Huawei officially announces premium version of Hongmeng/Apple releases Year of the Dragon special edition AirPods Pro/Fliggy responds with different prices for the same flight


 Huawei releases native Hongmeng OS Galaxy version

 Cybertruck is about to start a tour in China

⌚ Apple will sell a watch without blood oxygen detection function

 ByteDance updates incentive policy

 Huawei and Baidu Maps cooperate

 Fliggy responds to different prices for the same flight

 Google CEO says layoffs will continue in 2024

❌ NetEase sues Blizzard court hearing canceled

 Sam Altman: AI’s energy breakthrough requires nuclear fusion

 Apple releases special edition AirPods Pro for Year of the Dragon

 Notion launches first standalone product

 WeChat is testing the listening function

 Google's new big model can solve Mathematical Olympiad problems

 Ariana Grande releases new album

 "Godzilla-1.0" black and white version will be released in North America on the 26th

 "Halo" Season 2 New Poster Revealed


Huawei releases native Hongmeng OS Galaxy version

On January 18, Huawei announced that the developer preview of HarmonyOS NEXT Hongmeng Galaxy Edition is open for developers to apply. This means that the Harmony ecosystem has entered the second stage and will accelerate the application of Harmony in thousands of industries.

Hongmeng Galaxy Edition will achieve six ultimate native experiences: native refinement, native ease of use, native smoothness, native security, native intelligence, and native interconnection.

Huawei said that there are currently more than 200 head-end applications accelerating Hongmeng native development, and the native application landscape has taken shape. The open vertical innovation capabilities of many partners such as Ant Group and China UnionPay, together with Hongmeng’s base capabilities, provide developers with efficient full-link development tools to further accelerate the development of Hongmeng native applications.

In order to further boost the development potential of the Hongmeng ecosystem, Huawei announced that it will invest 7 billion yuan in the "Shine Star Project" to encourage Hongmeng developers to innovate in Hongmeng native applications, meta-services, and SDKs.

At the same time, Huawei will work with partners to train more than 100,000 Hongmeng developers every month by relying on Hongmeng Eco-School, universities to jointly cultivate Hongmeng talents, and cities issuing Hongmeng talent training policies.

Hongmeng Galaxy Edition is expected to release a developer beta version in Q2 of 2024, and a commercial version for consumers in Q4.

Cybertruck is about to start a tour in China

According to Reuters, Tesla China posted on WeChat on Thursday that Tesla will launch a nationwide tour to showcase its flagship Cybertruck pickup truck in its second largest market.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk posted on the X (formerly Twitter) platform on Sunday that the company may ship some Cybertruck prototypes for display in China, although it will be difficult to get the vehicle legal on the road.

Unlike in the U.S., pickup trucks have always been a niche product in China, with many city governments including Beijing not allowing them into downtown areas. Currently, Tesla does not open Cybertruck orders on its Chinese website.

big company

Apple will sell a watch without blood oxygen detection function

According to 9to5Mac, after the Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2’s request for a temporary injunction was rejected by the Court of Appeal, Apple decided to start selling these two watches in the United States tomorrow without the blood oxygen function.

However, Apple has a plan. The company told 9to5Mac that it will begin selling the Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 without blood oxygen function in the United States tomorrow, and will be available on the official website starting at 6 a.m. Pacific time on January 18th, and in Apple Stores starting on January 18th. Available in retail stores.

Apple says these Apple Watch models will still include the Blood Oxygen app, but it will no longer be available when a user taps it.

ByteDance updates incentive policy

On January 18, ByteDance issued an all-staff email, updating its performance and incentive policies: speeding up the pace of option vesting, increasing incentives, and allowing employees with good performance to receive better returns.

One is that employee options can vest faster. Except for the first year of employment, it will be adjusted from "annual vesting" to "quarterly vesting". At the same time, the four-year vesting ratio changes from "15%-25%-25%-35%" to "20%-25%-25%-30%", and the vesting ratio increases in the first year.

Second, the year-end incentive method has been changed, and employees with outstanding performance will receive more options. High-performing employees can receive larger incentives in the form of options.

Third, performance options will be double amplified in terms of base number and number of shares. Performance options are calculated with a total monthly salary package instead of monthly salary; at the same time, performance options will be issued at a certain percentage (approximately 10%) based on the current price.

Fourth, after the option vests, you can participate in the repurchase in full. Performance options obtained by employees will vest at a uniform monthly rate, with a maximum length of 2 years. After the option vests, you can participate in the repurchase in full.

Huawei and Baidu Maps cooperate

Recently, Huawei Smart Cockpit and Baidu Maps signed an ecological cooperation agreement. The two parties will carry out comprehensive and in-depth cooperation in the field of Huawei Smart Cockpit around navigation and travel experience.

In the future, Baidu Maps and Huawei Smart Cockpit will jointly create a car version of Baidu Maps in the field of smart cockpits, extending many of the experiences of Baidu Maps on the mobile phone to the car, including lane-level navigation, traffic light countdown, real-time parking lot navigation, and personalized voice packages Wait for the core functions of Baidu Maps.

At the same time, the two companies will also jointly create full-scenario voice interaction, hand-car interconnection, instrument/HUD navigation, split-screen/suspended navigation and other functions suitable for in-car maps. The map service will gradually launch models equipped with Huawei's smart cockpit.

At present, Baidu Maps traffic light countdown has covered 3,000 districts and counties across the country, achieving over a million traffic light countdowns to ensure travel safety and improve traffic efficiency; real-time parking navigation covers tens of millions of parking lots across the country, showing queuing times in real time and recommending the best parking spaces.

With the help of large model technology, Baidu Map has been completely reconstructed into the world's first AI native map. Based on the map, large models are generated. Urban lane-level navigation can be quickly implemented in cities across the country, and will achieve nationwide coverage in 2024.

Fliggy responds to different prices for the same flight

Recently, a passenger posted a video saying that when booking a flight on the Fliggy platform, he found that on the same day, at the same time, for the same flight, three prices were displayed when searching on three mobile phones.

The passenger questioned whether this was done by Fliggy’s big data.

According to the passenger's video, when searching for a flight from Zhengzhou to Zhuhai on February 7, the page showed China Southern Airlines flight CZ6489 taking off at 8:20. The prices displayed on the three mobile phones were different, which were 400 yuan and 481 yuan respectively. and 1,330 yuan. Among them, 1,330 yuan is the search result for Apple mobile phone. Some users in the comment area questioned whether the price is related to the mobile phone model.

Fliggy responded that the discounts are distributed randomly and there is no guarantee that every account can receive them. The instant membership discount of China Southern Airlines is an airline activity and cannot be found on the Fliggy platform. Whether you can receive this discount may depend on whether the mobile phone number bound to your Fliggy account is registered as a China Southern Airlines member. You need to consult China Southern Airlines for the specific method of receiving it.

Google CEO says layoffs will continue in 2024

According to The Information, on Wednesday local time, according to people familiar with the matter, Google CEO Sundar Pichai acknowledged the company’s recent wave of layoffs for the first time and told employees in an email that Google will not be able to lay off employees in 2024. Layoffs will continue throughout the year.

Over the past week, Google has laid off more than 1,000 people across teams including hardware, ad sales and Google Assistant. A year ago, Google laid off 6%, or 12,000 people, and Pichai said the layoffs this year will not reach that level.

"We have ambitious goals and will invest in our big priorities this year." Pichai said that in order to achieve these goals, "we must make hard choices."

Google-owned YouTube told employees on Wednesday it would lay off about 100 people in its global partners team, a day after Google laid off hundreds of employees in its ad sales division.

NetEase sues Blizzard court hearing canceled

According to public information on the website of the Shanghai Higher People's Court, the Shanghai Netzhiyi Network Technology Development Co., Ltd. v. Blizzard Entertainment Co., Ltd. Computer Software Licensing Contract Dispute case that was originally scheduled to be heard on January 18 has been cancelled.

QiChacha App shows that NetEase has previously sued Blizzard in 4 cases, all of which were held in January 2024. At the same time, Blizzard, as the plaintiff, has withdrawn all three cases in which Blizzard sued NetEase.

Some players speculated that NetEase sued just to protect the version number. However, as the last case was cancelled, there is no longer any dispute between the two parties.

Regarding whether the cancellation of the court session means that the litigation disputes between NetEase and Blizzard have been cancelled, legal industry insiders said that the cancellation of the court session may be due to various factors. In addition to the two parties reaching a settlement or mediating to withdraw the lawsuit, there may also be other factors that cause the trial to be postponed.

 Sam Altman: AI’s energy breakthrough requires nuclear fusion

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman said at the World Economic Forum in Davos that future artificial intelligence will require breakthroughs in energy, because artificial intelligence will consume far more power than people expect.

Sam believes that energy that is more conducive to climate change, especially nuclear fusion or cheaper solar energy and energy storage, is the development direction of artificial intelligence, which will therefore prompt OpenAI to increase investment in nuclear fusion technology.

In recent months, major technology companies have been looking for greener alternative energy sources, and most importantly, new technologies will provide more energy to meet the data collection methods of artificial intelligence.

Altman himself has poured hundreds of millions of dollars into energy fusion projects, including Helion Energy, a fusion startup now owned by OpenAI's special business partner Microsoft.

New product

Apple releases special edition AirPods Pro for Year of the Dragon

To celebrate the upcoming Lunar New Year on February 10, Apple has released limited edition second-generation AirPods Pro engraved with the Year of the Dragon on its online stores in China and other places.

The appearance design of this product incorporates traditional Chinese cultural elements, and its packaging box and headphone charging box are both printed with the faucet logo. From an image point of view, the design of this product is inspired by the dragon in Chinese mythology. The headphones are decorated with vivid dragon horns and beards, and are surrounded by fireworks and stars.

Other than that, these AirPods Pro are unchanged from the regular AirPods in terms of features and price.

Apple has previously offered limited edition AirPods Pro in some Asian countries for the Year of the Ox, Tiger and Rabbit.

Notion launches first standalone product

Notion officially launched its independent calendar product, Notion Calendar, on the 18th.

Notion Calendar basically continues the functions of Cron and integrates the functions of Calendly with the calendar. Users can directly manage schedule appointments in Notion Calendar, such as setting their own available time for others to make appointments;

In addition, each event will have more detailed information, such as invited participants, location, event introduction, and video conference address.

The biggest highlight of this product is that it combines work calendar and personal calendar into one. Users can manage personal and work calendars by connecting multiple accounts. If the time of the two calendars conflicts, it will automatically block it to avoid this. occurrence of such a situation.

WeChat is testing the listening function

Recently, WeChat has conducted a small-scale experience optimization test on the presentation method of music and audio content.

WeChat has set up a separate entrance for the music and audio services that were previously located in the drop-down page on the homepage in the "Discover" page, and renamed it "Listen". The weight has been increased, and it is similar to "Search" and "Scan" Functions such as "scan" and "take a look" are juxtaposed.

After WeChat is updated to version 8.0.38, the drop-down mini program adds music, audio and recently played buttons. After users click the "Music" button to enter, they can see that the home page consists of "Today", "Recommended Playlist", and "Video Number" "Musician" consists of three parts.

In addition, users can also search for the songs they want to listen to in the music applet, and the copyrights come from QQ Music.

Google's new big model can solve Mathematical Olympiad problems

Google has launched Alpha Geometry, a new model for the field of mathematical geometry. Its mathematical geometry capabilities are close to the level of human Olympic gold medalists.

It is worth mentioning that its training is based on synthetic data rather than existing data.

According to Google, AlphaGeometry combines the advantages of neural language models and symbolic deduction engines to form a neural symbolic system.

The system is able to work together to find proofs for complex geometric theorems. As described by the "fast thinking and slow thinking" theory, one system provides "intuitive" ideas quickly, while the other is responsible for more careful and rational decision-making.

This new technology will provide new ideas for the future development of artificial intelligence, especially for solving the problems of large language model hallucinations and insufficient corpus.

new consumption

Ariana Grande officially releases new album "Eternal Sunshine"

"Eternal Sunshine" is Ariana Grande's seventh studio album, following the 2020 album "Positions".

Ariana released the album's first single "yes, and?" last week. The genre combines electronic dance music and pop music, and encourages people to "bravely be yourself" through the lyrics. The official video has already been viewed on YouTube. More than 19 million times.

Ariana Grande's new album "Eternal Sunshine" will be available on major streaming platforms on March 8. Interested readers may wish to pay more attention.

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown is officially released

Ubisoft's platform action-adventure game "Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown" was officially launched on major game platforms (Sony PSN Games, Xbox Game Store, Nintendo eShop, Ubisoft and Epic Game Store) on the 18th, and supports Chinese.

In the game, players will play Sargon, a talented young warrior who is also a member of an elite organization known as the "Legion of the Undead."

Tasked with rescuing Prince Gassani, they will explore Mount Gaff, once a wonderful place, but now cursed and hostile. Sargon and his comrades will soon discover that time itself will become a dangerous enemy and the world must be restored to balance.


"Godzilla-1.0" black and white version will be released in North America on the 26th

The Japanese version of Godzilla's new work "Godzilla-1.0" has launched a black and white version of "Godzilla-1.0/C" (-C = minus the color). The US version released a trailer on the 18th and will be released in North America on January 26th. Available for one week only.

"Godzilla-1.0" performed well at the box office in North America last year and won the box office championship of imported movies in North America in 2023. Currently, the global box office of "Godzilla-1.0" has exceeded US$100 million.

"Halo" Season 2 New Poster Revealed

The second season of "Halo" will tell the story of Master Chief John 117, who led the Spartan team to fight against the alien organization Covenant. The Master Chief discovered that he had a deep connection with a mysterious alien structure, and this structure controlled The key to humanity's salvation or destruction – the aura.

According to official news, the second season will premiere on Paramount Plus on February 8 with two episodes, and new episodes will be aired every Thursday.

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