HUAWEI P60 Art: Unconstrained in style, bright day by day

It seems that everyone has an "island" in their hearts.

In the human imagination, an island is often regarded as a desirable and mysterious place full of fantasy, endowed with symbolic meanings such as uniqueness, freedom, happiness, and tranquility.

Therefore, in the inner world, people long for such an island, where they can temporarily stay away from the troubles and pressures of reality, pursue the beauty of nature, settle their inner emotions, and find inner peace and tranquility again.

For James Barry, Neverland where Peter Pan is located is the island of his dreams.

On that eternal island, everyone is living happily and carefree because they will never grow up and remain in childhood forever.

Just as everyone has a Peter Pan in their hearts, everyone has a Neverland in their hearts.

Although everyone's Neverland is different, it is the ultimate sustenance in the inner world, an ideal world of freedom, happiness and unrestraint.

The process of chasing Neverland is the only way to yearn for a better pursuit, to pursue hopes and dreams.

Neverland · non-existent existence · neverland

This time, on the brand new Huawei P60 Art, we saw the Neverland of the Huawei design team.

01 Fairy tales are unrealistic, art is boundless

Looking at the design lines of most smartphones in the industry, they are basically composed of regular geometric figures.

Limited by rules and squares, the original boundaries between them gradually blurred as the number increased.

It can be said that although the design only caters to the public's aesthetics, although it never makes mistakes, it is also mediocre in the end.

Fortunately, there has never been a lack of innovators in artistic creation, so the Huawei CMF team has "willfully" brought a less popular design in this new P60 series.

Huawei Paris Institute of Aesthetics created a highly recognizable island camera shape, using irregular curves to portray the beauty of nature and harmony.

Obviously, they put the Neverland in their hearts on the back of Huawei P60 Art. The non-existent islands are reproduced and brought back into a square inch with original artistic techniques.

Pioneer, and avant-garde.

The back design is inspired by the "island in the sea" Huawei P60 Art, which breaks the square shape of conventional lens modules and uses the streamlined and organic forms of nature to restore the island-inspired image.

Through the combination of the smart camera shape and the light and shadow rippling texture on the back of the fuselage, the picture of the waves passing by the blue island and the beach is naturally and harmoniously fixed on the Huawei P60 Art.

Of course, this picture is not static, but presents the dynamic beauty of the ebb and flow of the tide.

Outside the island module, you can see multiple curved textures refracted by light changes, just like the waves caused by the tide hitting the coast of the island; as the island spreads outwards, the depth changes, like the white sand beach where the sea water is slowly receding.

If the craftsmanship is not handled properly, it is easy to make it cheap. Now that the recognition design has become more specific this time, the processing of craftsmanship and details has become more important.

In fact, in order to more vividly interpret the dynamic effect of light and shadow ripples and textures, the Huawei design team continued to explore different craft effects during the creation process.

Through repeated experiments on the ripple texture design on various diaphragms and the combination of light and shadow effects, they finally adopted a layer of transparent light and shadow ripple diaphragm superimposed with a layer of gradient optical diaphragm combination, showing a unique curved texture, which is displayed on the plane. A strong three-dimensional ripple light effect.

At the same time, the design team also applied this process to the diaphragm of the rear shell and the diaphragm of the rear camera, so that the artistic design effect of the rear cover of the fuselage and the camera can be integrated.

With the flow of light and shadow, the harmony and agility of nature begins to spread outward from the edge of the island module, allowing the beauty of changing colors and light to freeze in the palm of your hand.

"The first is Daiyu, the second is Yuanqiao, the third is Fanghu, the fourth is Yingzhou, and the fifth is Penglai."

——"Liezi·Tang Wen"

Since ancient times, the island has had an incredible charm, it is independent from the world, and it has its own ecology.

Basically, each island has its own unique geographical location and ecological environment, with different shapes and remarkable uniqueness.

Similarly, the innovative art island design of Huawei P60 Art, like everyone's soul, is also unique, free and full of possibilities.

Even if we can’t just leave at any time and escape from reality to go far away, every time we caress the island image module behind Huawei P60 Art, we can feel the peace and serenity from the island, which enriches our hearts and eliminates all anxiety.

We always walk with the image of Neverland, so that we can feel the beautiful design and free inspiration anytime, anywhere, constantly expand our creativity and imagination, create a more unique and interesting way of life, and at the same time firmly belong to We ourselves are the one-in-a-million self-expression.

"It's so special, take another look!"

The island design of Huawei P60 Art has a high degree of recognition. It may seem difficult to adapt at first glance, but after a few more glances, you will feel the natural and harmonious look and feel of the entire island camera design and the light and shadow ripple texture on the back. Over time, it may feel more and more beautiful.

Just like when I saw the Huawei P60 Art for the first time, I thought it was "too unique". Although some people find it unacceptable when they see it for the first time, but after watching it a few times, they will like it more and more, and the more they watch it, the more attractive it will be.

It may be difficult for everyone to have a love at first sight, but Huawei P60 Art will definitely be used for a long time.

In the ID design of the recent generations of Huawei P series, the family-style commonality retained, we think it is "flowing design".

The Huawei P40 series was the first to propose the concept of a fluid design. The body adopts a four-curved display design, which not only provides a full visual impression, but also achieves a smooth and transitional grip.

The Huawei P50 series further extends the flowing sense of roundness to the double-ring design of Vientiane, which balances the coordination between the huge video module and the body, and innovates the flagship recognition of Huawei mobile phones.

Coming to the Huawei P60 series, its Art version uses light and shadow ingenious techniques to restore a flowing island landscape in the sea. The shades range from light to dark, shimmering.

"For all of us, every carefully crafted design creation is a step closer to infinite possibilities."

——Huawei Paris Institute of Aesthetics

The HUAWEI P60 Art with artistic romance is the latest concrete achievement of HUAWEI's search for "Neverland" in design.

02 Huawei Imaging, a school of its own

Only flagship products that achieve sufficient top-level shooting effects can use the logo of Huawei Imaging XMAGE.

For Huawei Imaging, their Neverland has been refreshing. Whether it is the optical multi-camera hardware module or the software algorithm of computational photography, it is the result of a long-term investment in layout and self-development.

The "super-concentrating XMAGE imaging system" carried by Huawei P60 Art upgrades the entire link of the mobile imaging optical system architecture, further optimizes the way light is gathered, and realizes the full link upgrade of "optical-mechanical-computer-computing".

48-megapixel super-spotting camera (F1.4~F4.0 aperture, OIS optical image stabilization)
40-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera (F2.2 aperture)
48-megapixel super-spotting night vision telephoto camera (F2.1 aperture, OIS optical image stabilization)
—— Support 3.5x optical zoom (3.5x zoom is an approximate value, the lens focal lengths are 24.5 mm, 13 mm, 90 mm), 100x digital zoom

Since "photography is an art of using light", controlling the aperture becomes particularly important. The HUAWEI P60 Art introduces an ultra-thin variable aperture structure into the compact image module. It uses a ring-shaped magnetic field micro-control motor to drive 6 metal blades with 18 sides to open and close precisely to achieve precise control of the aperture size, intelligently Ten variable ranges are provided between F1.4 and F4.0.

XMAGE provides three image styles, including primary color, vivid, and crisp.

Ai Faner also mentioned before that the three styles will show different tone styles and can be used in different scenarios.

▲ XMAGE primary color, bright, bright

XMAGE focuses on nature and reality, and truly restores the pictures seen by the naked eye on the screen; XMAGE Vivid will focus on the change of colors immersively, rich and strong, with light and dark, in scenes with distinctive colors such as sunsets and autumn leaves Surprising effects can be obtained; XMAGE Brightness makes the picture transparent and bright, reduces the color saturation of the picture while increasing the brightness, suitable for use when capturing portraits and food pictures, freezes vivid and vivid colors, and has a unique Light and shadow and details.

"A good image is never too late."

—— Yuan Quan, Image Ambassador of Huawei P60 series

Indeed, some stories are more suitable to start after the sunset.

When the environment is switched to "night mode", through the XMAGE imaging system of Huawei P60 Art, you will find that there are many romances and beauty quietly appearing.

In terms of periscope telephoto, Huawei P60 Art uses a self-developed telephoto module, redesigns the optical path, and realizes the industry's largest F2.1 periscope telephoto aperture, combined with RYYB super-sensitive sensor, The amount of incoming light has increased by 178% compared to the previous model, making the telephoto available even in low light.

▲ Huawei P60 Art 3.5× The Shenzhen Bay under the telephoto, the near sea and distant mountains under the dark light, the light and shade are clear.

▲ Huawei P60 Art 1× / 3.5× The Oriental Pearl Tower under the lens of rain and mist.

▲ Huawei P60 Art night scene proofs 1×, 3.5×, 10×

In addition, compared with the common telephoto module, the zoom lens group of Huawei P60 Art can support the mobile focus of ultra-long mechanical travel, and realize the focus range of 10cm-∞cm: it can capture willow branches on the moon, The scene of the bright moon by the window is close to being able to complete macro photography without disturbing the subject.

It can be said that it is available from far and near.

As the saying goes: "The best camera is always the one in your hand." If you hold the Huawei P60 Art in your hand, then we no longer need to worry about missing every wonderful moment in front of us.

"Yes, you can still trust Huawei Imaging."

03 The beauty is natural, the brilliance is new

The pursuit of new aesthetics of Huawei's P series models, each generation is a fusion of smart images and technological aesthetics.

  • In pursuit of the beauty of design,
  • Also pursue the beauty of photography.

Evolved to the latest generation of Huawei P60 Art, it is a flagship of artistic aesthetics that pays tribute to the beauty of nature, and also pays tribute to human beings who are constantly exploring the world.

Whether it is exterior design or photographic imaging, it is interpreting the original intention of nature in an artistic way.

In particular, they have created a new and innovative design language, transforming simple geometric design into rich sensory expression, and subtly placing original and extraordinary ideas in the real world.

Such an island design will naturally make people never forget it.

Obviously, Art, with its artistic qualities, has pushed the Huawei P series to a new level.

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