colleagues in the editorial department to stop using their chopsticks for lunch and browse Huawei's official website over and over again, lest it suddenly be listed on the official website like last year's Mate60 series.

On April 1st , an April Fool's Day joke picture, rumored to be " P70 launched the Pioneer Project, officially launched at 12:08 ", once again topped the list of hot searches. Today, #P70不 SALE # and # HUAWEIP70 # are still firmly on the hot search list, which shows the attention paid to Huawei P70 .

Whether it suddenly hits the shelves without warning or is officially unveiled at a recent Huawei press conference, we might as well get a glimpse of its key information in advance based on the existing leaks.

The design of P70 is still personalized

Judging from the network access information, the P70 series will have three versions. According to the naming logic of the previous generation, it is expected to be P70 , P70 Pro and P70 Art . The P70 Pro+ and P70 Extraordinary Master Edition previously reported online may both refer to the P70 Art version.

Blogger @ posted on Weibo and exposed the P70 series phone cases. Judging from the accessory information in the picture below, the camera module of Huawei P70 and P70 Pro is wider than the previous generation, and will have a "triangular" shape, which is highly recognizable.

▲ P70 series mobile phone case, source: @digitalchatstation

At a time when camera-centered designs have become mainstream, Huawei’s P series still insists on placing the camera on the left side. The advantage of this is that when holding it with the right hand, the index finger is less likely to touch the lens, which improves the grip and prevents the lens from being contaminated with fingerprints.

▲ P70 Art imaginary picture made by the blogger using digital fixed focus

Compared with P70 and P70 Pro , the design of P70 Art is more elegant.

The design of "Swordsmanship" looks very abstract from the renderings. The shape of the lens area is more irregular, and the discussion will probably be higher. How Huawei designs this camera module and gives it a romantic design concept like the "island style" of the P60 Art is also exciting.

However, Digital Chat Station pointed out that the entire P70 series has a triangular camera design, and the Art version only has Huawei’s own photography brand “XMAGE” brand.

▲ P70 Art rendering, source: Digital Chat Station

As for the color matching, it is reported that it will be more "bold". Blogger @digitalfocus said that not only the rococo white color of the previous generation will be retained, but also a "light purple" color will be added. The well-received "Tahiti Gray" color scheme on Huawei Pocket 2 will also come to the P70 . "Gray green" is also a possible new color scheme.

▲ "Tahiti Gray" on Pocket 2

▲ The "gray green" P70 Art imaginary picture produced by the blogger using digital fixed focus

As for the Art version, there will be a blue color that is more attractive than before.

Looking back at the design of Huawei's P series over the past generations, we can find that it is significantly different from the calm and pragmatic Mate series. The "ultimate fashion" P series pursues individuality and unique aesthetic style.

In the "Sky Realm" color scheme unveiled on the P30 , the entire back panel transitions from sky blue to dark blue, and it also reflects purple, gold and pink under different angles of light. It is still stunning to look at now.

▲Source: Business Insider

The four-curved "overflow screen" of the P40 Pro and Pro+ is visually full of tension, as full as a cup of water about to overflow, and the screen looks like it will "swallow" the frame.

The P60 series is even more extreme in design. The "Rococo White" color of natural mineral powder is added to the back panel, showing a special pattern like mother-of-pearl, making each one unique.

The newly launched Art model of P60 is intended to break the conventional "square and round" design of mobile phone cameras. The irregular "island" camera is matched with two color patterns of sand and waves. Although the public acceptance varies, at least it is full of design meaning and recognition. Spend.

On the road to breaking the rules, will the P70 series, which is soaring all the way, poke your aesthetic taste? Welcome to chat in the comment area.

Image highlight reproduction

In addition to its unique aesthetic design, the P series is also Huawei’s flagship series focusing on imaging. This time Huawei P70 will also usher in the "biggest upgrade in three years" in terms of imaging. Blogger Fixed Focus Digital said that it will "reproduce the highlights of the P40 series".

As for the main camera sensor, it is expected that the P70 and P70 Pro will be equipped with the OV50H of the domestic manufacturer Howe, while the Art version will be equipped with the Sony IMX989 .

As for the telephoto lens, the P70 Pro and P70 Art may be equipped with new products customized by Haowei. The fixed-focus digital lens will also be added, and the performance will be better than the "telephoto optimal" OV64B . As for the telephoto lens of the standard version of the P70 , there is still little news. Digital Chat Station pointed out that it will be equipped with a "periscope telephoto".

Regarding the cooperation between Huawei and OmniVision, the Science and Technology Innovation Board Daily reported in early March that Huawei issued an "additional order" to OmniVision and stocked a large number of OmniVision CMOS , which should be in preparation for the P70 .

Huawei also disclosed a new variable aperture technology this year. This technology was submitted for application in September 2022 and announced on February 13 this year. It is likely to be equipped on the P70 series.

Huawei launched adjustable aperture technology for the first time on Mate 50 , and the new variable aperture solution, according to fixed-focus digital, may achieve continuous variable aperture by superimposing rotors, lenses, and physical lenses.

In addition, Fixed Focus Digital also pointed out that the Huawei P70 series will also be equipped with a " 1MG + 7P " or " 1MG + 6P " molded hybrid lens. This is a lens solution in which a 1MG molded lens lens is superimposed on 7 plastic lenses, creating a It can produce a better aspherical shape, capture more light, and the night shooting performance will be better. (It is reported that the iPhone 16 Pro will also adopt this solution.)

In addition to hardware upgrades, Fixed Focus Digital also pointed out that the P70 will use " AI imaging" as its main card, and this " AI imaging" will also be a "new gameplay."

It is worth noting that Huawei was already working on " AI imaging" before the AI ​​concept became popular. As early as 2017 , Huawei Mate 10 series was equipped with the AI ​​chip Kirin 970 and launched AI photography functions.

▲ Huawei Mate 10

The P series, which focuses on imaging, naturally takes over the banner of " AI imaging". On the P40 and P50 , Huawei launched the XD Fusion image engine and "computational optics" concept to increase computational photography capabilities.

In addition to these flagship technologies, Huawei also has small functions such as AI automatically optimizing photo effects and AI tracking shooting targets. Therefore, this new AI gameplay on the P70 is quite exciting.

▲ Photography AI cloud enhancement technology equipped on products such as Huawei Mate 60 Pro and Mate X5

Looking around the mobile phone imaging market, " AI imaging" has been used a lot in the past two years.

Samsung's new " AI mobile phone" Galaxy S24 series uses AI throughout every aspect from shooting to editing: before shooting, AI will automatically identify the shooting scene, intelligently adjust camera parameters, and provide composition suggestions; during shooting, the AI -based zoom function Whether it is 1x or 100x zoom, AI will enhance various details between the two; after shooting, it can also intelligently edit the shooting content and even change the orientation of the photographed object.

As for Google , which is leading in AI , the AI ​​shooting function equipped with Pixel 8 is even more fun. When taking photos with your eyes closed or your mouth crooked, Pixel 8 can optimize it with just one click, turning a "ferocious face" into a "kind face" in an instant. Multiple versions are available for you to choose from.

OPPO and vivo have also launched photo album editing functions such as "one-click elimination of passers-by" and " AIGC elimination pen".

If AI photography on Huawei P70 is a "new gameplay", the solution may be similar to that of other companies. It will no longer simply use AI underlying technology to empower the shooting process. It will be more conspicuous, and more features will appear directly on the shooting interface and In terms of content, the playability will be higher.

These parameters are also worth paying attention to

In addition to design and imaging, there are also some valuable revelations about other parameters of the P70 .

Satellite communications, which has led the industry, will undergo an upgrade. The digital chat station interprets network access files. The Pro version and Art version will be equipped with the new Beidou short message communication + Tiantong-1 satellite call. The P70 standard version supports Beidou short message communication.

Huawei Mate 50 is equipped with satellite communication technology for the first time. It is the first mass smartphone to support Beidou satellite information and can "send text messages even if there is no signal."

▲ Satellite communication function installed for the first time on Huawei Mate 50

On the screen, in addition to the 2.5D equal-depth four-micro-curved surface mentioned above, Digital Chat Station also revealed that the screen size of the standard version of the P70 is 6.58 inches, which is slightly smaller than the 6.8 inches of the Pro and Art versions. All series will have LTPO 1.5K screens, and the R-angle design is relatively rounded.

▲ P70 screen film, source: Digital Chat Station

Fixed Focus Digital revealed that the P70 ’s “ X-True ” display technology will be further enhanced. This display technology was first launched on Huawei P60 , bringing accurate color and realistic light and dark screen display effects to mobile phones. The P60 series is also the first mobile phone in the world to receive dual professional color accuracy certification from TÜV .

▲ X P70 Art imaginary picture produced by blogger RODENT950

As for the processor, the P series generally uses the previous generation Mate series chips, so the P70 is likely to continue to be equipped with the Kirin 9000S processor of the Mate 60 . However, Fixed Focus Digital revealed that the P70 chip will have "small changes", and the Pro version and Art version will have "small overclocking" on the Kirin 9000S of the Mate 60 series, and the performance will be stronger than the P70 standard version.

In February this year, Huawei also launched a new vertical 80W wireless charger, perhaps suggesting that the P70 will support 80W wireless charging. Digital Chat Station also revealed that the P70 comes standard with wireless charging.

In addition to the soaring popularity of the P70 series, digital blogger "Uncle Kanshan" revealed that Huawei has a batch of new products ready for release in April , including MateBook X Pro , new Nova series products, Watch 4 Pro space exploration version, cars, and whole-home products There are as many as 11 new products including smart phones.

Judging from the release date of the P60 series last year ( March 23 ), perhaps this Huawei spring full-scenario press conference will arrive after the holidays, and Ai Faner will also bring you a summary report as soon as possible.

*The title picture comes from @科技esthetics

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