Huawei Eyewear II Picture Tour: Let fashion stay on the face

Smart wearable devices have become a trend in the science and technology world. All personal wearable items such as watches, glasses, and shoes are gradually being "intelligent", adding more fun to life and bringing convenience to users.

On October 22, Huawei released four new models of the HUAWEI X GENTLE MONSTER Eyewear II smart glasses at the overseas press conference.

Opening the package, the packaging style of Eyewear II follows the popular "environmental style" in the scientific and technological circles. In addition to the body of the glasses case and the glasses cloth, there are only manuals in a paper box and no charging cable.

The appearance of the tough packaging box echoes the spectacle case. After the packaging box is lifted up, it is the same square leather spectacle case. The color and appearance of the two boxes are quite the same.

Eyewear II has a variety of lens versions to choose from. If you usually focus on sports and outdoor travel, you can choose the sunglasses version, but for myopic users like me, you can choose the optical lens version (self-equipped lenses are required).

Among them, different lens versions also have different personalized frame designs to choose from. For example, the optical lens version can choose a full frame or a half frame. Don't worry about choosing smart glasses and you can only have one face.

Eyewear II retains the advantages of high integration of the previous generation. There is no button or interface on the entire frame, which looks the same as a normal frame.

In order to achieve this, Eyewear II still uses the same generation of wireless charging mechanism for the glasses case to solve the charging problem, as long as the glasses are placed in the fixed position of the glasses case, the life can be automatically continued. When fully charged, Eyewear II can continuously play music for 5 hours or make 3.5 hours of talk.

It is worth mentioning that the glasses case itself does not have a battery. You need to connect the charger with a USB-C cable at the back, and charge the glasses through NFC non-contact wireless fast charging technology.

The buttons for pairing glasses are also assembled on the glasses case. When pairing, put the glasses in the case and press and hold the button under the charging port to complete the pairing on the phone.

The all-black appearance is inevitably too boring. The exposed titanium alloy hinge of Eyewear II is used as a metal element to break the dullness of the appearance and enhance the appearance of Eyewear II. ​This also emphasizes the positioning of Eyewear II again: the main fashion design makes people wear it in daily life without pressure.

The biggest difference in appearance from the previous generation is that the design style of the glasses is more restrained. For example, the GENTLE MONSTER and Huawei Logo, which demonstrate the identity of cooperation, no longer expose the temples, but are hidden on the inside close to the user.

This kind of detail adjustment also makes Eyewear II more concise and fashionable in appearance, making people less embarrassed of "wearing the Logo outside".

In order to accommodate the batteries and electronic devices required for intelligence, the temples cannot be made as thin as ordinary glasses, but their width and thickness are very easy to accept after getting started.

The temples look like a slightly thicker version of ordinary eyes. Thanks to the "slim" black appearance, this difference is almost negligible when worn on the face.

The material of the temples is plastic titanium, and the lower material density allows the weight of the eyes to be controlled at about 45g (the weight of different lens versions will vary by a few grams). In order to provide a more comfortable wearing experience, the center of gravity of Eyewear II is set between the ears and the fulcrum of the bridge of the nose, reducing the pressure on the bridge of the nose and ears.

The actual experience is true. Eyewear II is more like being gently clamped on both sides of the person's forehead instead of being placed on the ear.

Eyewear II is still equipped with a semi-open speaker, and there are speaker openings on the underside of the temples, which will still have a very good stereo effect. Compared with the previous generation, Eyewear II's speakers have a greater increase in amplitude and better performance in the sound range.

The half-open speaker is inevitably a problem of sound leakage. Huawei has designed the speaker's sound leakage hole on the temples to offset the sound leakage of the speaker to a certain extent.

However, when I tried to use Eyewear II to brush vibrato during my lunch break, the iconic high-frequency annoying laughter still came out of my workstation.

The interaction of Eyewear II is concentrated on the glasses legs. Double-click can play and pause the music, you can also answer or hang up calls and call out the voice assistant.

You can adjust the volume by sliding the left eyeglasses, and you can complete the song by sliding the right eyeglasses. I don't need to take out the phone when listening to the song.

With EMUI 11, you can also unlock more Eyewear II skills. For example, when I put on the glasses, I can receive a cordial greeting from the glasses, and the phone will immediately pop up a connection window for me to check battery information; open the Huawei Smart Life app, I You can also use functions such as finding glasses and glasses recording on your mobile phone.

As a spectacle party, the two lenses on the bridge of my nose seem to have become part of my body. Therefore, whether the glasses are fashionable and good-looking has become the first decisive factor in my choice of glasses.

Eyewear II will be my favorite smart glasses. The design that takes into account both fashion and technology can be an embellishment for my outfit. The personal smart assistant also makes me seem to be the Iron Man in a science fiction movie. life trivia.

In terms of price, Eyewear II starts at 2,499 yuan. As a new creature of the technological trend, smart glasses appear not to replace mobile phones, earphones or glasses, but to add more possibilities to our lifestyle.

I look forward to one day with smart glasses that can turn on the air conditioner at home with voice, and then use my fingers to adjust the comfortable temperature on the temples of the glasses. Under the situation that big technology companies are accelerating the deployment of IoT, I believe this imagination can soon become a reality.

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