Huawei MateBook E Picture Tour: Variable form, unchanging and reliable

Users who frequently work on the move, more or less have this kind of trouble: traditional notebooks are too heavy and portable, and Android tablets or iPads can’t give people enough sense of security.

How to find a balance between the two? The two-in-one laptop has something to say.

Recently, we received Huawei’s new 2-in-1 computer MateBook E. The bare metal is only 709g, which is as thin as 7.99mm. The Windows 11 operating system, combined with the 11th generation Intel Core processor, can be described as a powerful tool for mobile office.

In appearance, MateBook E should be one of the most attractive products in the Huawei MateBook family.

The screen frame is of equal width on all sides, and the screen-to-body ratio reaches 90%. In addition to being visually exquisite and lightweight, it also brings ample space for writing and drawing.

Light up the screen, the excitement has just begun. MateBook E uses an OLED screen, 12.6 inches, with a resolution of 2560×1600.

This is Huawei's first notebook computer with an OLED screen. Compared with an LCD screen, OLED has a more extreme contrast between light and dark and a wider color space.

This screen supports P3 wide color gamut, color standard ΔE<1, and can reproduce the original appearance of pictures or videos very realistically. Regrettably, the screen refresh rate is 60Hz, and there is no high brush.

For users who frequently work on the move, it is inevitable to use the computer outdoors. The peak brightness of this screen can reach 600 nits, and the outdoor office is basically stress-free.

Carefully observe the screen frame, you can find a hidden camera. This camera is 8 million pixels, and the image is clear and natural, which is very suitable for heavy users of video conferencing.

Huawei MateBook E comes in two colors: Interstellar Blue and Nebula Gray. What we got was Nebula Gray, which looked rather restrained, stable, and very business-like.

It is worth mentioning that its back is made of glass fiber material, and the surface coating is added with silicon and fluorine substances. It looks like a unique fluffy texture, which is smooth and comfortable in the hand.

The rear camera has 13 million pixels. It is very convenient to take pictures of PPT and documents on a daily basis, especially when it is inconvenient to use a mobile phone.

On the side of Huawei MateBook E, you can see a row of vents. There is a cooling fan as thin as 4mm hidden inside. This is also Huawei's current thinnest air-cooled VC solution. Its noise is basically inaudible in daily office, and it is relatively quiet.

In the tablet state, using the HUAWEI M-Pencil stylus can meet the needs of many work and study scenarios. For example, sliding to adjust parameters when retouching is more efficient than touchpad and mouse.

Another example is the need for note-taking, drawing, and annotation. There are many useful software under the Windows ecosystem, including OneNote, Drawboard PDF, LiquidText, Affinity Designer, etc. With the HUAWEI M-Pencil which supports 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity, it is very convenient to use.

In fact, a major upgrade of Windows 11 is that the touch experience has been optimized. Enlarged touch hot zone, richer gesture commands, swipe input virtual keyboard, even without using a pen, touch interaction is much better than Windows 10.

The side frame of Huawei MateBook E has three metal contacts, through which the matching keyboard can be connected magnetically. The keyboard keystroke is about 1.3mm, and the typing experience is basically the same as that of a traditional notebook.

There is a touchpad under the keyboard, but the area is limited, and the efficiency of interaction is not as efficient as tapping the screen with your fingers.

For users who work mainly on text, the keyboard is part of productivity. It is equipped with a smart magnetic keyboard that can adjust the elevation of the screen at multiple angles. You can have a comfortable office experience when you put it on your lap or on the table.

Compared with similar products such as Surface, Huawei MateBook E has another killer feature, which is the multi-screen collaboration function.

The phone will appear in MateBook E with a light touch. Users can open the mobile app on the computer screen and support up to 3 windows at the same time.

You can also directly drag documents, pictures and other materials into your mobile phone or computer. The mobile phone is equivalent to the D drive of the computer.

With the multi-screen collaboration function, you only need to focus on the computer screen to use two cross-system devices at will to improve the efficiency of learning and work.

From entering the PC industry in 2016, by 2020, the market share has become the second in China, and Huawei's MateBook product line is in full swing.

If it is said that the first-generation MateBook released in 2016 is Huawei's small test in the two-in-one field. So after three generations of tempering, the brand new MateBook E has gone from immature to mature.

Variable form, unchanging and reliable. Why is your next notebook not a two-in-one?

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