Huawei Mate 60 RS Extraordinary Master: Above the high-end, leading the way to the extreme

Creating a legend may be a miracle for most mass products.
For a few extreme products, it must be instinctive.

On this road of seeking "the ultimate", it is destined to be a road rarely traveled by and difficult to navigate.
Just like the journey to the top, it not only requires the courage to keep moving forward and long-term investment, but also requires making difficult and correct decisions at every critical node.

I still remember that at the Huawei Mate 7 launch conference, Huawei Managing Director, Terminal BG CEO, and Smart Car Solutions BU Chairman Yu Chengdong once said this:

There are many roads to the top of the mountain, and we chose the most difficult but also the most valuable one.

Choosing high-end, self-developed, and Hongmeng will all allow Huawei mobile phones to set a high-end tone and achieve the long-term vision of being "far ahead".

Among the Huawei Mate series, if the Pro model is high-end and professional, then the RS series is ultimate and luxurious in our eyes.

Paying tribute to the times, continuing the legend, and leading the future have always been the original intention and mission of the Huawei Mate series RS models.

Therefore, the higher-end Huawei Mate RS has long been setting new standards for high-end smartphones.

Ultimate aesthetics, ultimate craftsmanship, ultimate innovation.

These are the ultimate results of more than ten years of pioneering exploration and long-term accumulation of Huawei terminals.

Now that the Mate series has once again become a high-end flagship mobile phone that rivals Apple, Huawei has condensed the essence of previous generations of high-end products. Through reconstruction and expansion, it has advanced the ultimate product-level innovation accumulated over the years into a unified brand standard, and then Launching a comprehensive ultra-high-end ultimate brand:

ULTIMATE DESIGN Extraordinary Master

No, it is the ability to constantly give up, deny, and insist on creation.
Fan means seriousness, down-to-earthness, diligence, and the courage to keep moving forward.

Leading the creation of ultimate aesthetics, pursuing ultimate craftsmanship, and achieving top technology,

——Invite me, Huawei Mate 60 RS Extraordinary Master .

Part 01 Reaching the ultimate state with one heart

Ultimate AestheticUltimate Aesthetic

The design of Huawei Mate series has always been unique and highly recognizable.

The former realm of the sky, poplar euphratica in autumn, dawn in Kunlun, and dazzling light are all classic "Huawei colors".

After the popular and classic earth color card, Huawei continues to introduce the classic two-color red and black in the higher-end Mate RS series.

After inheriting the design accumulation for several years, the back cover of Huawei Mate 60 RS Extraordinary Master continues to use the "concentric" design concept, inlaying the "Star Diamond Octagon" imaging module on the ceramic back cover, making it unique An upright attitude that is not angry but self-defeating.

After inheriting the design accumulation for several years, the back cover of Huawei Mate 60 RS Extraordinary Master continues to use the "concentric" design concept, inlaying the "Star Diamond Octagon" imaging module on the ceramic back cover, making it unique An upright attitude that is not angry but self-defeating.

At the same time, vertically arranged three-dimensional lines are used to complete the details and complement the highly sculptural body.

The words ULTIMATE DESIGN are carved on the central axis, supplemented by tough lines and a raised back cover to reflect the sense of power and speed like a GT muscle sports car.

The interweaving and collision of ceramic and metal materials brings a wonderful visual contrast; the rare ceramic is wrapped in an integrated metal middle frame, allowing the two materials with their own high-end properties to be perfectly integrated to create a Leading the way in creating the ultimate texture.

Even more ingenious is the "equal-depth four-curved screen" covering the front. The curvature of the four sides of the screen remains consistent, rounded and refined, and feels comfortable to hold.

Just like when a water glass is filled, the fluid is full to the edge but not overflowing, achieving a clever balance between the slightly curved feel and direct-screen control.

The way of designing creation is constantly evolving, from satisfying basic needs to creating new needs, and from independent existence to integrated community.

We use advanced design techniques to sublimate the beauty of traditional ceramics, and transform the smartphones that accompany us every day into works of art with unique elegance and luxury.

Huawei Mate 60 RS is designed by the extraordinary master with the legendary star diamond, creating an extraordinary new chapter.

Part 02 Red and black ceramics, one glance will last forever

Ultimate Craftsmanship

Ceramics can be said to be a material romance unique to oriental aesthetics.

The noble material and extremely difficult processing skills all tell the story of the ultimate pursuit of the creator when choosing ceramics.

In the millennium-long history of ceramics, red-glazed porcelain has been known as "one treasure from a thousand kilns". It represents the highest level of ceramic firing technology and has become the most dazzling pearl in the history of ceramics.

▲ Qing Daoguang red glaze small celestial sphere vase

If the temperature is slightly lower, the color will turn black and the beautiful look and feel will be lost;

At slightly higher temperatures, the red glaze breaks down and the color dissipates.

Therefore, most of the common red ceramic products on the market are presented by firing the red glaze on the surface. The color of the glaze will only form a thin silica crystal on the surface after firing, which is neither resistant to falling. It is also not scratch-resistant, and its appearance and texture are difficult to directly compare with the word "extreme".

In the pursuit of excellence in ceramics, there is no compromise.

The whole body is made of red glazed porcelain, which is the inspiration for Huawei Mate 60 RS Extraordinary Red color scheme.

Based on its previous experience in the production of ceramic materials, Huawei first pressed special ceramic raw material powder into shape, and added the rare earth element ceria for the first time during the sintering process of red ceramics.

In 60 days of meticulous work, after high-temperature calcination at 1,400°C, more than 50 production processes, and a reduction reaction lasting two days and two nights, the cerium element was able to be retained in the ceramic for a long time, and this established "ruin red" color was achieved. "Fixed under specific parameters and remain stable.

More importantly, the ceramic back cover, which is fired from a single ceramic body, no longer requires an additional glaze layer on its surface.

Although the yield rate of this piece of red ceramic is relatively low and the process requirements are more stringent, it is loyal to the extreme and only wants to make the beauty not just on the surface, but deep into the texture.

In the end, this extreme red also gave rise to a stunning visual effect, which naturally made people unable to help but take a few more glances.

As the saying goes, as far as the eye can see, from the inside to the outside, the whole body is red.

The dark black color scheme, which is more subtle and restrained and exudes a mysterious and profound temperament, is also based on the same ultimate standard to carefully study the ingenious combination of this ceramic back cover and metal body.

As the light and shadow change, the detailed lines on the black ceramic body also emerge, showing a clear texture, which is like the vast starry sky in the universe and the distant earth under the night.

The pursuit of perfection is more than one aspect. On the other side of the timeless ceramic back cover is the "Xuanwu tempered Kunlun glass" first launched on Extraordinary Master.

It is made of second-generation Kunlun glass and basalt tempering technology. After a long period of design and process verification, it uses high-transparency, high-hardness, and super-scratch-resistant amorphous diamond carbon innovative materials, combined with pure crystallization, ultra-precision high-tech The vacuum magnetron sputtering process further improves the wear resistance and drop resistance of the outer screen.

It’s easy to wear without a film.

Part 03 The culmination of cutting-edge technology

Ultimate InnovationUltimate Innovation

Compared with the previous product category of "digital mobile phones", this time Huawei Mate 60 RS has the identity of "satellite mobile terminal" directly marked on the packaging box.

Huawei Mate 60 RS is equipped with an innovative high-gain telephony antenna. While maintaining the thin, light and beautiful appearance of the phone, it not only inherits the previous Beidou satellite messaging function, but also further realizes the Tiantong satellite call function, making satellite communication capabilities another breakthrough. Connect with the sky. (*For use in mainland China only)

This mobile terminal device provides a sense of security that never loses contact, and is worthy of the saying "far ahead".

Imaging has become a key word for smartphones. Huawei Image XMAGE represents Huawei's top-notch shooting products.

The main camera part still integrates a lens with "ten-stop variable aperture" capability. Its maximum aperture value reaches F1.4. It can intelligently control the annular magnetic field micro-control motor to drive 6 The metal blades on the 18 sides of the lens open and close accurately to achieve precise control of the aperture size.

Combined with an ultra-wide-angle lens and an ultra-macro telephoto lens, Huawei Mate 60 RS provides ultra-clear image performance from ultra-wide angle to telephoto.

The self-designed rear periscope telephoto lens also supports macro shooting, which can capture the moon from a distance and microscopic things from close range. It can capture images regardless of distance.

It can be seen that Huawei hopes to provide more valuable imaging capabilities as comprehensively as possible while maintaining a compact and portable body size.

Considering the extreme needs of business people, Huawei Mate 60 RS Extraordinary Master brings the "Silent Call" function. It adopts an innovative dual-diaphragm dual-driver design and a sound field control algorithm to protect call privacy. Whether in the elevator, office, or car, you can answer calls calmly and chat without worrying about privacy leaks.

Part 04 Extraordinary, Master of Achievement

"It's not about being born extraordinary, but about daring to be extraordinary." – Andy Lau

When it comes to finding like-minded brand ambassadors, Andy Lau is obviously one of the best candidates for "Extraordinary Master".

In Andy Lau's vision, the masters who have achieved extraordinary achievements in all walks of life all have the character of perseverance, original intention, and pursuit of perfection.

They use thousands of hammers to forge a tool, forge their own names into industry benchmarks, and continue to expand the boundaries of the industry.

Because they have a broad mind, they can travel steadily and far, and because they have a broad vision, they have their own pattern. They always clearly control the course of the times, break through the fog, and lead the way forward.

Similarly, the technological innovations of Huawei Mate's previous models form the pearls of Huawei's high-end flagship crown. They not only reveal Huawei's judgment on the future development of smartphones, but also more or less influence the trends. direction.

In the last decade, the Mate series established Huawei's position in the high-end market.

After returning from an absence, Huawei also began to re-establish its own high-end brand order.

It can be seen that the extraordinary master of ULTIMATE DESIGN who pursues the ultimate is the continuation of Yu Chengdong's decision in 2012 that Huawei terminals should take the high-end route, and has become a quantitative symbol of the ultimate master of the brand.

Paying tribute to the extraordinary masters of this era with the ultimate products is the primary meaning of Huawei Mate 60 RS. The extraordinary masters lead the legend.

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