Huawei MateBook X Pro experience: 11th-generation Core, 3K touch screen, multi-screen collaboration, forming its “three axes”

Jadeite is often referred to as beautiful things by ancient literati because of its beauty. For example, Li Shangyin’s phrase "wax-photographed half-cage gold jadeite, and musk-smeared hibiscus." In modern times, jadeite is often used as products by major brands. The color scheme is named above, such as the protagonist of this issue, the Huawei MateBook X Pro 2021 emerald color scheme (hereinafter referred to as MateBook X Pro).

Just stepping into 2021, the Huawei MateBook series is the first to usher in an update. The flagship series MateBook X Pro is at the forefront. The most eye-catching element on it is this jade-like color.

Flagship temperament, from the inside out

The emerald green, coupled with the golden "HUAWEI" logo, forms the front of the MateBook X Pro, without extra decorations and lines. Throughout the full range of Huawei MateBook products, there is not much difference on the front, nothing more than the difference in color and size, but this emerald color scheme can be seen at a glance: it is a flagship product.

I think there are mainly two design elements that create this intuitive feeling. One is that the all-aluminum alloy body helps to enhance the visual texture. The precision ceramic sandblasting on the surface brings a more skin-friendly feel. Not easy to stain fingerprints and sweat.

The second is the golden LOGO, which will naturally remind people of the words "flagship", "elegance", and "Yonghua". Together with the overall dark green color, it will leave a high-end first impression.

In addition to the emerald color, the MateBook X Pro series has three colors to choose from to cater to the personalities of different groups of people.

The good-looking and useful ones are hidden on the B and C sides

The 13.9-inch 3K touch screen on the B side looks taller and longer than other laptops of the same size. That's because MateBook X Pro chose a 3:2 screen ratio with a narrow border on three sides. The design gives it a larger screen view visually, which is reflected in the fact that when browsing the web and reading documents, you can see more space on one screen, so as to improve efficiency, and it is also a choice made by Huawei in response to the pain points of business people. .

▲ The same 14 inches, but MateBook X Pro can see more space

However, if you have one, you have to give up. Such a screen ratio is not suitable for gaming and entertainment purposes.

When watching streaming movies and playing games, the upper and lower black borders become wider, which is extremely eye-catching. At this time, an external display screen may be the best solution.

This touch screen has a 100% sRGB color gamut, which can meet the general needs of retouching. The maximum screen brightness is 450 nits. Even if you take the MateBook X Pro to an outdoor office, the screen can be seen clearly, but the mirror design will cause reflections and affect the look and feel.

The number of interfaces is not enough, and it is barely enough. The docking station must be prepared.

There is a 3.5mm audio interface and two full-featured USB Type-C interfaces on the left, with a transmission bandwidth of 40Gbps, and supports up to external dual 4K monitors. It can also be connected to eGPU, docking stations, and can charge mobile devices when turned off. Quite practical; and there is only one USB-A interface (USB 3.2 Gen1) on the right.

The design of the C side is familiar to people. There is a two-in-one power button in the upper right corner, which integrates the functions of fingerprint recognition and power on. The moment I press the switch, the Mate Book X Pro is ready to unlock the machine. No need to scan the fingerprint again on the unlock interface, just one step. This is more direct than Windows Hello's face recognition, and fingerprint unlocking is also more convenient when you wear a mask everywhere today.

MateBook X Pro did not intend to use Windows Hello face recognition from the beginning of the design, because it has "cut" the camera off, to be precise, "cut" off the B side, and placed it on the C side keyboard. on.

The "disappearing" camera is hidden in the middle of the top row of function keys, between F6-F7. Press down again to release it, and it will pop up against your fingertips, repeat the same action to hide again. It uses a manual switch design and is destined not to be used for Windows Hello facial recognition. Otherwise, you have to press the camera every time you unlock it, which undoubtedly violates the purpose of convenient unlocking.

Looking at the design of the hidden camera from another angle, it is extremely user-friendly. The public watched more hacking movies and became more vigilant about the camera on laptops. In the face of ordinary laptops, we can only use stickers to block the camera like Facebook’s founder Zuckerberg, while on MateBook X Pro The hidden design is more elegant.

The function of the F7 key next to the pop-up camera is "one key to close the microphone". When the microphone and camera are deprived of their functions at the same time, the safety of the user is even higher, especially for business people. The camera does not pop up and the F7 indicator light is on (indicating that the microphone is turned off), which may make them feel at ease instantly.

The keyboard adopts a full-size design, the keys have obvious sense of passage, and the strength of support can be clearly felt when pressed, which makes the input operation more sonorous and powerful. This keyboard once again refreshes my impression of the thin and light keyboard.

Although the keyboard backlight can be adjusted in two levels, you need to press the F3 key to turn it on every time you turn it on. If you turn on the keyboard in the dark at night, you will still be unable to find the keyboard, and you have to find the F3 backlight key even in the dark.

Add some "material" to the touchpad

Below the keyboard is a huge touchpad, and its highlight is not that it is big, but a pressure touch design. The pressure feedback of the entire touchpad is consistent, and the sensitivity is fairly moderate.

When the user performs gestures such as “swipe up/down” with “two fingers/three fingers”, it can quickly return to the desktop and other operations. The trigger mechanism of the gestures can make people feel that they have been specially tuned, which is better than normal laptop gestures. Operation is better. If the cursor sliding can be more precise, it is not impossible to use this touchpad to completely replace the mouse.

In addition, under this touchpad, the trigger area of ​​"Huawei Share" is hidden. You can enable the "Multi-screen Collaboration" function by leaning the Huawei phone up (you must enable this function in the computer manager for the first use).

The benefits of "multi-screen collaboration" do not need to be repeated. Text, pictures, videos and other files can be directly transferred between Huawei mobile phones and MateBook, and there is no cable restriction.

Once dragged and dropped, the file was uploaded from the phone to the computer. This interactive logic reminded me of the scene in the movie "Minority Report". With the new version of multi-screen collaboration, you can open up to three mobile phone interfaces at a time, and you can do both work and fish (bushi).

This function allows the user to use the computer screen to operate the mobile app when it is inconvenient to pick up the phone.

For example, when you arrive at the company, you can project your mobile phone screen on MateBook, open the WeChat applet, order food, find the route to a certain place, and take a taxi. These operations can only be carried out by picking up the mobile phone on the side. Now you can do without leaving the computer keyboard. carry out.

The user's operation on this touch screen is the same as on a mobile phone.

"Huawei Sharing" or "Multi-screen Collaboration" can be regarded as a dessert-level function: it can be used without it, but when you are hesitant between two laptops with similar performance, this function is Occurrence must become a key factor influencing the final decision. It may not be used frequently, but if you use it at a critical moment, you will be thankful that you made the right choice.

" Click here " to see more detailed usage introduction.

The bottom of the MateBook X Pro is unremarkable. The most eye-catching thing is the grooves on both sides. There is a partition in the middle to divide it into two, the upper part is the heat dissipation inlet/outlet, and the lower part is the horn outlet.

The left side is the air inlet, and the right side is the air outlet, and the air outlet is blowing towards the bottom. When using it, you can't feel the "physical attack" of the hot air on the hand.

Under the lightweight shell, it is the performance and endurance to meet the light to moderate tasks

Under this 1.33KG case, the upgraded kernel of MateBook X Pro is hidden.

It uses the 11th generation Core 4 core i7-1165G7 processor, with a base frequency of 2.4GHz, up to 4.2GHz. Perhaps because of enough trust in Intel Iris Xe integrated graphics, this generation no longer carries discrete graphics.

In addition, there are 1TB SSD, 16GB LPDDR4 memory, 56Wh capacity battery, brand new Wi-Fi6 technology and a resolution of 3000×2000 touch screen configuration.

The core of the 11th generation Core i7 is used by more and more flagship thin and light laptops. For users who often deal with text tasks and moderate-to-light graphics processing tasks, such as me, it can perfectly handle most of the work.

I can even pair the XBOX controllers and get a Rogue-Lite-style "disaster" at any time, still in the highest quality.

Thanks to the redesigned heat dissipation system, the fan turns when facing heavy work or gaming entertainment, but the noise is well controlled, and the slight wind noise does not affect the sound of the game outside.

The speakers on both sides are facing downwards, making sounds towards the desktop and bounced into my ears. There is a bit more layering, and the sound field is also wider. It sounds like this in such a thin body (the thickest part is 14.6mm) The loud volume is also quite surprising.

Although the palm rest does not have the sound certification stickers, the listening experience is better than most laptops. However, if you want to use it to watch large movies, it is recommended to connect another speaker.

During the experience, I always turn on the 3K resolution by default. After being fully charged at 11 am, I left the power supply and adjusted the power mode to the best performance, which is convenient for me to deal with tasks such as LR retouching.

Just like ordinary people, they open more than a dozen web pages and code characters at the same time. One hour of them, the external monitor is used to edit pictures. By 6 pm, MateBook X Pro still has 19% of battery power, and it prompts that the remaining battery is still It takes 53 minutes.

With this endurance, MateBook X Pro is not a big problem to cope with urgent mobile office needs.

It also comes with a charging head with a peak power of 65W and a CtoC data cable. The size and weight are about the same as the fast charging heads of today’s mobile phones. Because the charging head has a backward compatible power level, Android mobile phone users go out. This combination is enough to handle the charging scenarios of all devices.

There are many benefits to using the Type-C interface for charging. For example, when traveling, even if you forget to bring the original charger, you can still use your own power bank to solve the problem, but the speed is different.

In order to test the charging speed, I plugged in the laptop when it had 24% of battery power. After 50 minutes, the battery was charged to 72%. It took 1.5 hours to fully charge it while charging.

Looking at this Huawei MateBook X Pro 2021 model, the improvement is not big compared to the previous generation. The overall continuation of the Huawei MateBook series has long established its own unique advantages.

It did not go to the black on the road of stacking performance. After all, that would only make the fuselage more and more bulky, so it chose to use the 3:2 screen ratio and multi-screen collaboration function to enhance the experience of business people.

The prices of the three configuration versions are: 8,999 yuan (i5/16GB/512GB), 9,999 yuan (i7/16GB/512GB), and 11,999 yuan (i7/16GB/1TB), which are closer to the pricing strategy of similar competing products. For users in the Huawei ecosystem, this is almost a must-have laptop product.

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